How to decide what to pack when moving


Packing is one of the most important components of moving. It’s usually the one that takes the longest time and most preparation. Knowing how to decide what to pack when moving is a very important skill and we will talk about it. It’s not easy for everyone to make decisions on what stays and what goes. A lot of people aren’t sure about which items are necessary and which can be easily replaced. NYC Mini Storage is here to explain all of this to you. You will learn some tips about deciding what to pack and learn how storage can make this easier for you. A single storage room NYC can offer you more assistance when moving than you know.

Where to start?

Usually, when people don’t know how to decide what to pack when moving and where to start, they make some mistakes. Starting from your living room or kitchen is not the best way to do this. You will spend a lot of time if you start from rooms that are used most frequently because you will think a lot more about what to pack. Take it easy and start from the least used room. You will be surprised how quickly you’ll know what to pack. After that, go to the next room, the second to last least used, and keep going by that logic.

Couple packing for their move
Starting from the least used room is one of the best packing hacks.

Once you come to the most important room (whichever one is in your house) you will be relaxed, since everything else is packed. This way, you will have more peace and time to pack properly. However, if there are things you are not sure about. Something you don’t want to throw out but might not want to move either, think about using storage. Long term storage NYC gives you the option to store your items as long as you want. When you make up your mind, you can take or give away the item or items.

Decluttering is your best friend when you don’t know how to decide what to pack when moving

Hopefully, you haven’t hoarded too many things over the years. But, even if you have, decluttering can help you there. Giving away, selling, or throwing out unnecessary items can save you time and money. How so? Most moving companies charge you based on the number of items they need to move and the trips they have to take. This is why it’s smart that you get rid of everything you don’t need or can easily replace. Don’t take things with you “just because” or think “maybe I’ll use them one day”. If it’s not something essential, it can go.

If you’re still having a hard time deciding, but don’t want to pay movers to move items you’re not sure about, there is a trick for that too. you can ask for a storage pick up service. What do they do? They can take all the items you’ve not yet decided on and store them for you. This way you are not paying movers to move the items but can decide later on if you want the stored item in your new house or you want it gone.

Family packing their clothes
Deciding which items you need and which ones you don’t is crucial.

Don’t get carried away with decluttering

Just like some people don’t like throwing away anything, some would get rid of everything. It’s important to find the right balance and not throw away something important. Just because you’re not sure about an item does not mean you should throw it away. Put it to the side and give yourself time to think about it. Maybe you want to put it in the store with the other storage items. However, if an item is small and light, it will not change much, so maybe you can take it regardless. Things like this are not “dangerous” when packing, so don’t spend too much time calculating.

However, remember that decluttering is not only a moving thing. It can be done before and after you move too. Now that you are going into a new home, you might want to think about decluttering your space there too. This usually helps keep the atmosphere in your home and life relaxed and positive.

Inventory can help you decide what to pack when moving

If you like to keep everything “documented” and clear, you should do an inventory of your home. This way you will know what is in each room. Doing this doesn’t mean you will write every single thing, but you can do that too. This can also be helpful if you decide to store some of your belongings. Once you have an inventory, you can take the time and go through it and simply cross out the things you don’t need.

Inventory will help you answer how to decide what to pack when moving
When wondering how to decide what to pack when moving, do an inventory.

Think about unpacking

There is no packing and moving without unpacking. Whenever you’re uncertain how to decide what to pack when moving, remind yourself where it would go after unpacking. This goes back to decluttering. Before you pack an item, think of its place once it’s unpacked. If you don’t see that item in your new house, you might want to think about leaving it behind. You can also store it and take another look at your new place. Remember that facilities like the storage Bronx NY offers to “hold on to” your items until you make up your mind.

So, after everything we’ve talk about, we can say the conclusion is simple. The answer to how to decide what to pack when moving is easy. Starting easy with least used spaces and moving towards “main areas”. After that, decluttering and keeping inventory (or the other way around). These simple tips will make the rest of packing process simple and easy to manage. With storage units such as NYC Mini Storage, you’re able to take a break and decide later, if you’re not sure. Good luck and stay focused.


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