How to disassemble furniture for NYC storage


A lot of people are very skeptical about storage, and they think it’s very expensive. So, for that reason, they decide to store things in places that don’t have the most ideal conditions for your things. That’s why it’s important to choose the most reliable storage units in NYC to store your belongings. For this reason, we advise you look at storage options NYC and try to find the best options for your needs. How to find the ideal storage units, what you can store in them, how to disassemble furniture for storage, are some of the most common questions of all people who are looking for the ideal solution for things they no longer need or want to put away for a while. We will give you the answers to your questions. So, scroll down and find the answers to your questions.

Storage units – what can they be used for?

You can find several types of storage services, which are divided according to purpose. Those are:

  • Short term storage
  • Long term storage
  • Apartment storage
  • Car storage NYC 
  • Student storage
  • Furniture storage etc. 

Storage units are most often used to store furniture that you no longer need, or when renovating your home. Also secure self-storage NYC, you can use for some personal things, like old wardrobe, documents, etc. And you will have easier and simpler access to them at any time. The advantage of using this type of storage unit is that you have self-access.

Car storage units
In the offer of storage companies, you can find a lot of car storage service options.

For example, when you want to store your furniture when renovating your home, or buying new furniture, you will need to prepare your furniture before storing it to make it easier to store and to take up less space. Here are some steps you need to take before storing your furniture:

  • Sort it, set aside what you don’t want to store, and follow the rules for handling solid waste.
  • The things you set aside for storage need to be cleaned.
  • Disassemble the furniture to make it easier to pack and store.
  • Get all the necessary packing supplies.

How to disassemble furniture for NYC storage?

Have you decided to renovate your home or replace the old furniture with new ones? You need a suitable space where you will be able to store your furniture for a while. OK. Furniture storage NYC can be very useful for your needs. But before you transport the furniture to the storage, you will need to disassemble and pack it. If you are wondering how you are going to do this, keep reading. Because below you will find a sort and simple guide to disassembling your furniture.

  • Wardrobes and chests of drawers. First, start by removing the door handles. Then you take off the door. The next step is to remove all the shelves from your wardrobe or comedy, then remove the drawers. After that, start removing the back part of the cabinet, then move on to the side parts.
  • Dining tables, work desks, and club tables. If there are glass parts, remove them first. Then take off all the legs, and move on to the rest of your desk. For desks, you will need to remove the drawers and disassemble the partitions and shelves depending on the model of the table.
  • Shelves. You don’t have much to do with the shelves, you will need to unscrew the screws and disassemble the partition boards. Be sure to mark the parts with ordinal numbers.
  • Beds. First, remove the mattress, then remove the floor slats in the bed. Then start unscrewing the screws and disassemble all the parts of your bed depending on the model.
Hammer, surfactors, and original furniture manual.
The original instructions may be useful for disassembling the furniture.

After disassembly, pack your furniture for storage

After you have sorted your furniture, make sure you have all the necessary packing supplies next to you, such as cardboard and plastic boxes, bubble wrap, adhesive tape, markers, zip bags, etc. You can get all the necessary packing supplies directly from your storage company, but you can also order them from online sites. After that, you can start. Also, prepare stickers with numbers, which you will stick to pieces of furniture to make it easier to assemble later, will be of great help.

You can pack smaller pieces of your furniture in cardboard or plastic boxes. We advise you to wrap all parts of your furniture with protective bubble wrap foil to prevent things from touching and damaging each other. Pack smaller parts such as screws, hinges, couplings, drawer sliders, handles in zip bags, which you can pack in plastic boxes. On the bags, be sure to mark what is inside, ie which piece of furniture the parts in the bag belong to.

A couple packing furniture
Furniture that can’t be disassembled can be wrapped in a protective bubble wrap.

Furniture that can’t be disassembled can be wrapped in bubble wrap or covered with blankets and taped in a circle. Disassembly and packing of furniture are necessary for easier storage and maximum use of rented storage in Manhattan NY. These are safe, clean, and air-conditioned places, which can guarantee you safety and easy access to your belongings, but also guarantee you a very affordable price for storage services. You can also use the storage to store your cars and other things.

How to find convenient storage for your disassembled furniture?

When you need secure storage, you can’t hire the first one you come across. You already need to inquire in more detail about the offer, price, and storage conditions. As well as whether there is a possibility of storing things for which you need storage. Based on the amount of your furniture, you can look for suitable storage units for you. Disassemble furniture is easier to store and pack. This way you will save space and transport to the storage will be easier for you. You can also use the storage for other purposes. For example, when you are traveling somewhere and want to store your car for a while, car storage NYC can give you a great offer and guarantee the safety of your car. You will have no reason to worry, and you will be able to enjoy your trip without any worries.


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