How to downsize into a smaller apartment in Long Island City


Do you plan to downsize into a smaller apartment? If so, then this useful guide is exactly what you need. Finding an apartment in Long Island City may take time, however, it’s possible to find a suitable option for you with a little patience and effort. We at NYC Mini Storage compiled all the tips you need for downsizing the right way without getting scammed in the process. In addition to apartment hunting, finding the perfect climate controlled storage NYC has on the market is another important thing to do. Therefore, make sure to keep reading for more information and also contact us for top-notch storage services.

Things to do before downsizing into a smaller apartment

Many pros come with downsizing. Not only do you get to live a more affordable life, but also to breathe easier in a clutter-free space. Downsizing includes decluttering as the most important pre-move step you must do. After you get rid of a bunch of items you don’t need, the cost of your relocation will go down. Furthermore, you will get the chance to earn extra money and invest it into packing supplies or high-quality short term furniture storage NYC, and so on.

happy woman having fun while packing
Get rid of all items you don’t need.

The first thing to do is to separate the items that serve no purpose. After that, sort them into the following categories:

  • For sale – Check if the goods you want to sell are in good condition.
  • Donations – Find as many nearby charities as possible and check what kinds of donations they accept.
  • Recycle – Thoroughly clean all the items you want to recycle.
  • Gifts – Maybe your closest people would make good use of spare furniture.
  • Trash – Any damaged good that can’t be recycled belongs to trash.

Hire a good real estate agent to make downsizing into a smaller home less stressful

It’s not enough to buy just any apartment and call it a day. That being said, it’s worth hiring an experienced realtor who will take care of your best interests for the following reasons:

  • You will get an idea of the current real estate situation in Long Island City.
  • There are chances to get a quality and yet more affordable deal if you follow advice from an agent.
  • A good realtor will advise you to conduct a home inspection before you decide whether to buy a home or not.
  • You won’t have to deal with scammers.

Although less demanding than buying, apartment rental still requires thorough research. Renting through a licensed agent is a more secure option than settling for a random advertisement only to discover that the apartment has more cons than pros.

Make sure to look for moving and storage company months before your preferred moving day

If you start looking for a new home as soon as you decide to relocate, you’ll save yourself lots of headaches. Once you resolve your living situation, you can start looking for moving companies that provide secure self storage NYC units. Simply list all reputable moving companies with excellent storage services. After that, make a few calls and further narrow down your list. However, be careful when choosing the right moving and storage company for you. Just because the advertisement seems appealing, doesn’t mean you will get the promised service quality. That’s why speaking directly to the company’s representatives will give you a better insight into their business.

indoor pink storage unit
Storage rental is a life-saving solution when moving to a smaller home.

Request a visit to the company’s storage units. In case they refuse, move on to the next one. Any professional company doesn’t withhold information, nor refuses to give a storage tour to potential customers. That’s why you should rent storage in NYC only at a reputable and trustworthy company that has a clean track record.

Storage rental is necessary when you downsize into a smaller apartment

The process of downsizing doesn’t happen overnight. In addition to all the already mentioned steps, finding a decent self storage Long Island City unit also takes time. That doesn’t necessarily mean you will have to spend months looking for quality self-storage. However, rushing into renting just any storage unit is risky and won’t do you any good. When you conduct thorough research and know all the necessary information about any particular company, you are more likely to make the best choice for yourself. 

Compare storage services before you make a final decision

Visit multiple online review platforms like Yelp where former customers share their experiences. Focus specifically on those comments that refer to storage services and how skilled the company’s staff is. After that, list the approximate storage prices and decide which option is more friendly to your budget. However, try not to settle only for the price range. The quality of the storage is equally important.

a couple looking at computer and discussing when to downsize into a smaller apartment
Rent storage before you downsize into a smaller apartment.

To determine what makes a good climate-controlled storage unit, pay attention to the following:

  • Ensure that storage is pest-free and spacious enough for your items.
  • Confirm with the company that storage units are CTTV surveilled.
  • The access to your designated storage unit belongs exclusively to you.

Downsizing into a smaller apartment in Long Island City is worth it

People move to Long Island City to escape the daily hustle and bustle of Manhattan. Additionally, a wide array of quality homes increased the popularity of this lovely neighborhood. Relocating to Long Island City pays off in a long run. In addition to a quality lifestyle, you get to live in a peaceful environment while being close to the heart of NYC. Just remember that to downsize into a smaller apartment takes time and professional storage assistance to keep all your belongings in check. At NYC Mini Storage, we take care of your storage needs, so make sure to contact us for more details. All your belongings will be safe from the moment you store them, to the moment you decide to move them out.


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