How to easily move to another NYC borough after a wedding


Newlyweds are going through a lot after the wedding. Even if this is a beautiful and magical moment in your life, you still have many tasks to complete before and after. And one of those tasks is to relocate and move in together. In case you haven’t done this before the wedding, then there is a list of tasks awaiting you. You must prepare the budget, find movers, rent a storage facility NYC for excess items, pack like a pro, and create a flawless transportation plan. So, let us help you move to another NYC borough after a wedding and keep the whole event on a positive note. Let’s ensure you have a pleasant moving experience.

Work on your plan to move to another NYC borough after a wedding

Before you can move to another NYC borough after a wedding you must sit down and create a moving plan. It all begins with a detailed inspection. This way you will figure out how much furniture you must relocate and set aside those that you’ll leave behind. Obviously, you can’t bring everything. After all, you are merging two homes into one. And for such a project, you must downsize a bit. The same goes for all your other belongings. Therefore, create a moving checklist and note down all your assets. Inspect the environment as well to be sure you are working in a safe environment.

a couple making a plan to move to another NYC borough after a wedding
Create a list of your favorite boroughs and start visiting one by one.

After you note down all the info along with errands, chores, and responsibilities you must cover before moving, call your movers. Provide them with your findings and together figure out what would be the best way to execute your relocation safely. Communicate more about the special moving services in case you have questionable items with you. If you have a piano, you must hire a piano moving team. In your case, it can be an example where you have decided to use a family vehicle going forward but you still must relocate your motorcycle with you. In this case, you will rent motorcycle storage NYC and store your bike there along with excess furniture. Remember, there is a solution to everything as long as you communicate clearly and honestly.

Find an adequate set of moving services

As we briefly mentioned, there are many services you can use from various companies. Those services will help you relocate and settle in quite easily. But you must find them online. Firstly, you will need a professional and reliable moving company. Simply compare prices, services, and read reviews. Also, join social media groups and find comments and other customer’s experiences. This way you will confirm the legitimacy of the specific moving company you are aiming for. Once you find a company you like, ensure they have all the tools, licenses, and enough experience to cover your relocation. Moreover, if you need any additional services, you will search for them in the same manner. Those can be the following:

  • If you are moving a business rent one of the commercial storage units NYC to support all your equipment and products.
  • In case you must remove extreme clutter, hire one of the removal companies.
  • For recycling, you can call any charity organization or a recycling center and they will schedule a pickup.
  • If you want to relocate any hazardous materials, hire a moving company specifically trained and licensed to do so.
mover leaning on the cardboard boxes
Find proper moving services and relocate with style.

There are many solutions out there depending on what you need. Usually, people move robust or valuable items and you can hire specialized moving teams from regular moving companies. For everything else, find specific companies and always make sure they are licensed.

Prepare an adequate budget

To move to another NYC borough after a wedding will cost a bit. You already know this and you have probably already prepared an adequate moving budget. If you haven’t, you must do it beforehand. Just calculate how much it will cost to relocate from one address to another. Guided by your moving checklist and the conversation you had with your movers; you will easily come to a conclusion about how much it will cost. Then, you must set aside a bit for packing materials and cover the entire packing process properly. List down all the costs and try to prepare for them. This is also the time to reduce moving costs if you do not have a stretching budget. Hence, crunch your numbers and prepare the budget to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Create your new home furniture layout plan

At some point, you must visit your new home and work on your furniture layout. As we said before, you shouldn’t bring double sets of furniture. Simply because you do not need it and it will clutter your space unnecessarily. So, you should figure out where to place your furniture and how many pieces you will bring. The most important part is to figure out what to do with the excess furniture. Obviously, you won’t throw it away. We are sure you are attached to some of it and you want to keep it for future use. Therefore, you can store everything in your basement, garage, attic, or rent a storage Long Island City unit and keep everything there. But if you want to get rid of it, there are several ways to do it. We will explain how this process works thoroughly.

furniture inside a room
Create a furniture layout plan in advance to avoid bringing too many items with you.

Move to another NYC borough after a wedding and leave unnecessary items behind

The packing process is the hardest part of this project. You must obtain the packing materials on time and make sure you are packed before your movers arrive. Hence, stop by the nearest hardware store and obtain adhesive tape, blister packs, labels, and of course, cardboard boxes. Pack gradually covering room by room. You can even create a packing plan if you want to have better time management.

While packing you should set aside all those items you do not need anymore as well as those you can’t bring with you. As we said, one solution is to store them somewhere and the other to get rid of them. And at the same time, you will get rid of the clutter before moving and make more space in your new home. So, once you have all those items on the list, contact the recycling center, charity organization, local church, or give them to your friends, family, or neighbors. You can even sell everything online or at a garage sale. Whatever you prefer the most. Just make sure to get rid of everything that would otherwise clutter your new home.

You are ready to move to another NYC borough after a wedding. It is important to create a good moving plan and find a reliable moving service. Also, make sure to bring only the necessary items with you. After all, you will receive many gifts after the wedding and probably have a lot of furniture and electronics to set up in your new home. Make space for those and enjoy your new beginning.


“ They were AWESOME! We used them for a move from 1 Location to 2 different ones. Couldn’t be Happier the dealt with freezing weather icy driveway and never complained once. Highly recommend. Thank You! ”

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