How to Pack a Storage Unit


As we all know, NYC is not forgiving when it comes to space. Having a hobby with lots of pieces, a large closet, or kids means that you’re going to run out of space fast. With room to live at such a high premium offsite storage is a reasonable solution for many New Yorkers. Just as we can get creative with furniture placement or hidden storage at home, storing things in a unit can mean creativity as well. Learning how to utilize all the space you’re paying for may take some time and planning but in the end you’ll be able to use everything efficiently.

To help you with the problem of a disorganized unit we’ve created suggestions to utilize all your space:

  • Leave a walkway: When you are packing your unit, you should be sure to leave a small path through the middle of the unit. With this you can easily retrieve something later without unpacking your entire unit, even if it is packed away near the back of the unit.
  • Use boxes and labels: By using boxes that are uniform and can be stacked high, you can maximize the space of the storage unit. This will allow you to even utilize all of the available vertical space. Also, you should label each box on 2 sides and the top to insure you can always see what is inside of it. Otherwise you may not be able to remember what is in each box when you need something later on.
  • Cover belongings well: Having items inside of a unit does not protect them from dust. Cover your items so you will know that they are safe and will not receive any damage. The storage facility that you have chosen may be clean and safe, but it never hurts to take a chance. Hence, by covering them, you will protect them from dust. Also, this will further help your storage facility provider.
  • Use the space properly: Start by packing the tallest and heaviest items like furniture and mattresses in the back and short and light items in the front. This will give you a clear view of what is inside your unit at first glance and will also allow you to use the space in a more efficient manner.
  • Prepare a checklist: Before you choose the storage unit, it is best to make a storage checklist, which contains the list of things that are to be packed. As you cannot remember all the items that you have kept in the unit, this list will come handy when you are taking your things back with you.

However, you decide to pack make sure you have plenty of room for your items and are able to get around. With the right lock and secure storage facility your items will be safe for months or years to come. Making more space for your life in your home.


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