How to move exercise equipment


It’s time to move! You’re beginning a new life in a new location and you are so excited, as it should be. But, moving comes with some difficulties of its own. If you want to move exercise equipment, you might need to get creative. Gym equipment is usually purposefully created to be heavy so that no matter your size you won’t move it. This is a big perk for the tall and bulky, but for moving to a new town? Not so much. But, no matter if you’re moving just a few dumbbells or a whole machine, we, as one of the best storage units NYC providers, have all the tips for you.

dumbbells and a jumping rope

Ask loved ones for help

Before you begin moving anything around, it is wise to enlist the help of friends and family. We wouldn’t even suggest attempting to move heavy exercise equipment on your own. This kind of equipment usually weighs a few hundred pounds, which is insane! Moving heavy equipment around is a job for a team. So, go around and ask your friends and family to give you a hand on moving day. This can be a fun bonding exercise and you can reward them with a nice meal once everything is done. Not only will you get help for something you can’t handle on your own, but you also get to enjoy the company of those you’re close to.

You can also enlist the help of professionals. There are many pick-up and storage NYC services you can choose from if you decided to store your equipment. A storage unit is a perfect place to keep your equipment if you’re downsizing, or just don’t feel like placing bulky machines in your new home. Modern storage units are climate-controlled and very secure with 24/7 surveillance.

Disassemble what you can

Almost all exercise equipment can be partially disassembled. We would like to point out that disassembling can be quite a challenge and maybe not for everyone. Because remember, you will need to reassemble these pieces after. But, disassembling makes moving your equipment incredibly easier, so if you can, choose to disassemble. This will likely decrease the size and weight of your equipment and make it that much easier on the back. And if you’re moving your exercise equipment to long-term storage NYC, all the better to disassemble it!

If disassembling is something you’re not comfortable with, you can always ask the professionals to do it for you. Otherwise, check out the manuals of your equipment to see if certain parts can bend and fold. Usually, gym equipment has quite a few places where it can fold into itself. Either for storage or just to create more space in the gyms.

Treadmills and bicycles
Disassembling big pieces such as treadmills and bicycles will provide a much smoother packing and moving process.

Safety padding

You need to engulf your equipment in protective padding. You might often hear about packing paper or packing peanuts. For bigger pieces, though, these options aren’t good enough. There could still be some damage and seeing how gym equipment is pretty expensive, you want it to stay safe and in one piece. Additionally, good cushioning will help keep these items safe in self-storage Bronx! So, what is the best way to protect your exercise equipment?

Bubble wrap! It comes as no surprise that bubble wrap is the perfect way to protect your items. Wrap all of your equipment in 2 layers of bubble wrap for the best protection. You can also choose to use foam, but it can be more costly. Foam is firmer and thicker, so you will likely need less of it. Don’t put too much trust into destiny and protect your items!

Consider using furniture dollies

Even if your family and friends help you, and even when you disassemble your equipment, there is a chance it is still too heavy. Furniture dollies usually carry big pieces of furniture like couches and heavy all-wood tables. This means that it will surely endure the weight of your equipment. If you’re battling with stairs in your home, don’t worry, we have a solution. You can cover your staircase with blankets or another protective padding. Then you’ll only have to slide your equipment down the stairs. Again, professionals can give you a hand when dealing with your equipment, but you’re more than capable to take care of it yourself. And it’s more cost-effective for you to just rent the dollies instead of hiring professionals.

Decide on the transport method

Since you’re moving very big and very heavy pieces, you will most likely need to rent a truck. And, if you have the means and time, it’s good to prepare the vehicle ahead of transportation. We would recommend installing some straps unless you’re renting a moving truck that already has them. You can also decide to hire a moving company for, perhaps, the best results. If you decide to transport the equipment by car, even rope will do. You just need to secure your equipment and make sure it doesn’t move around too much.

If you can, after placing your items in the truck or car, you should cushion around them. You can either place pillows, foam, or whatever else you have at hand. It’s just important that it’s soft and provides security.

Moving company
Choosing the right moving company to help you move exercise equipment might just be the best choice you can make!

Move exercise equipment the right way

The last thing left is to transport your equipment to your new home or storage unit. There are still quite a few things left to do, though. You will need to reassemble your equipment as well as dust it down. You want a fresh new start in your home and the same goes for your exercise equipment.

Good luck when you move exercise equipment and remember to be careful!


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