How to prevent moisture in your NYC storage unit


Relocations, especially long-distance ones cannot go without storage rental. Moving is often a tedious process and may take longer than planned. Belongings have to stay in one piece and safe from temperature changes, mold, damage, and other factors. That’s why it’s beneficial to search for secure storage NYC companies have on offer. Regardless of whether you’re moving long-distance or to another city area, well-maintained storage units are cost-effective solutions. However, it’s necessary to take measures of precaution, for example, to prevent moisture in your NYC storage unit. If you are not careful, moisture may affect the condition of your items. This especially applies to easily breakable possessions as well as complex electronic equipment.

That’s why we at NYC Mini Storage specialize in top-level storage services to help you keep your precious items safe and sound during the move. Our committed team of experts works hard to deliver the best storage service you can get! So make sure to contact us and learn more about our offer. We are ready to come to your aid and take care of your valuables for you.

a man sealing the box
You will protect your belongings if you additionally secure all boxes and containers.

Preventing moisture in NYC storage will give you peace of mind

In order to prevent moisture in your NYC storage unit and not to worry about the condition of your items, do your best to prevent moisture from affecting your belongings. Storage may be protected from the outside, but not from the inside as well. That’s why storage providers must be careful when handling things in storage units. Plus, you also have to make sure the items are properly secured before you start packing.

It doesn’t take special knowledge to prevent excess moisture in storage units. On the contrary, it’s possible to keep all possessions in great condition. It doesn’t matter whether you opt for small storage NYC or a bigger one. You still have to ensure that everything is under control in the storage space you are renting. There are simple steps you can do to make sure your items remain intact within the storage. In addition, you may call us to save you plenty of time and secure all your goods for storage.

Protect your belongings prior to packing them for storage to prevent moisture from affecting them

Water and mold can find their way to your things although the storage space you’re renting is top-notch. To keep your items in a good state, simply put some extra effort into the packing process. Add more padding with packing paper and old towels. Put the items inside and cover them with more layers. Close the lid and seal with strong packing tape, preferably cross-wise. Do the same with important documents. This especially applies to business owners in the middle of the relocation. Furthermore, don’t skip on the quality business storage NYC offers.

However, there are items that need special packing skills. Hiring professional packers is your rescue solution in this case. Not only they will save you time for other tasks, but you will stress less over the safety of your possessions. When professional packers handle the packing for you, there’s nothing to worry about.

Damp-proof your NYC storage space to keep the moisture from happening

You can install a vapor barrier beneath the floor. This plastic membrane prevents moisture from damaging the goods in storage space. This is especially useful for car storage NYC companies such as us at NYC Mini Storage offer. Basically, this will keep moisture away from anything that waits on the floor in your designated storage unit. Furthermore, materials that absorb moisture are also of great use. Silica gel desiccant is currently the most recommendable moisture absorbent.

charcoal helps prevent moisture in your NYC storage unit
Charcoal can prevent moisture in your NYC storage unit from damaging stored items.

Another solution to an issue with moisture is charcoal. Its effects are similar to silicone gel desiccant and a perfect DIY alternative. In addition to moisture absorption, charcoal also regulates unpleasant odors inside the storage. However, be careful when working with charcoal. Keep it away from unpacked belongings in order not to stain them.

Additionally secure and label boxes with liquids

Cleaning solutions, cosmetics, shampoos, and many other liquids often end up in storage space. That’s perfectly fine as long as you take care of liquids before you pack them. Make sure to seal all caps, and secure them with pieces of packing tape. Wrap them in layers of packing paper, bubble wrap, or even (clean) cloth. Seal the boxes containing liquids cross-wise.

Also, think about whether cardboard boxes are a decent option. Plastic containers are most favored for packing the liquid products for the move. In case they leak, the liquid won’t leave the box and therefore further damage other items in storage.

Don’t forget to label all boxes and containers you have with multi-color permanent markers. Write what’s exactly inside the box and container. It will be easier for your movers to know this. Further, they will know how to properly load and store packed liquid products.

cosmetic products
Prevent your liquid products from spilling.

Be careful when choosing a proper storage unit

When looking for independent storage providers or full-service moving companies, make sure to opt for top-level storage options. Rest assured it’s possible to find an affordable yet excellent storage unit if you search enough. However, try not to rush. Only responsible storage providers or movers should handle your belongings. Moreover, they will know what to do in case of surprising circumstances in storage.

Cooperate with your chosen storage providers or full-service movers

Coordinated activity will prevent moisture in your NYC storage unit from damaging the items. Apart from your movers and storage providers doing their job, it’s your responsibility to check what’s happening in storage. All you have to do is call from time to time to confirm the safety of your items. Don’t hesitate to ask whether the conditions in storage are optimal. Also, make sure to remind about sensitive items so the temperature of storage space can be adjusted accordingly.


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