New York: Attractions at the Big Apple


Life in the Big Apple is colorful and extremely vibrant. Full of life and excitement, New York City is the leading choice for those who want to experience real adventure. This city is full of wonders, and it is the perfect place to fulfill one’s dream. Therefore, today we will go over the most famous attractions at the Big Apple you must consider checking out. Also, we will get you ready to find reliable movers, pack like a pro, and explain how to rent storage in NYC without too much struggle. We have a lot to cover so we better dive right in.

Head straight to Times Square

Even though it is not historically as important as many other NYC attractions, it is still one of the most famous attractions at the Big Apple. Probably because Hollywood decided to make it so. You have seen Times Square in movies and TV series at least a hundred times in your life. It is printed in your memory and subconsciously became a place you want to visit so much. Although, even if this was not the case, it would still be one of the top 100 places you must see in your lifetime. The lights, the energy, the general vibe, and all the people there are simply stunning. You will have access to amazing stores, restaurants, coffee places, and a vibrant nightlife.

Times Square NYC
Times Square is one of a kind. Try visiting on New Year’s Eve.

So, when you are in NYC, make sure to visit Times Square. It is full to the brim with unique people apart from the excited tourists who fill up the streets. And if you are lucky to be around it on New Year’s Eve, make sure to head straight to Times Square for the final countdown. It is something no one should miss out on while being in NYC around the time of holidays. And as we already said, there is enough to do here to spend a couple of days only at the square. Hence, organize a bit and top it off with one of the famous Broadway shows.

Are you moving or simply visiting to check out attractions at the Big Apple?

This is an important question because your stay here and the general plan to see all attractions at the Big Apple depends on it. If you are moving in, then you have a lot of time to see everything in the upcoming months. Central Park is not the same over the summer and in winter. As is the case with several other attractions we will mention further down the line. And for some attractions, you need a lot of time while others can be seen when passing by. So, are you moving in, or you must plan a week-long vacation with a tight schedule? Apparently, if you are moving to NYC, you will hire movers, utilize packing services, rent secure self storage NYC, and relax. There is enough time to see everything once you become a full-time New Yorker.

On the other hand, if you are time-limited, we must make a different approach. You can choose to hit several tour guides and visit the most important sights. Or find all attractions online that you wish to see and create a list. Then, depending on the time you have, you should prioritize and start checking things off the list. And one more thing. NYC can be expensive at times, so you better prepare the budget for it. If you are in NYC for a month, it would be better to stay at the motel. And if you are moving and passing through, you can do the same. Organize with movers to keep your items in one of the climate controlled storage NYC units while you experience NYC to the fullest. Anything is possible if you have patience and a bit of money.

The Empire State building and the Lady Liberty are some of the biggest attractions at the Big Apple

Now that you have both plans on paper, let us head straight to the two of the tallest attractions in the Big Apple. Yes, we are talking about the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building. Those looking for an exciting atmosphere should stop at the famous Empire State Building. This is the seventh tallest structure in the city, and it is perfect for those who are craving a bit of adventure and have a passion for panoramic views. Enjoy the perfect view from the observation deck of the 86th floor and marvel at the art deco structure.

The Statue of Liberty is one of the attractions at the Big Apple
The Statue of Liberty is a Hallmark or NYC. Pay a visit to Lady Liberty and marvel at everything she stands for.

The Statue of Liberty is another stunning sculpture. And even being only 93 meters in height, it is still considered one of the tallest structures in NYC. Compared to the five times higher One World Trade Center, it is nothing, but it is still something to marvel at. This is a must-see for all art lovers out there. This statue was a gift from France to symbolize the spirit of freedom and equality that America embodies. Those who love cruises can hop aboard one and take a look at the amazing skyscrapers and charming skyline along with the Statue of Liberty of course. These tours are more than famous, and you will easily find one.

There is a lot of history tied to the forever-famous NYC

Walking aimlessly through NYC is another viable thing to do. Let it surprise you with amazing architecture, friendly people, and extraordinary establishments. Take a walk over the Brooklyn Bridge and have the experience of a lifetime. Then, take your family to Prospect Park, Central Park, or Bryant Pak and have a ton of fun. Or go there alone and have a peaceful and serene afternoon. Who knows, maybe you stumble upon Brooklyn Botanic Gardens, The Cloisters, or the American Museum of Natural History. All these sites hide a story behind them, and you can learn more about them on the spot. This city is full of wonders, and we are sure you’ll have a ton of fun simply by walking from one side to the other. Although, if you are not for this kind of adventure, search for sites online, and hop on a cab to get there.

One of the city tours can solve all your problems

Now, no one will blame you if you opt for city tours only. It is more convenient than researching everything by yourself. And having a tour guide who will introduce you to the city and vice versa is invaluable. So, check online and find a tour related to the attraction you want to visit. We will make it easier for you and provide a few examples:

  • New York Helicopter Tour – Choose any of the Manhattan options and you are good.
  • NYC in One Day Tour – These are for people who do not have much time on their hands.
  • Statue of Liberty & Ellis Island Tours – Options are vast but whatever you choose, make sure to see both.
  • All-access ticket – There is an option of purchasing a ticket for most of the museums, including the 9/11 ground zero memorial.
a woman using a telescope
Take one of the organized city tours or explore by yourself. Whatever suits you better.

These are some of the more popular options. But we are sure you will find the best combination for you. Give yourself some time and browse online until you find the best one.

It is time to find movers and organize your visit to the Big Apple

Ok, you are almost ready to begin the NYC exploration project. The last thing to do before you start is to find a good moving company. You will find one online and you should confirm they have licenses, competitive prices, all required moving services, and a good reputation before you hire them. Also, they should provide good storage services as well. You should highly consider renting a short term furniture storage NYC. Simply because it is much cheaper to relocate to a smaller apartment and leave a portion of your belongings in a nearby storage space. This way you will split your rent in half and eventually when you settle in and find a better-paid job, you can move to a bigger place.

This tactic is more popular lately and especially among the younger crowd. So, find your movers and make sure they possess everything you need to relocate you safely and affordably.

Now you know enough about the attractions at the Big Apple. All you must do is create an effective plan to visit them all in the time you have. Hopefully, you are moving to NYC, and you’ll have more than enough time for everything. And if you do, remember, you should settle with a good moving company that can provide amazing services and even better self storage Long Island City units. Good luck.


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