Moving guide: The best neighborhoods in the Bronx


When it comes to finding the perfect place to live in the Bronx, you have a world of options at your fingertips. We will explore some of the best neighborhoods in the Bronx and provide you with a curated selection of top choices. Whether you’re seeking a lively urban setting, a serene suburban oasis, or something in between, you’ll have the chance to explore what suits your preferences and lifestyle best. Let’s look at these neighborhoods and discover the ideal fit for you.

What are some of the best neighborhoods in the Bronx?

Living in any of the best neighborhoods in the Bronx brings you many advantages. These places include:

  1. Riverdale
  2. Kingsbridge
  3. Mott Haven
  4. Fordham
  5. Longwood
  6. Bedford Park
  7. East Tremont
  8. Parkchester
  9. Baychester

Riverdale is certainly one of the best options

Almost 50,000 people agree that Riverdale is one of the best neighborhoods in the Bronx. You will also have a chance to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere that the calm river Hudson offers. Located on the north end of the Bronx, this community is not a mere residence; rather, it is a way of life. What makes Riverdale charming is its small-town feel, the safety and quietness of the town, and the fact that it is pedestrian-friendly. Residents have an unusual opportunity to break away from the noise of the city through the availability of lots of forests, parkland, and winding lanes.

A person walking and using phone
If you like to walk, Riverdale is probably a great place for you.

This area is known for its safety – an attribute that attracts both families and individuals. You can walk along the riverbanks or the welcoming streets of Riverdale which portray a calm, comfortable, and homely atmosphere. Should you relocate here, the good thing is that storage Riverdale NY residents praise will be at your disposal. So, store your items and enjoy the charms of this neighborhood.

Another great option for you is Kingsbridge

Kingsbridge is an appealing environment for families looking for an energetic neighborhood. It has a population of approximately 77,000. The residents enjoy an urban buzz despite living in a small-scale neighborhood. As great schools are available for families with kids or planning on having them, they will be in good company. In addition to this, being close to Van Cortlandt Park is another benefit. The vast park offers numerous recreation options including its impressive golf court for the sport lovers. In fact, it will be possible to store your golf equipment in some of the best storage units Kingsbridge NY has to offer. Basically, Kingsbridge is a dynamic, family-oriented community where you can relax in the serenity of the Bronx while meandering through your neighborhood.

Consider making Mott Haven your new home

A close family community in the Bronx center known as Mott Haven provides an excellent environment for individuals and families. Do not worry, even if you have a big family and a smaller living space. Some of the safest storage Mott Haven has is at your disposal. It is a perfect place for children because there are many of them in this neighborhood. This makes Mott Haven the place perfect for growth and socialization among children.

A family that has just moved to one of the best neighborhoods in the Bronx
One of the best neighborhoods in the Bronx for raising a family is Mott Haven.

However, it is in the diversity of Mott Hagen that lies its uniqueness and true character. Diversity in this sense promotes homogeneity where everyone easily mixes to form a single cultural mosaic that makes up the nature of the community. Living in Mott Heaven makes one a member of a small society where neighbors’ friendship and mutual help are indispensable. It’s the place where you will have no delay in settling down.

Fordham is one of the best neighborhoods in the Bronx

One of the best places to reside in the Bronx is Fordham with its median rent of $2,125. Therefore, this affordability is what entices people on a budget to choose such a place of residence in New York. This, however, is not all that Fordham has to offer. Having Fordham University nearby makes it possible for residents to enjoy top-notch education since it is located in their proximity. A linkage to advanced education makes the community richer and creates better options for people in terms of education and jobs. Hence, if you want a stable neighborhood with a glimmer of hope for the future, Fordham is your best option. Of course, your belongings will be safe in storage units Fordham NY locals often praise if there is no room for everything in your new home.

Longwood is also a good neighborhood

Longwood cannot be termed simply as a neighborhood, but a historic center for the music industry. Legendary jazz artists such as Miles Davis, Nancy Wilson, Dizzy Gillespie, and Charlie Bird grew up in this community. The impact they still have in Longwood culture is unerasable due to their creative genius. However, the musical tapestry is not restricted to this alone. The neighborhood has a soft spot for Latin music as well. There is a Latino music store known as Casa Amadeo, which happens to be the oldest music shop in the city.

People performing music
Longwood offers you a rich cultural life.

Visit it and immerse into the rhythms and songs that have contributed to the creation of modern Latino music culture. All in all, relocating to Longwood entails dwelling in an area where musical legends took residence and their footsteps still reverberate among people. Move here in order to learn more and do not worry if not all of your items can fit into your new home. Storage Longwood NY boasts can be a great solution to the problem.

You will not make a mistake if you move to Bedford Park

Tranquility coupled with hustle and bustle is what characterizes Bedford Park, which is a famous district in the Bronx. The neighborhood is known for tree-lined avenues dotted with delightful Victorian-styled homes – making it a very welcoming environment. You will not have a hard time adjusting to the new environment. Especially when you bear in mind that the storage Bedford Park NY offers is in your vicinity. However, it is not only the architecture that makes Bedford Park special. Nearby, there are two legendary jewels of the Bronx – the Bronx Zoo and the New York Botanical Garden. Residents have easy access to rich greenness, rare wild animals, and countless academic and amusing activities these world-class attractions have to offer. Bedford Park offers an amazing experience – feel free to get involved in the culture of the area and the nature’s riches that are at hand.

Check what East Tremont has to offer you

One of the attractive options found inside the Bronx is the area called East Tremont, which has a median rent of $1,113 only. The same goes for storage services. Self storage East Tremont has to offer is quite affordable and solves the problem of clutter. This is a financial plus that attracts those who look for cheap living options within New York. However, what made East Tremont unique compared to other neighborhoods is its extremely high walkability score.

A person putting money in a piggy bank
Moving to East Tremont means that you will not get to spend your savings.

Thus, its residents are not required to use cars in order to navigate the neighborhood around them. The availability of good public transport makes traveling to other areas within the city easy and effortless. Navigating local stores, eateries and even commuting to the office becomes easy and affordable in East Tremont due to its good accessibility. East Tremont provides affordability and easy transport if you’re looking for it within the hustle of the Bronx.

Another one of the best neighborhoods in the Bronx is Parkchester

Parkchester accommodates approximately 61,500 residents living in rental homes whose average monthly rental payment amounts to about $1,411. It is affordable, coupled with a variety of family-friendly amenities, making it a suitable location for families that intend to settle in NYC. For example, you will get to keep all of your items even if you move to a smaller home. Rely on self storage Parkchester provides and avoid stressing yourself. Another benefit of moving here is the child-friendly environment provided by great schools, parks, and community centers. The neighborhood has a diverse community that brings in multiple cultures. It also enables an easy commute to work and the different attractions of the city. So, if you want to live in a family-friendly residential area in the Bronx, start packing today. It is a place you will call home from the first moment.

Moving to Baychester is going to be a good choice

Baychester, located in the Bronx, is a lively urban community with a great number of families. Everybody, from children to adults, will find something entertaining here. Haffen Park is actually a local gem that provides amazing green areas for picnics, some playgrounds for children, and also some sports fields for physically active residents. Sports enthusiasts can easily go on the Section 4 Basketball Courts and have fun. Baychester with its lively community atmosphere is a good place for families looking for a home. You will find diverse outdoor activities, culture, and safety for your family. All of this makes Baychester one of the most popular places in New York City.

How to make a choice where to relocate?

Deciding on where to live in the Bronx calls for much consideration. First, think about your budget. Narrow down the options by determining your rent or mortgage affordability first. Also, think about your lifestyle and preferences. Do you like living in a peaceful suburban area inhabited by families or would you rather be in a more vibrant neighborhood? Of course, you should also take into consideration the size of the home.

A person trying to find the best neighborhoods in the Bronx
Finding the best neighborhoods in the Bronx is not simple – take some time.

The storage facility Bronx NYC offers will be at your disposal, but make sure you do not end up with a home too small for you. Check how far your work or school is. Distance from roads or bus stops often determines ease of accessibility. Finally, go to your desired neighborhood at different times of the day to experience the mood that pervades that part of the city at different times. In the long run, you will make the correct decision that is consistent with what you prefer and your aspirations for future happiness, leading to the enjoyment of life in your new Bronx area.

Do not forget to hire professional movers

Engaging a professional mover is a strategy that can greatly determine the experience of moving from one place to another. In the first place, it saves both your time and energy. With your belongings being handled by professional movers who are experienced and have all the necessary supplies, your mind will be left to concentrate on other things in moving your house. They will go ahead and pack up your goods for you, saving you a lot of hassle. Another benefit is reduced stress. It is comforting to know that your possessions are taken care of. You will get to focus on other things during your busy move-out period, such as changing the address and utilities. Additionally, trustworthy movers usually provide a cover on your objects in case of unforeseeable events. So, use this chance and sleep peacefully.

A couple packing their items before moving to one of the best neighborhoods in the Bronx
Renting storage units in the Bronx can help you live more comfortably.

You will also benefit from using storage services

With plenty of advantages, it could be prudent to use storage facilities during and after moving. First, it is flexible and enables you to keep the stuff temporarily as you move to a new house. Additionally, this helps you have an orderly and tidy move through the decluttering of spaces. Besides, it is an effective way if you are not going immediately from leaving the previous house to entering the next. On demand storage NYC locals trust the most will be a great place to store your possessions securely. It also allows you to decide on what to move, what not to move, and what to get rid of when organizing your new space. Storage services in effect reduce the hassle that is normally associated with moving from one place to another.

Choosing among the best neighborhoods in the Bronx

Looking for a great home in the Bronx can be a challenging but equally satisfying experience. Each neighborhood possesses unique allure and benefits tailored to different lifestyles. The Bronx features diverse neighborhoods that can appeal to anyone, including those seeking affordable living in East Tremont, musical history in Longwood, and a family-friendly setting in Baychester. While trying to find the best neighborhoods in the Bronx, check budget, lifestyle, amenities, and availability. Thinking about it carefully with the proper information at hand, you will be sure to get the ideal community that will give you an awesome experience of living in the Bronx.


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