How to store furniture in a storage unit


Moving is a very stressful and quite boring process, especially storing and packing. If you were wondering how to store furniture in a storage unit? Don’t worry because as one of the more reliable storage facility NYC would like to help you with this. We’ll explore and explain to you in detail how to properly store furniture in a storage unit. This will take a bit of work but if we want our things to be clean, neat, and undamaged, that’s what we have to do. So let’s dive in!

How to store furniture in a proper storage unit

So first of all let’s see what kind of storage you need for your furniture. Now we as experienced and professional storage Long Island City company will tell you that you’ll need climate-controlled storage. Now, this is important for both new and old furniture. Some people tend to think that it’s only for old antique pianos or some paints, etc. No, they’re wrong, climate control is for any furniture. Because here you can control humidity, you can prevent overheating and freezing, this will all damage and destroy the goods. As you know everything will decompose eventually, so if we want to keep it safe and sound, this is the deal.

A man in a hazardous suit cleaning living room while thinking how to store furniture in a storage unit;
You’ll also need clothes, old shirts if you have any. If it’s made of metal you’ll need some metal polishers, not wooden. Also, protect yourself by wearing a mask if you’re using a spray and gloves.

Now before you do this, you’ll want to clean it so it smells like heaven. We know that when you put dirty chairs for example or any other furniture, it might get mold. Furthermore, if it’s not in climate-controlled storage, it’ll be moldy or damaged. If want to be all-natural, without chemicals you can simply use soap and mild water; this can be applied to metal, plastic, or wooden furniture.  Some people also suggest creating a solution of vinegar and oil in a 1:1 ratio. Or maybe you have your secret recipe? If you don’t check it only or talk to the furniture experts. Now when it comes to furniture cleaners you use:

  • Parker & Bailey Furniture Cream
  • Murphy Oil Soap,
  • Weiman Wood Cleaner,
  • Furniture Polish Spray
  • The Original Bee’s Wax Old World Formula Polish
  • Orange Glo Wood Furniture 2-in-1 Clean and Polish (for smelly furniture)

How to store furniture inside a storage unit

First, thing’s first, you’ve gotta take everything apart. We as a company that provides commercial storage units NYC have seen this mistake many times. When you do this be careful not to scratch anything, and you should put all of the bolts and screws into small plastic bags or boxes, and label them properly. Now when it comes to antiques this is even more important, because it’s even more fragile and usually much older. Also, it’ll be easier to pack in on a track or in a van, think about that too. Now when it comes to what items you need to do this for, the answer is for all.  You can also make a video or take photos if you think it’ll be hard to assemble it later. For packing materials, you’ll need packing tape, bubble wrap, blankets or covers (for the sofa), and plastic wraps.

Man and woman packing an item in a box;
You must have all the correct materials to pack the items so they don’t get damaged. You also have to follow the packing procedure.

You’ll need to wrap up everything nice and tightly. We as a storage company also provide motorcycle storage NYC, which is similar to furniture. It gets dusty because it’s open, more like shelves or chairs. So use covers, clothes, and blankets to cover it, these materials will absorb any access liquid that may cause moisture. This is why you must first put a blanket and then after it bubble wrap or plastic wraps. As you know materials like wood and skin have to breathe. Also if you have anything made of glass you should first wrap it in packing paper after that you can put bubble wrap around it (that’s if it’s a mirror). But if you don’t have it use a box, just label it as fragile.

Some extra tips and a conclusion

If you can always put something under the furniture. You can use pallets, cardboard, anything just in case of a flood or something. If you’re moving for the first time learn how to declutter your home; trust us this will help you a lot. Always make sure to make room for you to pass. Don’t put too many things inside. Take some time after decluttering and divide things into 5 categories: donate, sell, save, keep and throw. This way you’ll end up with tidier storage, if your storage is flooded with things some of them may get broken. Don’t forget to always check if there is any food left there. Except rotting, it will attract mice, rats, insects, etc. these pesky disgusting things, can mess not your but the whole storage facility.  Also, don’t forget how to put things in the boxes. Big things to the bottom, smaller on top.

Two man going around a storage;
Climate-controlled storages are life safer. They’ll keep your things dry and clean, you just have to pack them correctly.

Thank you for reading our article. We hope that we helped you with how to store furniture in a storage unit. If you need any further help, check our blog or contact our company. Be careful about packing and if you need any materials like bubble wrap or boxes, we can get them for you. We do delivery across Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, and the Bronx, and if it’s above $100 it’s free. If you need any other storage for your car, apartment, student or even a pick up we can help you with any of that as well. We hope that you’ll have a nice time decluttering and storing your things carefully. Have a great day!


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