How to store wooden furniture


Wooden furniture can be quite delicate. It is one of the most commonly used materials for furniture. And it’s because it is durable and lasts a long time. If you have decided to store wooden furniture in one of climate controlled storage Manhattan, and are not sure how to do it properly, you’ve come to the right place. Storing furniture the right way will ensure that nothing gets damaged or broken. So how to pack everything into a small storage space and ensure long and safekeeping? Read our tips to find out.

How to store wooden furniture properly – step 1 – cleaning!

Wooden furniture, as we said, can last a lifetime. If what you want to store is some old furniture you have no use for or some antiques of more than sentimental value, you can do that without it affecting the longevity of your pieces. No matter the type of wood used to make your furniture, it should be thoroughly cleaned. Hopefully, you have been trying to keep it dust free and clean. If so, you will have an easier time cleaning it.

Multipurpose wood cleaner you can use after reading the guide on how to store wooden furniture
The first step in any guide on how to store wooden furniture will be to do a deep clean of it

The best way to clean wooden furniture is to use specialized solutions. You can find them in any store, and they’re usually lime or pine scented. If you don’t have time to go to the store and pick up a wood cleaner, you can make one yourself at home. You can do that by mixing two parts water and one part dish soap. By using this solution and a damp microfiber cloth, you can clean even the most stubborn of grime.

How to store wooden furniture after it’s been thoroughly cleaned

Before you can put your wooden furniture into long-term or short term furniture storage NYC, you need to make sure it’s completely dry. We cannot emphasize how important it is to use a damp (not wet) cloth when cleaning the furniture. Make sure you dry your furniture because there are more steps in this guide on how to store wooden furniture after you’ve cleaned it. When it’s completely cleaned and dry, you can move on to the next step.

The next step is disassembling the furniture. You should approach this task carefully. If it seems even the tiniest bit complicated, you should take pictures before you start disassembling so you know to put your furniture back together. Make sure you document everything clearly. Sort all the smaller pieces like joints and screws together and label them. You can pack the bigger pieces together. Disassembling is a must step to make sure everything fits in small storage areas. If you still feel uneasy about disassembling, then what you need is extra space storage NYC. That way, you don’t have to go through this step to make sure everything fits.

Black hammer on a brown wooden table with nails scattered
When disassembling your furniture be careful not to break any pieces or lose any parts

Packing everything

A lot of the tips on how to pack wooden furniture for storage include tips n packing. And there is a reason behind this. That is because the way you pack your belongings will determine how long they stay intact, clean, and damage-free. So make sure you use the best materials. Avoid plastic covers as they can trap moisture. This can lead to mold and grime. Instead, you should use more breathable materials like bedsheets and cardboard. When packing everything in storage, make sure you don’t lay your wooden furniture directly onto the concrete floor. That way, you can avoid damage to your furniture in case of flooding or moisture that usually leaks from the concrete floors. While most storage units are secure and

How to move all of your belongings

The next step is taking it to storage. Even if you have disassembled and packed everything, it can still be difficult to take everything to storage. There are two ways you can take your bulky wooden furniture to storage. If you don’t own a car or a van big enough to fit all of the items, you can rent a truck for the day. They can be expensive to rent, with the lowest price in Manhattan can be around $20, with an additional $2 per mile for taxes, gas, and miscellaneous. We can agree that the costs do add up.

Your other option is to get a pick up and storage NYC, which is an option to rent a storage unit that has included pick-up service. That is the easiest option that leaves you with more time and less stress when renting storage units. When you are all packed and ready, just give them a call, and their professional team will take your items to storage for you.

What if your furniture isn’t completely wooden

These tips on how to store your wooden furniture will help you with any sort of wood. However, wooden furniture can also combine other materials like cloth or even glass. There are a few more precautions you should take when it comes to such pieces. Of course, this should all be done in addition to the tips we mentioned earlier in the article.

Two colorful chairs with a white wooden table
If your chairs have cloth upholstery make sure you give it a deep clean as well

Besides knowing how to clean wooden furniture, you will have to get to know how to clean the cloth and fiber part of it as well. Cleaning glass is easy. It can be tricky to clean it without breaking it, but it’s much more straightforward. You just need some glass cleaner and a clean microfiber rag to dry it completely. With cloth, you can start by using a specialized spray to clean it. Or DIY it with some baking soda. You can use it to clean all the bacteria and deodorize your furniture. After that, simply vacuum it, and it’s ready to go.

Couple more tips

We have a few more tips we saved for you in this guide on how to store wooden furniture. First, don’t use strong scents because they can attract small rodents. And you don’t want them chomping away at your precious belongings. Secondly, don’t try to overstuff your storage. Either leave something out or upgrade your storage. And lastly, don’t place anything on top of your delicate wooden furniture. All that’s now left is to find your perfect storage in NYC.


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