How to upgrade your Bronx rental on a budget


Almost everyone will have to live in a rental at one point. And living in a place that is not your own is far from an ideal situation. Sometimes renting a place will make it harder to feel at home. You have limited options for upgrading your living space. And on quite a few occasions, rentals can look a little bit lackluster. If your landlord won’t allow any major changes, you may feel as if your hands are tied. Luckily, there are great ways to upgrade your Bronx rental on a budget. Before doing any work, you should consider renting the best storage units NYC, to keep your belongings safe while you’re renovating. Now, keep reading to find out some great inexpensive ways to improve your rental!

Repaint the walls or use wallpaper

This will help your Bronx rental look fresh and have a homey feel without breaking the bank. However, before painting this is something to check with your landlord first. If your landlord allows it, you just need a bucket of paint and enough time on your hands to complete this task. Now, paint can, obviously, make a mess. This means you might want to consider renting self storage Bronx to store your furniture while painting.

A couple painting their Bronx rental on a budget.
Painting or using wallpaper is an effective way to upgrade your Bronx rental on a budget.

Another option, if your landlord doesn’t allow painting is using wallpaper. This change is as effective as painting but it is temporary. You could use different types of wallpaper according to your personal preferences. There is paintable wallpaper available for purchase or stick and peel for even less money. Stick-and-peel wallpaper is a great, affordable option to add some fun to the room. You can find different colors and designs online.

Upgrade lighting in your Bronx rental

Lighting changes can have a huge effect on a room! Having cold white lights can make a room feel uninviting and industrial, while some warmer lights can make your room feel more comfortable and home-like. If you’re rental is usually not getting enough sunlight, brighter, warmer lighting can make the overall atmosphere better. Choosing the right light bulb is sometimes all you need to transform the vibe of your room. All in all, it is an inexpensive, yet important change to make.

If your rental doesn’t have a ceiling fan, definitely consider installing one! First of all, it is a convenient and cheap way of cooling or warming up a room. A lot of rentals don’t have air conditioning, or you may want to lower the price of your utility bills. In addition, it can be a great piece of home decor. You could find a ceiling fan that can also lighten up the room or dim the lights when needed making it more aesthetically pleasing.

Improve your floors to upgrade your Bronx rental on a budget

Unfortunately, the floors in affordable Bronx rentals are usually not the best looking. Although it may seem too complicated, masking worn-out flooring can be both cheap and easy. There are multiple ways to make your floors appear more beautiful and modern. And changing the appearance of your flooring will definitely take your rental to a next level!

A contemporary living room with a white rug.
Using a rug will improve the overall look of your rental.

Two of the best ways are stick and peel flooring and using rugs and carpets. If you think the condition of your floor is really bad, buying stick-and-peel flooring may be the best solution for you. The downside to this is having to temporarily remove your furniture and clear the room. Luckily, with pick up and storage NYC this is a soluble issue. All you need to do is find a design you like at a price that works for you, stick it, and you have flooring that is as good as new!

If your looking for a quicker and simpler solution, buying a rug is the way to go! With all sorts of sizes and designs available, your job is just to find the right one for your Bronx rental! Another benefit is that this can be a good investment as you can take it with you if you change rentals. Also, a rug will make the place a more contemporary feel while also keeping you warmer during wintertime.

Kitchen upgrades to make in your Bronx rental

If your landlord allows it, you could change your kitchen faucet. Replacing it with a sleeker one will better your kitchen. It is an easy improvement, but a good investment long-term. You can buy an affordable faucet and replace it yourself. The next thing to do in your kitchen to make it look more luxurious is to replace the doorknobs. If your doorknobs look old, changing them for newer ones is an easy way to upgrade your Bronx rental on a budget. All it takes is a set of new doorknobs and screwdrivers. However, don’t forget to put the old ones, and the screws in a plastic bag and store them safely, to return them when you’re moving out. With long term storage NYC all of your belongings will be safe and sound.

A modern kitchen
Improving your kitchen will make your rental look more contemporary.

Accessorize your rental according to your taste

The fastest way to change the appearance of your rental is by adding accessories. This is what will really make your place feel like home. It is also the most fun and creative way of upgrading your rental. You can find plenty of inspiration online. Here are some easy ways to decorate :

  • Add plants
  • Hang pictures
  • Hang paintings
  • Add decorative pillows
  • Frame your mirrors
  • Use nice bedding in your bedroom.

Replace your bathroom shower head

When you want to upgrade your Bronx rental on a budget, it is useful to change your shower head. This will make your shower more practical and also more good-looking. You should find the one you like the best, options are endless. Also, replacing a shower head is a piece of cake, so you can DIY it. With a nice one, every day in your bathroom will be a spa-like experience!


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