How to pack small kitchen appliances


Packing and preparing everything for a move is very challenging. Especially when you get to the kitchen. We all know how much time and what kind of stuff we use all the time. Most of them are settled up in the kitchen. Packing kitchen appliance is very tricky, but when you do it in a proper way, it can be really easy. Do not challenge yourself with some DIY packing advice. Get the right moving supplies. And if you do not have enough room where to keep them, search for help from the NYC Mini Storage. And when it comes to preparing these items for relocation, here is a simple guide on how to pack kitchen appliances.

List of kitchen appliances you might have in your home that will need packing

As we said before, packing a kitchen is very challenging. That is why you need to have a great plan and be very organized. Packing the items you use the most should be left until the very end. Some of the kitchen appliances we usually have in our kitchen:

  • blenders,
  • air fryers,
  • stand mixers,
  • mixers,
  • small microwaves,
  • pressure cookers,
  • toasters,
  • bread makers,
  • coffee makers and espresso machines, etc.

To pack all of these, you will need the exact number of boxes. Boxes that are the right size and shape. If you have some original boxes of these appliances, it will be a great solution for packing them. You can even store them immediately in storage near NYC and not worry about them while you are packing the rest of the stuff.

small black blender
Pack small kitchen appliances in their original boxes.

How to properly pack small kitchen appliances?

The best thing about packing small kitchen appliances is that you do not need anything special for them. There is no need for searching for specialized packing supplies. You just need to make sure that you pick the box that is the right size. Even though you might use some of the best storage pickup NYC has to take your boxes, you need to do everything that is in your hands to make them secure.

Packing materials you will need to use to pack small kitchen appliances

If you do not have the original boxes of the small kitchen appliances, it is the best solution to pack them in the size that suits them. Do not try to push two or more appliances in one box. They might damage each other. If you, however, cannot find the right size box and you get the bigger one, make sure that you secure the appliances inside.

This means that you need to place some fine cloth or packing paper around the appliances. And use them to fill the gaps that are left in the box. If you are relocating alone and you do not use Manhattan storage NYC you need to pack them correctly in the truck or a ca. Make sure that even if the box will float in the car during the relocation the appliance inside does not.

Use the packing tape to wrap the boxes in some extra layers and seal them. If you are too afraid that you have not done a great job, you can always add some more layers of the packing tape around the box and make it more secure.

Ways to prepare appliances for the boxes

The first thing you should do is clean and wipe the small kitchen appliances. Make sure that you clean them properly and dry them. Do not place them in boxes or in storage if they are still wet. However, if you do not have time for this, just make sure that there is no food inside. If you choose the option to keep them in your car while you are done with the whole process of the relocation, make sure that your car is safe. You can always place it in some of the best car storage NYC has and not worry about the car and the stuff inside.

coffee makers and a stereo
Wipe the coffee maker carefully.


If your appliances have some small parts, or some parts are just too loose, make sure that they are removed before packed in boxes. For example, one of the things that you need to pay extra attention to is the blade in your blender or tray in your microwave. Make sure that they are packed in the same box. You do not want to look for them after the relocation is over. For this part of the job, you will also need some kind of packing materials or clothes. The small towels will do the job as well. Make sure that any blades are carefully sealed and wrapped. Sometimes if the razor is too small and shaped it can go through the box. The best way to avoid this from happening is to double wrap the razors and the blades of some kitchen appliances.

Ask for help!

If you are not sure that you will do this properly, it is always a good idea to ask for help from professionals. Even if you do not have money, you can ask a friend or someone with experience to help you out. We are sure that the city of New York is full of people who had some kind of experience in the packing process.

Pack small kitchen appliances like this black kettle
Clean the kitchen appliances before packing them.

To pack small kitchen appliances is not really that hard. Make sure that you stay organized and that you have the right moving and packing supplies. Rent a storage unit if you are not sure that you will have enough space to place them. Be careful how you wipe and clean them. Do not, under any circumstances pack the kitchen appliances that are still wet. It is better not to pack them at all than to seal them in a box. Good luck and we hope that you will gain some of the best moving experiences using these guidelines.


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