How to find affordable housing in the Bronx NY


Finding a nice place to live can be a challenge when you don’t have a lot of money. But that certainly shouldn’t put you off the idea of moving, especially if the newly chosen city brings with it many advantages. So, how to find affordable housing in the Bronx, NY with limited income? With the advice of NYC Mini Storage, you can very quickly start your life in the Bronx with the most favorable living conditions.

What does the real estate market offer?

As much as 75% of the population of the Bronx are apartment renters. That’s why only 1.6% of houses and apartments for rent are available on the market. This automatically means a higher price for future rentals. Compared to last year, apartment rental prices have increased by 9%. Thus, for a studio or one-bedroom apartment, you need to allocate about $1,800 per month, while a four-bedroom apartment or house is available for about $2,800 per month. This can be discouraging information for someone if they do not have sufficient income. Let’s see how we can get the best deals and settle in the Bronx.

a Yankee stadium in Bronx
Living in the Bronx can be more affordable than you think

Check out the Craigslist listings

Given that the total area of the Bronx is 57,000 square miles, you will need several days to visit all the neighborhoods and find the most favorable one by talking to the residents. With today’s extensive offer via the Internet, you don’t have to visit the settlements. On several of the most visited sites, including Craigslist, see how prices are moving in the neighborhood where you want to live. In addition to this, you can view information about the price of apartments on the website Zillow,, or by searching the Facebook community.

Choose a smaller apartment

Consider the size of the apartment. The price will certainly be more acceptable if the unit you want to move into is smaller. If your belongings exceed the size of the apartment you want to live in, consider long term storage NYC. Storage units can be of different sizes so that you can choose the one that fully suits your circumstances. The price is lower compared to the price of the apartment, which is why storage is recommended even if you are leaving your apartment for a certain period.

Split the cost with a friend

If you do not find an apartment at a price that suits you, you have the option to pay only half if you find a roommate. There is often enough space to live in, even though you share an apartment, especially since you spend most of your time at work. But what to do with excess furniture and things that you are not currently using? There are self-storage units that you can use as your garage or loft. Anything valuable that you want to keep can be stored in these storages. The good thing about such storage is that you can always visit them and get what you need. Look for the “self storage first month free” offer to see the effectiveness of such storage.

Look for an apartment in a less popular neighborhood

Although everyone prefers to live in the city center, especially if you are tied to it for work, sometimes the distance of several miles from the center can significantly affect the price. Search for an apartment in neighborhoods that are on the popular list. According to research, the most affordable neighborhoods are Clason Point, Concourse, and Woodlawn Heights.

self-storages in the mountain as an answer to the question of how to find affordable housing in Bronx NY
Self-storage units can be used as your garage

Consider using a storage unit

Storage units have many advantages when it comes to saving space and therefore money. Most often they are inside an enclosed structure and although they are not suitable for living, some are climate controlled. If you want to save on living space, storage units Bronx NY will be an ideal solution. Renting storage is more favorable than renting an apartment, and in combination with the selected smaller apartment, you will come to a more affordable cost.

Look for an apartment over the winter period

Moving over the winter is not as popular as the summer option, but it has its advantages. The first is precisely the lower price of renting an apartment. If you add to that the use of storage, you will get the most affordable housing in the Bronx. When you agree on a longer stay in the apartment, the price of the apartment can be slightly adjusted. Now we just need to find storage companies that pick up furniture and other belongings in the winter period, too, and then move into a new home. When you move into a new apartment in winter, it is very important to be fully informed about the activities of the moving company as well as the storage company. This will prevent unwanted events that are frequent in winter, traffic accidents, or storage without air conditioning.

Work in exchange for a lower apartment price

Find a job with a company that offers its employees a free place to live or with a small monetary compensation. Although the accommodation is often in the form of a shared room, for the time you spend outside the office, it will be quite enough. What the area of a given apartment may not cover is your amount of furniture. But you should not worry if you are already familiar with storage services. If it is a seasonal job, it will be enough to rent short-time storage. If it’s a permanent job, long-term storage is at your disposal.

A city storage
How to find affordable housing in the Bronx, NY? Combine a smaller apartment with an adequate storage unit

Now you know how to find affordable housing in the Bronx, NY

With these tips, we’ve seen how to find affordable housing in the Bronx, NY. Although it seems extremely difficult, finding a cheap apartment is still possible. With a little more time, resourcefulness, and patience, as well as a storage service, you’ll arrive at a price that works for you. And don’t forget, while you are looking for the ideal apartment, our storage facilities are available as the best, safest, and most affordable place for your belongings.


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