Moving from Mott Haven to Kingsbridge


Relocating can be an adventure, especially when relocating from the historic charm of Mott Haven to the serene and community-focused Kingsbridge in the Bronx. This move invites a fresh start in a neighborhood famous for its welcoming atmosphere, rich cultural backdrop, and scenic surroundings. As you prepare for this change, understanding the unique aspects of each area, from the local amenities to the community vibes, becomes essential. This guide aims to offer valuable insights and practical tips to make moving from Mott Haven to Kingsbridge as straightforward and enjoyable as possible. With the help of professional movers, storage companies in NYC, and these insights, you will ensure a trouble-free transition into your new Kingsbridge home.

Moving from Mott Haven to Kingsbridge in pursuit of more affordable housing

When moving from Mott Haven to Kingsbridge, you need to understand the housing market. This is essential for making informed decisions about renting or buying property. Both neighborhoods offer unique living experiences within the Bronx but with distinct differences in the housing and rental landscape.

A happy couple sitting on a sofa and surrounded with cardboard moving boxes after moving from Mott Haven to Kingsbridge.
Researching reputable moving companies can save you time and stress.

Rental market

This area has seen significant development over the past few years, with new residential projects increasing the availability of rental properties. Despite this growth, Mott Haven retains competitive rental prices compared to more central NYC areas. The median rent for all bedroom counts and property types in Mott Haven is $2,529. Here is a more accurate breakdown of average rents, based on property types:

  • 1 bedroom – $2,411
  • 2 bedroom – $2,736
  • 3 bedroom – $3,709

Kingsbridge, known for its more established residential feel, offers a mix of older, more spacious apartments and newer developments. The median rent for all bedroom counts and property types in Kingsbridge is $2,395.  The neighborhood’s family-friendly atmosphere and proximity to parks and schools make it a desirable location for many.

  • 1 bedroom – $2,075
  • 2 bedroom – $2,540
  • 3 bedroom – $3,179

Property purchasing

The area’s proximity to Manhattan and growth potential have led to an increase in property values. The average Mott Haven home value is $632,417. Note that the average purchase price for homes in Mott Haven can vary widely, from $400,000 for smaller units to over $1 million for larger, renovated properties or new constructions.

A couple discussing buying a home with a real estate agent.
The real estate market in Mott Haven has been on the rise, attracting both investors and individuals looking for a home.

In Kingsbridge, the market is somewhat more stable, with a mix of single-family homes, condos, and co-ops available for purchase. The average Kingsbridge home value is $765,000. Prices are competitive for the Bronx, with average costs ranging from $300,000 for co-op apartments to $600,000 and up for single-family homes, depending on size, condition, and specific location within the neighborhood. Remember, the Kingsbridge NY storage units can be of significant assistance when moving from Mott Haven to Kingsbridge.

Cost of living comparison

Both neighborhoods, while located within the Bronx, offer distinct living experiences and expenses. Here’s a breakdown of typical monthly expenses you might encounter in each area, focusing on utilities, groceries, dining out, and transportation:

  • The average monthly cost for basic utilities in Mott Haven (electricity, heating, cooling, water, garbage) for an 85m² apartment ranges approximately from $125 to $200. Internet services add about $60 to $70 on top of this.
  • Residents in Kingsbridge might see a slight variation, with utilities for a similar apartment potentially ranging a bit lower or comparable, around $120 to $195. Internet costs remain relatively consistent with Mott Haven.
  • Mott Haven has seen growth in both local markets and chain supermarkets, leading to competitive prices. A monthly grocery bill for a single person can range from $300 to $400, depending on dietary habits and shopping venues.
  • Groceries in Kingsbridge tend to be similarly priced, though the presence of diverse local markets might offer opportunities for savings or higher-quality organic options, potentially affecting the monthly budget slightly.
  • Mott Haven’s burgeoning restaurant scene means dining out can vary widely in cost. Casual dining might range from $10 to $20 per person, while more upscale venues can see this rise to $30 to $50.
  • Prices for a meal out are comparable to Mott Haven, though specialty international cuisine might offer more budget-friendly options or slightly higher costs depending on the establishment.
A couple calculating the cost of living since they're moving from Mott Haven to Kingsbridge
Calculating the cost of living is crucial when you’re moving from Mott Haven to Kingsbridge.

Transportation and other costs

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) operates numerous subway lines and bus routes, facilitating easy commutes to Manhattan, Queens, and other boroughs. A standard monthly MetroCard, offering unlimited rides on subways and buses, is priced at $132, representing a cost-effective option for daily commuters. Also, for those preferring personal vehicle ownership, it’s important to consider the additional expenses such as parking, which can be scarce and expensive. You should also count on the costs of the move, especially if you plan to rent storage in NYC when moving from Mott Haven to Kingsbridge.

Moving from Mott Haven to Kingsbridge as a student

Both neighborhoods are served by the New York City Department of Education, the largest public school system in the United States, offering a range of educational institutions from pre-kindergarten through high school. Here’s an overview focusing on public versus private institutions, tuition fees, and education quality in these areas.

  • Public schools in both neighborhoods provide free education to residents, funded by the city and state. These schools offer a standard curriculum set by the New York State Education Department. In recent years, efforts to improve educational outcomes have seen investments in teacher development, infrastructure, and student support services.
  • Private schools in these neighborhoods offer an alternative to public education, with tuition fees varying significantly based on the institution’s prestige, educational approach (e.g., Montessori, religious, preparatory), and level of facilities offered. Tuition can range from a few thousand dollars to over $20,000 per year for some of the more prestigious or specialized private schools.

Kingsbridge boasts proximity to some of New York City’s most prestigious educational institutions, making it an attractive neighborhood for families prioritizing academic excellence. Notably, it is near the High School of American Studies and The Bronx High School of Science. Additionally, higher education opportunities are within easy reach. These include the nearby Lehman College, part of the City University of New York (CUNY) system, and the Manhattan College.

Healthcare and job market

The healthcare system serving Kingsbridge and its surrounding areas includes a network of hospitals and clinics designed to meet a wide range of health needs. Notable institutions include Montefiore Medical Center, known for its comprehensive care and specialized services, and Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center, offering a broad spectrum of medical, surgical, and emergency services. These facilities are also part of a larger healthcare network that provides residents with access to high-quality medical care.

A handshake.
Make sure that moving from Mott Haven to Kingsbridge won’t negatively impact your career.

Kingsbridge and the broader Bronx area present a dynamic job market characterized by opportunities across various sectors. The healthcare industry stands out as a major employer, with institutions like Montefiore Medical Center and the Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center driving employment in medical, administrative, and support roles. Education is another critical sector, supported by the presence of Lehman College (CUNY) and Manhattan College, which contribute to local employment through academic, administrative, and facility management positions. Additionally, retail and services offer numerous jobs, reflecting the area’s vibrant commercial activity.

Practical aspects of moving from Mott Haven to Kingsbridge

When planning a move from Mott Haven to Kingsbridge, it’s crucial to consider the practical aspects that will ensure a smooth transition. This move not only represents a change in scenery but also requires careful planning and organization. Storage solutions can be particularly useful for keeping your items safe during relocation. Below are key points to keep in mind:

  • Packing supplies: Start by gathering necessary packing materials such as boxes, tape, and bubble wrap to protect your items during the move.
  • Moving company: Research and hire a reputable moving company experienced in urban relocations. Ensure they offer services that match your specific needs, such as handling large furniture or providing temporary storage.
  • Storage solutions: Renting storage in Mott Haven can ease the moving process, especially if moving out and moving in dates do not match. It’s a secure way to keep your belongings until you’re fully ready to settle into your new Kingsbridge home.
  • Change of address: Don’t forget to update your address with the post office, banks, and other important institutions to ensure you receive your mail without interruption.
  • Utility setup: Arrange for the transfer or setup of utilities such as electricity, gas, water, and internet in Kingsbridge before your move-in date to ensure a comfortable transition.
  • Explore the neighborhood: Take some time to visit Kingsbridge before moving to familiarize yourself with local amenities, public transportation options, and community spaces.
A young couple packing for moving from Mott Haven to Kingsbridge
Labeling boxes clearly by room ensures a smoother unpacking experience in Kingsbridge.

Useful moving strategies

It’s important to highlight several strategies that can make moving an efficient and organized process. First, declutter your home before you start packing. This reduces the volume of items to move and can simplify your transition. Create a detailed inventory list of your belongings to keep track of everything and ensure nothing gets lost. Packing room by room can help maintain organization, making unpacking in your new Kingsbridge home easier. Label all boxes clearly with their contents and the room they belong to. Consider setting aside an essentials box with items you’ll need immediately upon arrival, like toiletries, a change of clothes, and basic kitchenware. Lastly, if moving large or fragile items, using professional movers can prevent damage and relieve the physical strain of moving.

Moving from Mott Haven to Kingsbridge by utilizing storage units

For those moving within NYC’s compact landscape, small storage units in NYC offer an ideal solution for keeping personal items, seasonal gear, or extra belongings that don’t fit in your new space. This flexibility makes small storage units a popular choice for city dwellers looking to maximize their living space.

When moving, you might find yourself with furniture that doesn’t fit or match the style of your new Kingsbridge home. Luckily,  furniture storage NYC residents always turn to offers spacious, secure environments where your sofas, beds, and tables can be stored safely until you decide what to do with them. These services are also invaluable for those who are redecorating, selling, or finding a larger space.

A couple unpacking after a move.
Utilizing a storage unit can simplify the moving process by providing a flexible space to temporarily hold items until you’re fully settled into your new Kingsbridge home.

For moves that entail a significant downsize or temporary relocation, long term storage NYC provides is a haven for keeping belongings that are not immediately needed but still valued. Whether it’s family heirlooms, off-season clothing, or extra household goods, long-term facilities offer the peace of mind that comes with knowing your items are secure and accessible whenever you need them.

Finding affordable storage in Bronx, including Kingsbridge, is crucial for residents looking for a cost-effective way to manage their belongings during a move. Thankfully, the area offers a variety of storage solutions that won’t break the bank, from small lockers for personal items to larger units capable of holding furniture and boxes.

Relocating from Mott Haven to Kingsbridge

Moving from Mott Haven to Kingsbridge marks the beginning of an exciting chapter. If you focus on the essentials, such as organizing your belongings, setting up utilities, and familiarizing yourself with the new neighborhood, the transition can be smooth and stress-free. Affordable storage options in the Bronx are available if needed, but the key to a successful move lies in careful planning and preparation. As you settle into Kingsbridge, you’ll discover the unique benefits and opportunities this community has to offer, making it a rewarding experience from start to finish.


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