Moving from Eastchester to SoHo


Transitioning from Eastchester to SoHo introduces stark contrasts in living experiences. Eastchester’s tranquil, suburban feel sharply differs from SoHo’s energetic urban atmosphere. We are here to highlight these differences, emphasizing the potential need for extra space storage NYC locals recommend. What’s more, we will examine the changes in the cost of living, housing options, and job opportunities. We will explore everything you need to know before moving from Eastchester to SoHo and help you prepare for financial and lifestyle adjustments awaiting in this busy Manhattan neighborhood.

Comparing Eastchester and SoHo

Eastchester is a peaceful suburban neighborhood with a strong sense of community. The area has single-family homes and some apartment complexes, giving residents plenty of space to live and relax. The neighborhood offers many green spaces, such as Seton Falls Park, where residents can enjoy outdoor activities and take a break from city life. Eastchester is a nice contrast to the busy pace of places like SoHo.

A view of Manhattan
Moving from Eastchester to SoHo is a journey from the tranquility of the suburbs to the heart of urban action.

SoHo is a lively neighborhood located in Lower Manhattan that combines fashion, art, and culture. It’s known for its charming cobblestone streets and historic cast-iron architecture, which make it both old-fashioned and modern. People visit SoHo to experience the essence of New York City, with its high-end shops, world-class art galleries, and diverse dining options. The area attracts young professionals, artists, and culture enthusiasts who add to its vibrant atmosphere. SoHo has a rich historical background and is part of the cast-iron historic district, which gives it a unique cultural depth compared to the more contemporary setting of Eastchester.

Cost of living comparison

The cost of living in Eastchester and SoHo varies significantly, reflecting the diverse lifestyles they offer. Generally, Eastchester presents a more affordable option, with lower expenses across various categories. In contrast, SoHo, with its prime location and upscale amenities, commands a higher cost of living.


Eastchester is the more affordable option when it comes to the cost of living. Its location is the main factor contributing to this. Here is a breakdown of the usual expenses in Eastchester:

  • Utilities: Monthly utilities (electricity, heating, cooling, water, garbage) typically range around $150-$200.
  • Groceries: Shopping for groceries is reasonably priced, with an average monthly spend of $300-$400 for a family.
  • Dining out: Local eateries offer meals at moderate prices, averaging $15-$25 per person.
  • Transportation: Public transportation is relatively inexpensive, around $120 monthly for a MetroCard. Car ownership costs are average, considering parking and gas.

If you plan on moving to Eastchester, count on the storage units Eastchester locals praise to make your transition here easier. These storage units are essential during any move, and these can also help streamline the process.

Aerial View Of City Buildings
When moving from Eastchester to SoHo, you trade green spaces for the artistic and cultural richness of Manhattan.


SoHo is in Lower Manhattan. Manhattan is notorious for its expensive lifestyle, and SoHo is no different. Here is a breakdown of the usual expenses in SoHo:

  • Utilities: Monthly utility bills in SoHo can be higher, approximately $200-$250, due to the location and type of housing.
  • Groceries: Expect to pay about $400-$500 monthly for groceries, as prices are higher in this upscale area.
  • Dining out: Dining in SoHo tends to be pricier, with an average cost of $30-$50 per person per meal.
  • Transportation: Public transportation costs are similar, but owning a car is more expensive due to higher parking fees and limited space

Provided that you are moving within SoHo, storage SoHo locals recommend can come in handy. Since most apartments in the area have limited space, you will probably need a place to store your belongings during your stay here.

Housing insights in Eastchester and SoHo

In Eastchester, the rental market is more affordable compared to SoHo, offering a variety of options from apartments to single-family homes. The average rent here ranges from $1,500 to $2,500 monthly, which is quite reasonable for New York City standards. What’s more, the median rent for all bedrooms and all property types in Eastchester, NY is $2,300.

For those interested in purchasing property, Eastchester provides a more accessible entry point into the housing market. Home prices vary, but they generally fall below the high costs associated with prime Manhattan locations. The average Eastchester home value is $538,872.

a couple moving from Eastchester to SoHo
SoHo’s compact apartments challenge newcomers to embrace minimalist living.

Contrastingly, SoHo boasts a competitive and high-priced rental market, with a mix of luxury apartments and historic lofts that cater to a more upscale clientele. Renting in SoHo usually starts at about $3,000 for a studio, escalating to over $6,000 for larger living spaces. The average rent for an apartment in SoHo is $4,920.

The purchase market in SoHo is a significant financial undertaking, with property prices often stretching from the upper six figures to several millions. The average SoHo home value is $2,941,701. This reflects SoHo’s desirability, its central location in Manhattan, and its appeal to those seeking a vibrant urban lifestyle.

Moving from Eastchester to SoHo for employment opportunities

In Eastchester, the employment landscape is characterized by a mix of local businesses, healthcare, and education sectors. The neighborhood is home to several medical facilities and schools, providing employment opportunities in healthcare and education. Additionally, there are various small businesses and retail outlets that contribute to the local job market. The average salaries in Eastchester tend to align with the suburban cost of living, offering a balanced economic environment for its residents.

A person doing research before moving from Eastchester to SoHo
Moving from Eastchester to SoHo brings you many job opportunities.

SoHo’s job market, on the other hand, is deeply intertwined with the arts, fashion, and retail industries. This neighborhood is a hub for creative professionals, with numerous art galleries, fashion boutiques, and design studios. The presence of these industries creates a range of job opportunities, particularly for those in creative fields. Additionally, SoHo’s robust restaurant and hospitality scene contributes significantly to the local employment landscape. Given its location in Manhattan and the nature of the prevalent industries, average salaries in SoHo are typically higher, reflecting the urban cost of living and the specialized nature of many jobs in the area.

Transportation in Eastchester and SoHo

In Eastchester, residents often rely on a combination of personal vehicles and public transportation. The neighborhood is served by several bus lines, and the nearest subway stations are a short bus ride away. The cost of public transportation is standard for New York City, with a monthly MetroCard costing approximately $127, offering unlimited rides on buses and subways. Owning a personal vehicle in Eastchester is more feasible than in many other parts of the city, due to more available parking and lower parking fees. However, vehicle owners still need to consider costs like insurance, maintenance, and gas, which are consistent with the city’s averages.

A street in New York City
You will use your car less after moving from Eastchester to SoHo.

SoHo, located in the heart of Manhattan, offers extensive public transportation options. It is well-serviced by multiple subway lines, buses, and bike-sharing programs. The convenience and efficiency of public transportation in SoHo often make it the preferred choice for residents and visitors alike. The same standard New York City MetroCard pricing applies here. In terms of personal vehicle ownership, SoHo is less accommodating due to limited and expensive parking options, along with the typical challenges of driving in a congested urban area. Consequently, fewer residents in SoHo choose to own a car, relying instead on the comprehensive public transportation network or alternative methods like cycling and walking.

Moving from Eastchester to SoHo requires thorough planning

Moving from Eastchester to SoHo involves transitioning from a suburban to an urban lifestyle, which requires thoughtful planning and organization. It’s essential to consider the differences in space, transportation, and daily life rhythms between these two neighborhoods. Furthermore, NYC apartment storage can prove to be useful since you’re likely to be downsizing during this move.

Here are some basic practical tips to make the move smoother:

  • Downsize belongings: SoHo apartments are typically smaller than Eastchester homes. It’s a good idea to declutter and downsize your belongings before the move.
  • Hire professional movers: Given the busy streets of SoHo, hiring movers experienced with urban relocations can significantly ease the process.
  • Reserve a storage unit: If you have excess belongings, consider renting storage units in Bronx or Manhattan. This offers easy access while settling into your new SoHo home.
  • Plan for transportation: Evaluate your transportation needs. In SoHo, you might rely more on public transit than a personal vehicle.
  • Update addresses and services: Remember to update your address for all essential services and subscriptions. Also, explore the new local amenities and services in SoHo.

Once these steps are taken care of, the move should be much more manageable. The key is to plan ahead and be prepared for the lifestyle changes that come with moving from a more suburban area to the heart of Manhattan. Additionally, considering various types of storage units for your move is a good idea. You can discover several good examples in the following paragraphs.

a couple Moving from Eastchester to SoHo
Selecting a reliable moving service and securing storage solutions are key to a smooth transition to SoHo.

Climate-controlled storage in Manhattan

When moving to a bustling area like SoHo, considering climate controlled storage Manhattan residents love to use is crucial, especially for sensitive items. The fluctuating weather in New York City can affect items like electronics, wood furniture, and artwork. Climate-controlled units maintain a consistent temperature and humidity level, ensuring that your belongings are protected from extreme conditions.

Long-term storage options in NYC

For people moving to SoHo but not ready to part with certain belongings, long term storage NYC locals always use is a practical solution. These storage options are ideal for items that are not immediately needed but still hold personal value or future use. Long-term storage facilities in New York City offer various unit sizes and flexible rental terms, accommodating different storage needs.

Motorcycle storage in NYC

Motorcycle owners moving from Eastchester to SoHo should consider specialized motorcycle storage NYC residents rely on. Due to the limited parking and dense traffic in SoHo, keeping a motorcycle at your residence might be challenging. Motorcycle storage facilities in New York City provide a safe and secure environment for your vehicle.

Moving from Eastchester to SoHo is the start of a new adventure

Moving from Eastchester to SoHo is a big lifestyle change that represents the diverse living experiences in New York City. SoHo offers you many places to visit, such as the Museum of Ice Cream and Washington Square Park. Transitioning from a spacious suburban area to SoHo requires adapting to differences in housing, cost of living, and transportation. This means downsizing thoughtfully, getting used to new transportation norms, and adjusting to a higher cost of living. But it also means embracing the excitement of SoHo’s rich cultural scene, its artistic and fashion-forward ethos, and the bustling energy of city life. Moving to SoHo offers a thrilling opportunity to experience the dynamic contrast that makes New York City truly unique.


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