Interior design ideas to brighten up your new NYC home


Decorating your home can be so much fun! But in order to make your new NYC home prettier but still functional, without too many items piled up, you need to look for as many ideas as you can. The best decorating tip you can get is to make it personal. Use all the suggestions you can find but let the final choice be yours. One of the things people want to change in their homes is to make them brighter. That is why we have decided to suggest to you some ideas to brighten up your new NYC home. And if you are stuck with piles of boxes and items that you still have no idea where to put, you should look for storage companies NYC has and rent storage until the redesigning of your new home is done.

Ideas to brighten up your new NYC home

One of the things you must do when you want to get more light into your home is to think about the wall colors. Having a perfect color for the walls is half of the job. That is why when you choose the one that suits you the most, focus on colors. The brighter the walls are, the more light you will have around. This does not mean that all the walls must be white. Of course, white is the cleanest color, but it does not have to be so neutral. Painting with different bright colors will definitely make your space more welcoming and brighter.

Remember that while painting your home you need to move your boxes and items you have already unpacked. In order to place them somewhere safe and where they can be protected, think about renting NYC apartment storage. Your boxes will be safe there until the paint dries.

white walls in bedroom as a way to brighten up your new NYC home
Think about the color of the paint

Think about windows

A lot of people buy or rent older apartments. These apartments have high ceilings and tall windows. You can use this to your advantage. One of the things you can do is to select light-colored and lightweight curtains that will make this place feel cozy yet brighter than they see too. If you think that it is not possible to “close” the window with curtains, you could not be more wrong. Curtains make the place look more like home. If you chose the ones that are lightweight you will not prevent the sun coming through them.

You can even use the curtains from your old home, just by adapting them or coloring them in different colors. But the curtains would not be placed until the painting of the house is not over. This means that they need to be nicely packed and folded. Choose small storage units NYC is offering to keep our curtain there. In climate-controlled storage, you will not have to worry about being damaged during this period of time.

Ways you can brighten up your new NYC home

If there are not many windows where you can get the natural light, you have various options that will make your home look brighter. One of the is to get some low lighting. It includes:

  • The ceiling light is the most commonly used in homes, and
  • Table lamps – getting more of these will give your a sense of coziness and the place will look more friendly.

However, there are a few ways to make your home brighter beside these two, let us say, the most common ones. You can use as much task lighting as you can. You can even place a light under cabinets. Always keep in your mind that the light bubble has different colors two. If you want to make it brighter, check for the light bubble that is white. The yellow ones will give you a more romantic scene than they will brighten up your space.

lights in rooms
Natural light is not the only way to brighten up the rooms

Think about the rugs

Although, rugs make our home look more friendly and cozier, hang dark painted rugs can close up our space. The room might look dark and it can make the room look much smaller. That is why, if you are thinking about placing the rug in your living room, make sure that the rug is in some bright color. But do not waste a lot of money on this. If you have an old rug that is placed in a storage space Manhattan has, you can use it. One of the ways to brighten up your new NYC home is to have a rug that is totally different color than anything else in the apartment. This way you will have some colors in the living room but it will still look bright. If your walls are in neutral colors and the items ate not dark or with too many colors, having a different color rug will brighten up the room.

Get some plants

Believe it or not, having more green natural things in your home will brighten it up. That is why getting plants in your home will help you a lot. Imagine having white or eggshell-colored walls. And the natural green color from the plant around it. It looks pretty cool, right? But in order not to mix too many colors, let the pots be in the colors that are also bright. It will give a nice contrast to the green plants and yet you will not have too many colors in your home that might have you a headache. Also, living in the city of New York you will be surrounded by buildings and concrete. Having something green and natural in your home will brighten up your day, not just your room.

buildings in NYC
Place some plants near windows to brighten up your new NYC home

Any of these ideas to brighten up your new NYC home will make a difference in your rooms. Just remember what we have told you. First personalize your home. No one knows better than you what suits you the most. That is why when organizing and decorating your home, you need to have a clear image of what you are expecting your home to look like. Follow these steps and make these ideas functional to you. We hope you will have a good time in your new, light, and fresh NYC home.


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