How to store your book collection in the right way


Are you a book lover and have tons of books that you simply love? Are you collecting books in order to make a book collection that you dream of? Everyone has that dream of creating an enormous book library in their living room. Where you can get cozy near the fireplace and read your favorite novel. However, a lot of people do not have space for that in their homes. Lots of books are packed in boxes, put into drawers to free up the space in the house. To avoid damaging or losing your precious books, why don’t store them in storage units and keep them safe? That is why extra space storage NYC can save your space and possessions. Stick around to read this article and find out many tips on how to store your book collection in the right way.

Inspect your books before you decide to pack them

If you keep your books in the basement, attic, or many different places around the house, you need to inspect them first. Make sure to dust all of your books and inspect for possible insects of some kind. You don’t want them to hatch inside your favorite novel and start eating the pages. You want to store your book collection in the best possible way. Simply gently wipe the covers of the books with a damp cloth, depending on the type of the book cover. Air dry them and leave them in open for a while. Only then you can start packing them in your next boxes.

A book library
If you want to store your book collection, make sure to inspect each book from your shelf personally.

How to pack your books for storage?

Before you start throwing books in boxes and wrapping them up, prepare dividers. One of the most important reasons is that the dividers will prevent your books from sticking together. This is essential especially if you have some limited edition books or old ones that need special attention. You can add a piece of newspaper between them for protection. Packing your books for storage will depend on the weight of your books and their type. If you are packing antique books, you have to use extra protection until they arrive at the storage unit. We always recommend using a pick up and storage NYC service, which will guarantee you safe transport to their next destination. You don’t have to carry all these boxes to the storage facility and possibly damage them along the way. Just make sure they are properly packed in your home.

Consider the weight and size of the books

The easiest way of carrying books from one place to another is using cardboard boxes. When buying them, consider the size and the weight of your books. Books can be pretty heavy, and if you simply throw them in a box, it will be impossible to lift them. You can organize your books by size and weight, making it easier to pack them. Be efficient and if a box becomes too heavy, just wrap it up. If you overload the boxes, you risk damaging them and possible box breakage during transport.

Stacked books near the window
Organize your books by size and weight for easy packing and storing.

Rent a climate-controlled storage unit

When deciding to store your book collection, the best solution is to rent a climate controlled storage Manhattan has to offer you. You will have additional protection against humidity and temperature changes all year round. This is extremely important if you have some classics, antique books, or limited editions that require special attention. Investing in this storage is a fantastic idea since it will preserve your favorite books. Before choosing a storage unit, make sure to research and find out more about different types of units and pick the ones that suit you best. Your books will remain secure and dry and you will not have to worry a thing.

Store your books vertically in the storage unit

Packing boxes at home is important, but storing them in the storage facility can be tricky. If you already have a short term furniture storage NYC, then you probably know how difficult storing your items can be. You need to plan this in advance and decide how to use this space as much as you can. When storing your books in the storage unit, make sure to place them vertically with the paper edges facing up. This is a method that will ensure protection. Your books will also support each other and their spine will not break. Since you want to avoid pressure on the book spines, put them in the upright position possibly in a metal bookcase.

Store your book collection carefully
Invest money in good-quality shelves and storage units that will protect your collection.

Invest in good-quality shelves

The worst thing you can do is to rent a storage unit and place your books on the floor. Do not store them on the floor as they will be in danger of possible flood or leakage. You need to keep them dry at all times, so we recommend that you invest your money in a good-quality shelf. You can also place them on pallets, or furniture if you decide to store other possessions in this facility. You can make this storage unit your personal library that you always wanted, so be creative and use the most of it.

Visit the storage unit and check on your books from time to time

If you decided to store your book collection temporarily or long term, the best thing you can do is visit them from time to time. Don’t just leave them there and forget about them. You can also find a storage unit near your home for easy access. Make a remainder somewhere, and check on them. If you notice something suspicious, like possible damage, leakage, you want to report them immediately so it doesn’t damage everything. Although they are stored to be protected at all times, you still need to take care of them and make sure everything is in order.


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