How To Store Paintings In A Storage Unit?


It does not matter how much money you have spent to buy works of art you own. Each painting of yours is priceless, that is for sure. Since you are going through a moving process or you are having your home remodeled, it is advisable that you store paintings in a storage unit. However, there are some things you need to pay special attention to. In this way, you are going to preserve your paintings and they will remain in perfect condition.

Avoid exposing your paintings to direct sunlight

If your paintings are exposed to direct sunlight, they may deteriorate. This is a rule that applies to all scenarios, even when you want to display your paintings in your home. So, since you are already familiar with this rule, make sure you apply it even when storing your paintings.

Paintings on a wall
When you store your paintings, make sure you avoid exposing them to direct sunlight in order to keep them in perfect condition

Oil paintings tend to lighten in the sunlight and watercolors fade quite fast if you are not careful. So, make sure you cover them properly or even wrap them. One of the safest climate controlled storage NYC offers is at your disposal and you can be sure that your paintings are going to have great conditions inside. So, think about how large a unit you are going to need and make a call on time.

Do not clean your paintings on your own

You may have heard that people in your surroundings clean their paintings themselves. However, this is not something that is advisable to do. No matter how gentle your cleaning solution is, your painting can easily get damaged. When this happens, it usually means that the painting has lost its value. So, all you should do is just use a soft duster, if you are skillful. On the other hand, if you feel like this is not something you should do on your own, take the painting to a professional restorer. Once it is in perfect condition, you can feel free to store it. Some of the most secure self storage NYC has to offer is going to be a great choice for your paintings.

Avoid plastic materials when wrapping paintings

In order to protect your valuables, you may think about wrapping them with bubble packs. However, what you should avoid is putting a bubble pack directly on a painting. In case your paintings remain in storage for a longer period of time, it is possible that this plastic material gets glued to a painting. When you start unpacking the paintings, you will surely damage them if you are not aware of this.

Bubble pack
It is advisable that you use bubble pack when packing paintings – just make sure there is a softer layer in between

So, what you should do first is put some cotton fabric first and then wrap the paintings with bubble packs. Once you do this, you will not have to worry about whether your valuables are going to remain in perfect condition. Just remember to rent some of the highest-quality self storage Long Island City can offer. Choose the size that suits you best and you are going to be sure that your paintings will remain safe.

Before you store paintings in a storage unit, crate them

Crating is certainly something that can keep your paintings safe. Each of your paintings is going to be crated separately. In this way, they are going to be protected and they are going to be away from any danger. Once you pick up your valuables and you unpack them, you will see that everything is in its place. Of course, if possible, do the crating part by yourself. In case you are not sure whether you can complete this task properly, let a professional do it for you. In the meantime, feel free to find some of the best short term furniture storage NYC has to offer. So, when you find a suitable storage unit, you will have a chance to store all of your paintings at once. Use this chance and avoid worrying about their safety.

Be careful how you place paintings inside a storage unit

When the time comes for you to literally put your paintings in a storage unit, you should do this the smart way. First of all, it is important to know that you should avoid putting paintings on top of one another. This can lead to irreparable damages. Instead, you should store paintings in an upright position. You should also avoid putting one painting next to another. Make sure there is some space between them. However, if you are in a situation where you have no other choice but to put them one on top of another, use a rack.

Paintings piled up
When you store paintings in a storage unit, make sure you do this properly in order to avoid possible damage

This is going to be a great solution and you will know that your paintings are not going to get damaged. Of course, you are going to rent storage in NYC and choose a good storage unit. This is also very important and it will help you preserve your peace of mind.

Now that you know how to store paintings in a storage unit, do everything that is in your power to keep them safe. Just be aware of the fact that preparing them for storage is quite a complex process. You need to find high-quality packing supplies, think about how to place the paintings, clean them, etc. The good thing is that you are going to find a good storage unit with no great effort. So, take some time to think everything through and make a good plan. Once the time comes for you to start completing the tasks, you are going to do that with no great effort.


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