Investing in apartments vs houses in NY


Living in New York is so exciting. The hundreds of people are moving there every year and many more would love to do so. But we have to say that this is one of the most expensive cities in the world especially when it comes to the real estate market. If you are wondering what is better: investing in apartments vs houses in NY, we are here to share some tips. But whatever you decide, have in mind that more and more New Yorkers are getting used to the idea of using storage space. That could save your money on the space of your home, so don’t forget to check storage NYC.

NYC real estate market

NYC’s real estate market was booming. And the pandemic only slowed it down. But in the year 2021, it came back, almost to its normal. More and more people want to move to the Big Apple and the prices started rising. Even though the new constructions have remained robust, the need was getting higher and that mirrored the prices, of course. During the pandemic, many people were leaving NY and started using vehicle storage NYC has to offer. Since then, more and more people realized the advantage of this and were using it whenever they are about to leave the city for some time. They know that their vehicles will be safe in the storage and will wait for them undamaged.

real estate agent
NYC real estate market is growing.

Is it better to invest in apartments vs houses in NY?

If you have plans to invest in real estate in NY, you should weigh well your preferences and combine them with the prices. And this is especially true if you are looking for three bedrooms or more. Since the pandemic situation, townhouses became more popular for New Yorkers who wanted the privacy and the space that comes with a family house. That seemed like a much safer solution than the apartments with some shared spaces. So many people who are living in apartments made a decision to use NYC apartment storage, which is their own space, once they rent it.

Apartments in New York

Investing in apartments vs houses in NY is a question for people with families and those who want spacious places to call their home. But many students, young people, singles or couples don’t have those needs. For many of them, it is so much more important to be in a great location. And if you want to live in Manhattan, there are much more acceptable to find an apartment. And the good news is that there is a mini Manhattan storage made just for its resident who could benefit from an extra square meter for their belongings.

Using storage space in a big city

There are so many uses of storage space and people who live in big cities like New York, are those who especially appreciate this additional space. Whether you are living in a house or in an apartment, you can benefit from renting it. You have to know that it doesn’t have to be expensive and that you don’t have to use it for a long time if you don’t have a need for it. Some people use it only seasonally. For them, short term storage NYC is a great match. And it can be for you, too. So don’t hesitate on asking how it can meet your needs, people who work in the storage will be happy to help you with all the needed information.

Apartment-heavy and house-heavy NYC neighborhoods

Storage is salvation for people who live in NYC apartment-heavy areas. Every inch is well used there and the majority is in a search for extra space. The apartment in New York will give you the advantage of living in a better location and close to many important places for you. But having a house of your own means privacy and a part of the backyard to enjoy.

apartments vs houses in nyc
Think about investing in apartments vs houses in NYC.

Manhattan has two well-packed apartment areas

Manhattan is the heart of New York and living there has many pros. Since so many people want to be there, there is a great number of apartments that are renting or selling. Even two areas are so well packed with them. Those are Tribeca and Financial District. Tribeca is a great mix of renovated loft-style and mid-rise apartments. The Waterfront community is the one that the renters gravitate to. The reason is a large amount of apartment space and that is so perfect for the families. Family people also love to be close to Hudson Park. In Tribeca, you can find great schools and their simple elegance. It is no wonder that many find it attractive.

Financial District stands out for its unique blend of architecture and geometrical buildings. Walk-ups and modern apartment buildings are the main offers that renters have. You can even easily find a waterfront view. Many of those walk-ups had interior renovations so they can offer a dose of luxury. The energy is mainly in Financial District during working hours. But this neighborhood gets so much quieter when the night comes.

You can find house-packed areas in New York

The truth is that you can find well-packed areas with houses in Manhattan. But look at the prices only if you are really super brave. So if you are looking for a family house, maybe is a better option to search some other neighborhood. Some of them are Brooklyn Heights and Park Slope in Brooklyn and Ditmars Steinway in Queens.

brown-stone houses in NYC
You can find house-packed areas in NYC.

Apartments vs Houses in NYC

We get you that it can be tricky to decide what is better: apartments vs houses. And especially in the city of New York. We tried to help you, but you have to take into consideration your situation, do you have or plan a family, and are you looking for a long-term solution or for a shorter one. Because it all will make a difference. But one thing is sure: if you are looking for a home to buy, your place will always be valued in the Big Apple.


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