Moving with a toddler from the Bronx made easy


As you probably know, moving can be pretty stressful. But moving with a toddler from the Bronx can be even more stressful. You need to focus on your kid, and you need to make the relocation as easy as possible. Besides hiring the best movers, you should look for the best storage units NYC that can help you make the whole relocation much easier. Decluttering your home, unpacking at your own pace, and taking items from storage slowly can make everything much easier.

When moving with a toddler you need to take care of them

One of the most important things that you need to do when relocating with a toddler from the Bronx is to simply take care of them. Depending on how old they are – you can try to explain what is going on around them. It is especially important to take good care of them during the relocation itself because they might feel scared and sad. You will have a lot of tasks in front of you – packing, decluttering, moving so it would be a good idea to delegate everything you can. Pick up and storage NYC can be a great solution since you won’t have to even go to the storage unit. And it can benefit you a lot during your relocation process!

person reading to a toddler while moving with a toddler
Make sure to take care of your toddler and have fun during the moving process

How do your kids see the relocation?

When you plan to move with a toddler, you need to start looking at things from their perspective. You and your kids don’t have the same view or feelings about your relocation. The relocation might seem like a new adventure to you, but for your toddler, it will seem much different. They might feel sad, uncertain since their whole world is changing. Kids love routine and stability and relocation will change all of that.

The best thing that you can do is to make sure your kids know that you are going through everything together as a family. It might be easier to store some of their toys in self storage Bronx, but it is much better to move all of their toys to your new place. It will help them feel more at home. Try to keep the focus on the positive things and show them around their new home as something amazing and interesting.

Their opinion matters

Although this can be challenging, you need to show them that their opinion is important and that you value it. Do your best to understand their emotions and where they are coming from. Your toddler might not be able to tell you or explain everything, so show them that you value their opinions or requests. It will also help you to cope with stress during the move since you will have a much calmer toddler on your hands. Moving with a toddler can even be fun!

When moving with a toddler – you need to be calm

It can be challenging to stay calm during your relocation process. But keeping a positive attitude and being calm will help your toddlers a lot. It is no secret that toddlers are very sensitive and they easily can pick up how you are feeling. They will reflect your negativity and frustration, and that will make everything much harder. The best thing that you can do when relocating with a toddler from the Bronx is to have a positive attitude, to show them that the relocation will be positive. You can even have some fun family activities like decluttering your home and storing some of those items into long term storage NYC. And when you go to the storage unit, you can take your kids with you. So you can all participate in that, and have a little trip down memory lane.

woman meditating
It is important to stay calm during the move with a toddler

Explore your new community with your toddler

It will take time before your toddlers accept and process the whole relocation. The best thing that you can do is to take your toddler and explore your new neighborhood and your new home. Your toddler will be able to learn more about their surroundings gradually. And that will help them to keep a positive attitude and to process the relocation much faster. You can even organize a tour around your new neighborhood where you can all learn new things and find new favorite spots. Answer their questions, concerns and be patient. They need to know that their emotions are valid and that you are there for them every step of the way!

Sticking to a routine is important when moving with a toddler

Moving can cause really big changes to your day-to-day life with your toddler. And the best way to avoid all the negative effects of it – do your best to stick to the old routine. For example, things that should be consistent are your toddler’s bedtime and mealtime –  even after the move. Packing and unpacking will be a long process so you need to make this as comfortable as possible for your toddler. You can look for packing supplies together, and you can let them label the boxes. It will give them an opportunity to be creative and to feel like a part of the relocation.

toddler on a bed with a book
Routine is very important for a toddler

Unpack slowly

Although it will be easier to unpack everything as fast as possible, it is much more important to help your toddler settle in. It is important to make your new home feel familiar as soon as you move in. The first room that you should unpack is for your toddlers, but try to surround them with their favorite toys, snacks while doing that. Also, if you set up their new room as the previous layout in your old home – it will give them certain security.

The adjustment process will take time

Don’t try to rush your toddler to accommodate their new space. Give them time and be patient. Explore your new home with them, and try to make it fun. Encourage them to explore a new home because that way they will learn a lot and their new home will start feeling familiar much faster. Give them time, and be patient. After all, patience is the key to a successful move with a toddler from the Bronx!


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