How to pack large area rugs for storage


If you are preparing to pack large area rugs for storage and are looking for some tips on how to do it, we are here to help you out! In this article, we will cover the essential tips on how to properly pack rugs for storage. In addition to this, we are also going to cover reasons why you should always look for reliable on demand storage NYC for your items. Let’s take a look at how you should properly approach packing large area rugs for storage.

Start with cleaning

Before you can pack or store your rugs, you first have to clean them. Dirt, pet dander, dust, and other small particles can all accumulate over a certain time period.  Therefore, it is important that you properly clean your rugs before storage. The first thing to do in the cleaning process is to vacuum them. However, be careful when dealing with delicate weaving. Vacuum your delicate vintage or antique rugs by placing a piece of nylon screen over the rug. Of course, if you are still worried you might damage your rug, try to do some research and get professional carpet cleaning. 

Clean first to pack large area rugs for storage.
To properly pack large area rugs, first clean them thoroughly.

Protect your rugs from pests and insects

After you have thoroughly cleaned your rugs, if you plan on placing them in a storage unit, you have to make sure they are properly protected. Take extra care to protect it from moths and insects. Try to get and apply an insect and moth repellent that is specifically designed for rugs. However, you should keep in mind that certain acidic chemicals in the rug may damage some fibers during storage. To get maximum protection for your rugs during storage, make sure you do a lot of research and get reliable short term furniture storage NYC for your rugs.

Rolling and wrapping your rug for storage

Rugs and carpets should never be folded. By doing this you will only ruin the fabric. Even if you plan on placing your rug in a short-term storage unit, you should still follow a few basic, but necessary tips and tricks to store your rug properly. The best way to pack a rug is to first roll it into a cylinder.  If you are struggling to determine from which side you should role it, check the back of the rug and then decide which side is more fragile. Since the pile is more fragile, you should roll your rug with the pile facing inward. How to do the rolling part step by step:

  • Clear up space to roll your rugs,
  • Keep rug as straight as possible when rolling it,
  • Use a rod to help you guide it,
  • Place each rug upward and do not put them on top of each other.
Carrying a rug.
Roll your rugs carefully and do it step by step.

The wrapping process before you pack large area rugs for storage

Once you are done rolling your carpet, you will have to wrap it properly for storage. Wrap a cotton sheet or muslin around the rug after you are done rolling it. After that, you can secure the sheet with cotton. A polyurethane rug wrap can provide proper protection for your rug. Whichever material you opt to use, make sure you wrap your rug with some kind of protective material to secure it from insects or dampness in New York City storage. However, avoid using plastic to wrap your rugs as that can stop them from receiving the necessary air and might get damaged over time.

Choosing the right environment

Choosing the right environment for rugs is crucial. Ideally, you should look for a cool and dry environment to place your rugs. Once you find the right storage with the right temperature, make sure you do not place anything above your rugs. Over time, the weight of other items might make marks and imprints on your rugs. So, it is best that each rug is placed remotely without anything on top of them. Furthermore, make sure your rugs will not be exposed to sunlight or any other weather elements during the storage. Choosing the right environment is as equally important if you plan on storing other items as well. For example, make sure you do your research and get reliable motorcycle storage NYC for a proper storage environment both for your rugs and your motorcycle.

Check on your rugs every now and then

Once you store your rugs, it is important that you check on them. Things could change inside a storage unit. Various factors can impact your items. However, even if you have found a reliable storage unit, you should check on rugs once a month, especially if they are of high value. So, make sure there is no evidence of bug infestation by checking on your rugs regularly. You can also use this opportunity to add additional protection materials if the previous materials have shown signs of decay.

Unrolling a rug.
Check on your rugs every once in a while to make sure they are still properly protected while in storage.

Time to prepare your rugs for storage? Pack them properly and contact professionals to help you with storage

So, in conclusion, to pack large area rugs for storage properly, there are a few important steps that you need to take. First of all, make sure you clean all of your rugs thoroughly. After that, make sure your rugs are protected from pests, insects, and so on. From there, you can focus on the rolling and wrapping process. Complete these two steps carefully as they are the most crucial in the storing process later on. Find the appropriate storage solution for your rugs by getting in touch with professionals. Professional storage experts cannot only help you with your rugs but also with other items. They can also help you with vehicle storage NYC. We hope that you’ve found these tips useful. Remember to take your time with the packing process and contact professionals to help you store your rugs.


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