How to move in with your partner in NYC


Before you move in with your partner in NYC, make sure you’re both ready for it. Dating is one thing. And living together is something completely different. You will not only have to share the apartment. You will actually have to get used to each other’s habits. That can either shake up or strengthen your relationship. Co-signing on an apartment lease before marriage has its benefits. Research has shown that about half of couples who share an apartment break up within two years. But, that is much simpler than divorce. Also, moving in together you will share the living costs. And, secure storage NYC will help you to accommodate your surplus items.

When you move in with your partner in NYC, expect changes

Before you move in with your partner, you could:

  • live in another apartment in NYC
  • live in some other, smaller city

In case you were both living in NYC, you might decide to move together into a bigger apartment. And lately, due to skyrocketing rents, many couples are moving in much earlier than they planned. However, if the old apartments were not close by, one of you will probably have to accept a longer commute.

In case you are coming from a smaller city, there is a big chance that you have a car. If so, driving, and parking it in NYC can easily turn into a nightmare. So, you can decide to sell it. In case you want to keep your car for out-of-the-city trips, car storage NYC is the right solution for you. With your car securely stored, you can use convenient NYC public transportation.

Shiny new coupe cars parked near warehouse - move in with your partner in NYC.
When living in NYC, it is much wiser to keep your car in storage.

You’ll have to compromise when moving in with a partner

Regardless of choosing the bigger apartment, it might still be too small for you too. Well, this can happen not because of square feet. Or the excess things, as you will easily move them to storage facilities Manhattan. The reasons are actually of psychological nature. Or simpler said, because of your different habits.

So, you will both have to make some compromises. And, the sooner you sit down and discuss them, the better. That way, your relationship will remain “healthy.”

The points that you should discuss openly when you move in with your partner in NYC

  • express your disagreement with some of the partner’s habits
  • each of you must have some “time on your own”
  • it is better to meet some friends in a coffee shop – if they are not friends to both of you
  • accept the sleeping habits and times of your partner
  • agree on how to share the cleaning duties
  • discuss the common fund for buying food and paying bills
  • if you have different tastes, find an acceptable solution for decorating the apartment

All things that your partner really dislikes, you can always move into storage Bronx NY.

Calm couple resting at home.
Sharing the space equally is very important.

Make sure there is enough space for both in the apartment

You might move to your partner’s apartment. Or he can move to yours. In some cases, you can decide that, with combined funds, you can afford a larger apartment. Regardless, when you move in with your partner in NYC, make sure that each of you has enough space. The best is to share spaces such as wardrobes, bookshelves, etc., equally. So, each of you will have enough place for its essentials. Also, using multifunctional furniture can be a good idea. That way, each of you will get more space.



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