How to organize an affordable local move in NYC


When moving locally, it is logical you would like to handle the move at a lower price and quicker than a different kind of move. The bad news is that a local move could come at the same price as a long-distance one. But, there are still steps you can take to organize an affordable local move in NYC. As one of the leading companies specializing in climate-controlled storage NYC, we’ve got some of the best tips to help you out in your local move.

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Prepare thoroughly

The right plan is key to a successful moving process. If you want a successful and affordable move in NYC, be sure to start preparing in advance. Pick the right moving company, right moving services, and right commercial storage units NYC. When requesting and booking services you need to be careful though. Be sure to find companies that have transparent policies and will be eager to answer all of your questions.

In order to organize an affordable local move in NYC, your plan has to be perfect. All from the services to the packing itself. You need to book the services around 2-3 weeks in advance and start packing at that time as well. As far as packing goes, the sure way to go is to start packing by room. The first room you can pack up is some kind of storage or a guest bedroom that isn’t in use often.

The correct information will help you organize an affordable local move in NYC

Here is some of the information you need to research which will help you decide on the right moving and storage company:

  1. Read through the company website – Every reputable moving and storage company has all their information listed on their website. You’d be surprised how much information you can find. Not only that, but you’ll be able to read through the reviews left by previous customers. Just be sure to look out for fake reviews.
  2. Double-check the company’s address – The chances of you coming by a fake or untrustworthy company are pretty low. But a surefire way to check is by going to their listed address. This way you’ll be able to enter their company building, be sure the company is real, and ask any questions that you have in mind right away! For example, secure self-storage NYC is something you might need to ask about before deciding on the storage company you want to hire.
  3. Check the company on FMCSA – The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has a list of all the licensed moving companies. This is another good way to check if the company you’re planning to hire is legit.

Now with all this useful information, you need to have a list of companies and services you need and look at them side by side.

Compare the moving and storage companies to each other

Now is the tricky part. We suggest making a list of all the companies in your price range and comparing them. Look at the reviews, ask your friends and family who have moving experience, and just simply compare the prices. In order to organize an affordable local move in NYC, the prices are what you should really pay attention to. Budgeting is very important, and you need to try your best to stay within your budget.

Friends comparing company prices
Enlisting the help of a friend when comparing moving and storage company prices could be the right move.

When you rent storage in NYC, be sure that the storage units and spaces are a safe place for your belongings. Storage is an easy and affordable way to conquer any moving delays and also keep your items safe. If any one of your belongings couldn’t make it with you to your new home, you’re downsizing, for example, storage is the perfect solution. And you’ll be happy to know that storage is usually very affordable.

Don’t settle for less

Another important thing to keep in mind is that, even though you’re staying budget-friendly, you shouldn’t settle for services that aren’t up to par. There are so many services and companies available in NYC, you just have to be persistent and not give up! This is why we can’t stress enough the importance of starting your search for the perfect service well in advance. If you run into any problems finding someone you are satisfied with who also fits into your budget, you’ll have the time to find an adequate company.

When searching for short-term furniture storage NYC, keep all eyes open. Storing furniture is not as easy as it may sound and your chosen storage company needs to be able to keep your furniture safe. So, do your research and never settle!

Final thoughts on organizing an affordable local move in NYC

Now that you’ve settled on the best option for all your moving and storage services, it’s time to get the move on the road. Packing can be quite a hassle but if you decide to do it with friends and family it can also be a pretty fun activity. Even your children could be involved if you present it like a fun game, which it actually can be. If you’re having second thoughts on packing by yourself, we couldn’t blame you. It’s a huge job and will most likely take away from a lot of your free time.

A couple packing together
If packing ever becomes too much, there are people out there who can help.

During a move, you need to think of your job, your family, your friends, your significant other. You mustn’t let the stress of the move affect your relationships. That’s why if you play your cards right and find adequate moving services for affordable prices, your budget could allow you to hire packing services as well. Packing services are offered by almost all of the moving companies out there. Instead of you losing days and weeks of your free time, professional packers could handle the packing in just a few days and do it extremely well. Just another option to consider.

Now that you know how to organize an affordable local move in NYC, get to it, and good luck!


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