How to handle disputes with Bronx movers with ease


Even though you might have spent days searching for the best Bronx movers, there is always the chance that even the most reliable company out there can experience accidents. That is why it is important to always have some of the best storage units NYC has to offer in mind. But you also need to know how to handle disputes with Bronx movers. While your belongings might be safe and sound within a storage unit, handling disputes comes down to knowing your rights, movers’ responsibilities, patience, and making a good choice of movers in the first place.

How to handle disputes with Bronx movers in an easier way?

Here are the things you need to know when it comes to handling disputes:

  • Know your rights, as well as movers’ responsibilities
  • Be patient
  • Avoid companies that utilize day laborers
person holding a document
Know your rights.

Since filing a claim is your last resort, especially in the case of business relocations, you will want to exhaust your other options first. Alternatively, if a claim is required, consider storing your items in one of the business storage NYC units for the time being. That will provide you with a more convenient way to handle any disputes you might have with your movers.

Customer rights and movers’ responsibilities

The first thing you need to do is research exactly what are your customers’ rights. There is a handy booklet from FMCSA that explains all the rights and what to expect when you hire a professional mover. Here are some of the key points:

  • Professional movers must provide you with written estimates
  • Movers may offer binding estimates but are not obliged to
  • A non-binding estimate is not always accurate and the charges can exceed what is written in the document
  • If a mover offers you an incomplete document to sign, you need to verify that all the information except the actual shipment weight is present
  • Always ask movers about the difference between insurance and valuation
  • You have the right to be present when your shipment is being weighed
  • You can also request a re-weigh of the shipment
  • Customers have the right to request the exact availability of guaranteed availability of pickup and delivery dates

Patience is a virtue

The first thing that comes to our minds when faced with a dispute is anger. But you should try to “rein it in” and be as patient as possible. There is no need to overreact, after all. If you are in the right, you have reputable associations to help you out with the dispute. And you can always consider renting one of the long term storage NYC options and not worry about the safety of your belongings. Stay calm and talk to your movers. It is usually the best way to handle any disputes.

Try not to hire companies that use day laborers

The fact of the matter is that relocation is an expensive process. Sometimes, moving companies look to reduce the overall cost of their services by hiring day laborers. The problem with this approach is that these individuals are not professional movers. They don’t have the experience necessary to conduct a smooth and efficient relocation process. Lastly, day laborers do not have health insurance from the moving company, meaning that they can actually file a personal injury lawsuit against you!

a construction worker
Always ensure that you are hiring professionals!

Common moving disputes and how to handle them

Most commonly, customers might have to deal with the following disputes:

  • Movers showing up late
  • Movers not cooperating
  • Extra fees
  • Damaged/lost items

If you are reluctant to take any chances with professional movers, there is another option in front of you. You can utilize pick up and storage NYC options to help you relocate. The way it works is that a storage provider picks up your belongings and takes them to a storage unit. You are then free to take them out of the storage unit and move them to another location in the most convenient way.

How to handle disputes with Bronx movers when they are late?

This is the most common dispute in the industry. Movers can be late for many reasons, after all. There’s the traffic, mechanical problems, even accidents. The first thing you should do is to stay calm and simply call your movers. Ask them what the issue is, confirm the moving date, and ask them what is the estimated time of arrival. But if you are dealing with fraudulent movers, your only recourse is to sue them in your local court.

How to handle disputes with Bronx movers when they are not cooperating?

Another very common dispute is when your movers simply refuse to cooperate with you. What you need to do is try and find a solution that is beneficial to both sides, ensuring that no one gets damaged. Failing that, you can also file a complaint letter with the company and see how that turns out.

two people holding a puzzle piece each
Always try to find a solution that is beneficial to both sides.

If they are still refusing to cooperate, you can file a claim with the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Organization). If your movers are a part of the AMSA (American Moving and Storage Association), FMCSA will take care of the dispute on your behalf. Your movers will have 14 days to respond and you can expect the dispute to be handled within 30 days.

What to do if there are extra fees?

The best way to ensure that your movers do not “tack on” any extra fees is to carefully examine the contract before signing. You should always have a binding estimate in hand, preventing any such disputes from occurring in the first place. But if you are still facing extra charges, simply contact your movers and ask them about them. It can be a mistake, after all. Staying calm is always the best recourse in any dispute situation. Being angry can only make things worse.

How to deal with damaged/lost items?

If you happen to arrive at your new address and find out that some items are missing, your only option is to file a complaint. Luckily, you have nine months to file such a complaint. And if you need a place to store your items in the interim, you can always rent one of the self storage Bronx options. In case of damaged items, the only thing you can do is to act according to your insurance policy. Make sure that you have asked your movers about your options prior to the moving day. That will give you the best chance to handle disputes with Bronx movers in a favorable way.


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