Moving from Riverdale to Mott Haven


Moving from Riverdale to Mott Haven can be a significant transition, offering a new living experience in New York City. Understanding the differences between these two neighborhoods is crucial for a successful relocation. As you plan your move, considering the services of storage companies in NYC can be a wise decision, especially when juggling the complexities of urban moving. We will provide you with a detailed comparison of Riverdale and Mott Haven, covering various aspects to help you adapt to your new environment.

Cost of living in Riverdale and Mott Haven

When considering moving from Riverdale to Mott Haven, one of the first factors to evaluate is the cost of living. Riverdale, known for its leafy, suburban feel, often has higher living costs compared to Mott Haven. For instance, average monthly utilities in Riverdale can be around $150, while Mott Haven residents might pay close to $130.

Grocery expenses also show a notable difference. A single person in Riverdale might spend approximately $520 per month on groceries, whereas in Mott Haven, the same family could reduce this cost by about 10%. Dining out in Riverdale tends to be more expensive due to the prevalence of upscale restaurants. In contrast, Mott Haven, with its diverse culinary scene, offers more affordable dining options.

Transportation costs are another essential aspect. Riverdale, with its more suburban layout, often necessitates a car, leading to additional expenses like gas and parking. Mott Haven, being more urban, allows residents to rely more on public transportation, potentially saving significant amounts monthly.

Two bags of groceries
The costs of living are overall lower in Mott Haven compared to Riverdale.

Housing market insights

As for housing, the rental market varies significantly between these areas. With its higher-end apartments and family homes, Riverdale has an average rent of around $2,000 for a one-bedroom apartment. In contrast, Mott Haven offers more budget-friendly options, where the average rent for a similar apartment is about $950. This difference is crucial for anyone considering moving from Riverdale to Mott Haven.

Buying property in Mott Haven presents quite the investment for many nowadays. The average price per square foot in Mott Haven is significantly higher than in Riverdale, making it a more inaccessible option for homebuyers. The average home price in Mott Haven is $502,000. For those considering storage in Riverdale NY, during their transition, exploring different storage solutions can provide flexibility and ease during the moving process.

Housing options

Riverdale’s housing market tends to feature more spacious homes and is suited for those looking for a quieter, more residential environment. On the other hand, Mott Haven, which is undergoing a development period, offers a mix of old charm and new constructions, appealing to a diverse range of residents. As the area develops, options for storage in Mott Haven become increasingly relevant, especially for those moving into smaller living spaces or in need of temporary storage solutions during their move.

Education system

When moving from Riverdale to Mott Haven, getting familiar with education opportunities is essential for those with kids. Riverdale is known for its well-regarded schools, both public and private. Mott Haven, on the other hand, is experiencing growth in educational infrastructure, with new schools and programs emerging.

  • Public schools: Riverdale boasts some of the top public schools in the Bronx, with vital academic programs. Thanks to increased investment and community initiatives, Mott Haven’s public schools are improving.
  • Private schools: Riverdale has several prestigious private schools, catering to different educational philosophies. Mott Haven has fewer private school options, but the area is seeing growth in this sector.
  • Higher education: Proximity to universities is more pronounced in Riverdale, with institutions like Manhattan College nearby. Mott Haven, while not as close to major universities, offers access to community colleges and vocational schools.

For families considering this move, exploring mini storage Bronx locals praise can be beneficial, especially when storing educational materials or furniture during the transition.

Young students in a classroom
After moving from Riverdale to Mott Haven, your kids will have access to great public schools.

Healthcare services

When planning your move, especially if considering secure self storage NYC residents recommend for your medical equipment, it’s comforting to know that both Riverdale and Mott Haven are equipped with dependable healthcare facilities. In Riverdale, the Montefiore Medical Center stands out, offering a wide range of medical services and specialties. Additionally, private clinics like Riverdale Family Practice provide personalized healthcare solutions. Mott Haven’s healthcare landscape is evolving, with facilities like Lincoln Medical Center paving the way. The area is also seeing an increase in specialized clinics, such as the Mott Haven Family Health Center, offering community-focused care. These medical resources in both neighborhoods ensure residents have access to comprehensive healthcare services.

Employment opportunities are an important consideration before moving from Riverdale to Mott Haven

When considering employment prospects during relocation, it’s crucial to understand the economic landscape of both Riverdale and Mott Haven. Riverdale, with its predominantly residential character, has a lower density of local job opportunities. However, its advantageous location offers easy access to Manhattan, a hub for diverse employment options. The unemployment rate in Riverdale is relatively low, aligning with its affluent demographic. The median household income reflects this economic stability, sitting comfortably above the city average, at $117,000. Residents typically engage in professional occupations, with average work hours per week aligning with the standard full-time schedule.

In contrast, Mott Haven, amid its revitalization, is witnessing a surge in local job opportunities, particularly in the retail, healthcare, and education sectors. The neighborhood’s unemployment rate has seen fluctuations but is showing signs of improvement with new developments, currently at 6.4%. The median household income in Mott Haven is gradually rising, yet it remains below the city average, at $24,000, reflective of the area’s ongoing economic development. Average work hours in Mott Haven vary, with a significant portion of the community employed in the service and retail sectors.

Major employers in Riverdale include institutions like the College of Mount Saint Vincent and the Montefiore Medical Center, offering opportunities in education and healthcare. Mott Haven’s employment landscape is bolstered by its proximity to the Bronx Terminal Market and the Lincoln Medical Center, providing a range of job options.

For new residents in either neighborhood, balancing job commitments and moving logistics can be challenging. This is where NYC apartment storage options play a vital role, offering flexible solutions to store belongings securely during this transition phase. These storage facilities provide a convenient way to manage personal items, especially when adjusting to new work schedules and living arrangements.

Transportation in both neighborhoods

Transportation is a key aspect to consider when moving from Riverdale to Mott Haven. Each area offers distinct transit experiences, influenced by their unique layouts and locations in New York City.

  • Riverdale: Known for its more suburban feel, Riverdale residents often rely on cars. The area is served by several bus lines, but access to subway stations can be limited. This often leads to higher reliance on personal vehicles.
  • Mott Haven: This neighborhood is more urban and well-connected by public transportation. It boasts several subway stations and numerous bus routes, making commuting without a car more feasible and often faster. The locations of storage pickup NYC facilities are also convenient in the area, making item storage very easy and accessible.
A person driving a car before moving from Riverdale to Mott Haven
Mott Haven relies more on public transportation.

Safety is a major concern when moving

Safety is a significant factor when considering a move. In Riverdale and Mott Haven, the levels of safety, particularly in terms of violent and property crime rates, offer a varied picture. Riverdale, generally perceived as a safer neighborhood, has crime rates lower than both the city and national averages. Its violent crime rate is notably less than the city average, creating a sense of security among residents. Property crime, while present, is also relatively low compared to citywide figures.

Mott Haven, on the other hand, has been working towards improving its safety. Historically, the neighborhood has faced challenges with higher crime rates. Recent years have seen a concerted effort from the community and law enforcement to reduce these numbers. While Mott Haven’s violent and property crime rates remain above the city average, they are steadily declining as the neighborhood undergoes revitalization. Renting safe storage units is not a problem in this area though, since our small storage in NYC has security measures that are up to standard. The contrast in safety between Riverdale and Mott Haven is a crucial consideration for potential movers, highlighting the importance of community and local initiatives in enhancing neighborhood safety.

There are various entertainment options available in both neighborhoods

Entertainment options in Riverdale and Mott Haven offer distinct experiences reflective of their unique characters. Riverdale, with its serene and suburban feel, boasts attractions like Wave Hill, a public garden and cultural center offering stunning views and art exhibitions. Van Cortlandt Park, another gem, provides ample green space for outdoor activities. For dining, restaurants like Riverdale Steak House and Moss Café offer a mix of traditional and contemporary cuisine. The neighborhood, though quieter, has cozy cafes and bars, such as An Beal Bocht Café, known for its live music and arts scene.

In contrast, Mott Haven brims with urban vibrancy. The area’s revitalization has brought an influx of new galleries, trendy restaurants, and bars. The Bronx Documentary Center stands out as a cultural hub, showcasing compelling photography and film. The nightlife in Mott Haven is lively, with spots like Beatstro providing a blend of hip-hop culture and fine dining. Additionally, local parks such as St. Mary’s Park offer recreational spaces amidst the urban environment. This variety ensures that residents and visitors in both neighborhoods can find entertainment that suits their tastes, from tranquil green spaces and cozy cafes in Riverdale to dynamic galleries and bustling eateries in Mott Haven.

Local food and culinary scene

Mott Haven’s culinary scene is a reflection of its cultural diversity and recent development. The area has a variety of dining options that cater to all palates. At the forefront is the Mott Haven Bar & Grill, known for its atmosphere and delicious American cuisine. For seafood lovers, Ceetay is a popular choice, offering fresh sushi and Asian-inspired dishes. The neighborhood also hosts trendy cafes like Filtered Coffee, perfect for casual meet-ups over artisanal coffee and pastries. Additionally, Mott Haven has seen a rise in health-conscious eateries, such as Mottley Kitchen, serving fresh, locally-sourced meals. This evolving food landscape provides a delightful culinary journey for residents and visitors alike.

A person enjoying a meal after moving from Riverdale to Mott Haven
The food scene in diverse in Mott Haven.

Recreational activities and green spaces

While Riverdale is known for its expansive parks and greenery, Mott Haven also offers ample opportunities for recreation and relaxation. The previously mentioned St. Mary’s Park, the largest in the South Bronx, is a local favorite, featuring sports fields, playgrounds, and walking paths. The recent waterfront development in Mott Haven has opened up new spaces for leisure activities. The area around Mill Pond Park offers stunning views of the Harlem River, tennis courts, and open spaces for picnics and outdoor events. These green spaces not only enhance the neighborhood’s appeal but also offer residents a much-needed escape from the urban hustle.

Pet friendly facilities and services

For pet owners, Mott Haven provides a welcoming environment with its pet-friendly facilities and services. The neighborhood has several dog parks, including the popular St. Mary’s Dog Run, where pets can play off-leash in a safe, enclosed area. Local pet shops like Trusty Tails Pet Care offer a range of services from grooming to pet-sitting. Veterinary clinics in the area, such as the Bronx Veterinary Center, ensure that pets receive excellent medical care. The growth of pet-friendly cafes and community events also reflects Mott Haven’s inclusive approach towards pet owners, making it an ideal neighborhood for families with furry members.

How storage solutions can ease your move

Storage solutions can facilitate a smooth move. Whether downsizing or needing temporary space during the transition, storage options provide flexibility and peace of mind. Here are some aspects that make them important:

  • Variety of storage options: From large units for furniture storage in NYC to smaller spaces for personal items, there’s a range of options to fit every need.
  • Flexibility: Storage services offer both short-term and long-term solutions, ideal for different stages of your move.
  • Convenience: Many storage companies offer additional services like pickup and delivery, which can be incredibly helpful during a busy move.

Considering the different lifestyles and space constraints in Riverdale and Mott Haven, having access to reliable storage solutions can significantly ease the moving process.

People getting their items ready for storage before moving from Riverdale to Mott Haven
Storage units can come in handy when moving from Riverdale to Mott Haven.

Now you are ready for moving from Riverdale to Mott Haven

Moving from Riverdale to Mott Haven will give you a chance to embrace new experiences and opportunities. Even though only 8.6 miles apart, both neighborhoods offer different amenities that might not cater to everyone’s needs. This is why researching your new neighborhood is so important before making a decision. Plan thoroughly, get ready, and enjoy living in your new home!


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