Moving Big Items into Storage


Being a storage unit owner is an amazing thing. You have more space in your home or office while storing all your items safely. Not to mention that you can use your storage space for much more than simply storing stuff away. But there are a few cons to this story as well. And one of them is the fact that you must be moving big items into storage and out of it. This is something you can’t do alone and if not done properly, you can damage your belongings beyond repair. So, today we will focus on how to safely get your robust items inside the storage facility NYC. Let’s take a look.

What kind of storage unit do you have?

Let us first focus on what kind of storage unit you possess. As you may know, there are outdoor and indoor units as well as those with single doors and roll-up doors. Some are wide and you can easily get a vehicle inside the unit. And there are those that can barely fit a kitchen table through. And there is a question about the size of the unit as well. So, depending on the unit you have, you will prepare for moving big items into storage. You must mind the size of the items and have a plan of where to place them once you get them in.

outdoor storage units
Choose the unit that has all the perks you can utilize and benefit from.

In case you are not a storage unit owner and wish to become one, consider this. There are numerous companies out there offering great storage solutions. But you must search for one that will suit your needs and keep your items safe. So, search online and find the best solution according to your items and budget. Mind the location as well if you intend on visiting once a week or so. And if you are using your storage for more than just storing old items, invest a bit more. For example, if you are using your unit to support your business, you should rent one of the commercial storage units NYC. And the same goes for storing vehicles, furniture, and specific items. Now, with that out of the way, let us create a plan to move your items into the unit safely.

Moving big items into storage with a detailed plan in place

Once you realize how much space you have inside the unit, you should inspect all items you intend on bringing in. Create an inventory list right from the start so you can track items easily. You can even use one of the apps to do so. It is much more convenient, especially if you are using storage for business. Now, the goal is to have enough space to move around and for all items to be stored safely. Therefore, make sure your unit is clean, dry, and secured before bringing items in. Then, find a nice spot for each big item in a way that it won’t block the passage or endanger anyone. And mind that big item can topple over and break something else. So, create a plan upfront and go over all scenarios before finding a perfect spot for your big items.

Protect them adequately before you start moving big items into storage

No matter what kind of items you are storing, they must be protected adequately. Usually, people store boxes with random everyday items, memorabilia, decorations, clothing, etc. But they also store a lot of furniture. Over time, your items can decay and become unusable if they are not packed and protected. Hence, use proper packing materials for this occasion. Consider the following:

  • Plastic bins and cardboard boxes.
  • Adhesive tape.
  • Packing paper and bubble wrap.
  • Sheets, blankets, and a tarp.
protect and pack before moving big items into storage
Use proper packing materials to protect furniture before storing.

Ok, most items you already have in your home. But cardboard boxes you should either order online or purchase at your nearest hardware store. Use plastic containers and cardboard boxes for smaller items. And use bubble wrap and covers to wrap and protect furniture. If you do it right, no moisture or dust can get to your items. It is simple, effective, and affordable.

Perks of a good storage unit that you might have missed out on

It is much easier when you have a big storage space at your disposal. But being spacious is not the only positive side storage unit can have. There are numerous perks available if you have a bit more money to invest. For example, there are storage facilities designed to hold vehicles of all sorts. Lately, motorcycle storage NYC became incredibly popular among younger generations. On the other side, we have climate-controlled storage units which are good for delicate items. And the facility your unit is in can have all sorts of positive aspects. Some facilities have 24-hour surveillance, a guard on site, and 24/7 access. And you can purchase a couple of services or all of them. Hence, keep this in mind before renting a unit.

Utilize the space given

We are sure you will use help from a friend or a professional moving company for moving big items into storage. But you must pay attention not to toss your items anywhere inside the unit. As we have said before, each item must have a proper place if you want to utilize the space you are paying for. So, we advise having at least one shelving system. It can be a piece of furniture or the one you purchased from a home depo; it does not matter. As long as it can withstand some weight and use to keep boxes and smaller items on it, it should be fine. In case you have a dozen of boxes, maybe it would be better to create a pile in a designated corner and keep them all there.

cardboard boxes inside a storage unit
Use your storage space wisely. Shelving systems and smart stacking will save enough space inside your storage unit.

As for the furniture and other big items, you should disassemble what you can. It will be much easier to store items in storage Long Island City if they are in smaller packages. Also, remember that you can utilize all the wall space as well as the ceiling. Use hooks with chains or ropes to hang items from the ceiling. And use a similar method on the side of the wall. This is amazing for storing gardening tools, ski equipment, tires, and all other robust and oddly shaped items that would otherwise take half of your storage space.

Keep your storage space organized and clean

Lastly, you should keep your unit clean, organized, and well-maintained, in the same fashion you are maintaining your home. You must clean inside and outside the unit unless your facility has a maintenance crew. Luckily, most of them do have. Also, go through all your stored belongings at least twice a year. This is important because you want to check on your items and make sure they are in a good condition.

Now you know what moving big items into storage should look like. We are sure you will get them inside the unit at some point. But how you prepare and maintain your items and the unit matters greatly. Hopefully, we have helped a bit and now you know how to do it right. Good luck.


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