How to effectively organize your self storage unit


Renting a storage unit is one of the best things you can do when you need extra space in your home. Imagine how much mess and chaos can be created by remodeling rooms in your home, or creating new ones? That’s why the simplest solution is to rent a storage room NYC. But also the cheapest. You will get a safe and clean storage unit that you will be able to use for as long as you need it. So, if you have already rented your storage, we are sure you want to look for useful tips on how to effectively organize your self-storage unit. That’s why we will reveal several useful tricks to use your available space effectively. Let’s see!

Choose the right self storage unit

When renting a storage unit, you will have the opportunity to choose. They often offer various sizes, as well as short-term and long-term storage units. The organization of your storage will depend solely on the amount of things you want to store, as well as the size of the storage you have available.

self storage units
You can find storage units of different sizes as well as types.

When renting a storage, you will encounter:

  •  5 x 10 Medium size storage
  • 10 x 10 and 10 x 14 Large size storage

Also, based on your needs, as well as the type of things you want to store, choose the appropriate storage services NYC. You can find a large selection of different storage units, of different sizes and for different purposes. It’s best to choose based on your needs. Also, after you have selected it, make a smart plan to organize your storage unit. What is most important is that you use the space in your storage unit efficiently. And you will do that best if you first make a list of your inventory.

Make an inventory list of things that you want to store

Your inventory list should contain a list of all the things you want to store. We are sure you will wonder why you need it. But the answer is simple. This list will help you determine the number of boxes you need to pack your belongings. As well as being able to organize the space of your storage unit more easily. Also, we advise you that before you start making the list of things that you want to store, think about whether you really need them. If not, get rid of them, so, they don’t take up space unnecessarily.

marking boxes
By marking the boxes, finding your things when you need them again will be easier.

If you rent long term storage NYC, you will need to get quality packaging that is durable and made of strong materials. Long-term storage is rented when you want to store your things for a long period of time. Then regular maintenance of your storage is mandatory.

Make a plan to organize your self storage unit

After you have created your inventory list, you can now start organizing your storage unit. What you need to do is compare the space you have with the amount of stuff you want to store. Here are some useful tricks for better organization of your storage units:

  • Divide the storage units into two parts and leave a passage between them.
  • Store the furniture on one side and the boxes on the other side.
  • Create shelves on one side of the storage unit, so that you can have a clearer arrangement of your things.
  • Make a passage through the middle for easy access to things.
  • Use plastic boxes for your things, because they are more durable if you stack them on top of each other.

Depending on what you want to store, you can always divide the storage unit, as well as the organization of the space itself. As we have already said, if you decide to rent storage Bronx NY, you will have several options at your disposal. Starting from furniture storage, car storage, student storage, etc. What is very important for you to know is that all your things will be in a safe place, as well as that you will always have easy and simple access to your things. That’s why you need to make the right choice.

How to pack your stuff for storage?

When you have finished organizing the space in your self storage units, the most difficult part of the job comes next. Packing. Whether you are moving or want to temporarily store your things, packing is one of the most difficult tasks in both cases. In order to successfully master this job, you need to be organized. You don’t have to make a plan for packing, it’s enough to go in order, and don’t mess things up. Before you start, get packaging and sort all the things you want to store.

Loading truck
Storage pick-up service will provide you with safe and fast transport of your belongings to your warehouse.

Start with the smallest things, because you can pack several smaller things in one box. But make sure that the things in the box don’t collide, in order to avoid damage. It would be best to wrap things that are glass or ceramic in a protective paper. Also, pack larger items separately. What is indispensable is marking the box. Write on the box what is inside. That way, you will make it easier for them to find them when you need them again. After you finish packing, and when your things are ready for storage, you can use the storage pick-up service. This service offers you the possibility of safe transport to your storage unit, after which you can organize your self storage as you wish. And believe us, this service will be of great use to you, just like renting a self storage unit.


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