Organize a Self Storage Unit for Frequent Access


Are you looking to organize a self-storage unit for frequent access? If that is the case, you are in the right place. Storage units are quite useful for various scenarios. Whether you plan on relocating, decluttering, renovating your home, or are simply looking for some additional space, storage units can provide it. In this article, we will take a look at the most important steps you should complete when trying to organize a self-storage unit. Furthermore, we will mention why it is important to look for reliable extra space storage NYC

How to properly organize a self-storage unit

When it comes to storage units, the organization is crucial. You will want your items to be safe and protected throughout their stay inside a storage unit. In addition to this, if you are looking to gain frequent access and be able to use your items while they are inside storage, there are a few essential things you need to do. Let’s take a closer look at where you should start with this organizational process.

Writing a list to Organize a Self Storage Unit.
Proper preparations are needed in order to successfully organize a self-storage unit.

Start things off with a checklist

The best place to start is with a checklist. Understanding exactly what kind of items you have to put in your storage unit as well as exactly what you are dealing with can help you organize it properly. A simple inventory checklist will give you an excellent overview of the items that are going to go into the storage process. Once you put down all of the items you have for storage, you can also figure out exactly how much storage space you might need. Additionally, you will have an easier time figuring out the number of packing supplies you might need to obtain. Finally, a checklist will help you pack your items for storage in a more organized and efficient manner. If you have sensitive items in your inventory, make sure you do your research and choose a climate-controlled storage Manhattan.

Invest in the right packing tools and materials

If you plan on using your storage items frequently, you should make sure they are safe but also easily accessed. Packing all of your items in enclosed, hard, cardboard boxes might not give you easy access to your items each time you need them. This is because you might have to do the unpacking process each time. Therefore, consider storing your items in clear bins instead of cardboard boxes. It is also good to label each of those bins as well for an even easier way of finding exactly the item you need. So, when looking for tools and materials make sure you get the following:

  • Labeling materials,
  • Clear, plastic bins,
  • Packing tape, scissors, and bubble wrap.
  • Packing foam

These items are going to help you not only properly and safely pack your inventory but also allow for easier access to the stored items.

Packing items.
Pack your items for storage using the right packing tools and materials.

Think about the positioning of your items inside a storage unit

If you plan on using your items frequently, it is best to think about how you will place them inside your storage unit. For starters, when dealing with furniture, make sure you disassemble the pieces of furniture you do not plan on using. When it comes to the rest of your furniture, if you are going to need frequent access to your storage unit, position it so that you can easily go through your unit without having to do a lot of unpacking or moving. Always try to place heavier, bulkier items in your inventory at the back of your storage unit. If you only need to place your furniture in storage for a short amount of time, make sure you look for reliable short-term furniture storage NYC solutions.

Always consider going vertical

When positioning your items inside a storage unit, it is not only important to place the items you want to use more frequently at the front but also to place some items vertically. You can achieve this by installing shelves. This will help you tremendously to save more space in your storage unit as well as keep it neat and organized. Wire shelving or hanging shelves can be added to your storage unit in order to gain the ability to go vertical. This will help you a lot if you plan on storing your books for example or other items that would normally be on shelves. Remember that if you plan on packing your items all on your own, learn how to properly construct moving boxes to avoid any unwanted damage.

Couple preparing for storage.
Organizing your storage unit is easy when you have a good plan and position your items properly.

Get professional assistance when it comes to placing your items inside a storage unit

The process of storing your items is not easy. It can be quite complicated especially if you have a ton of items in your inventory. Furthermore, you might have some other tasks to complete as well. Therefore, it is best to have some professional assistance by your side when storing. Do your research on time and look to enlist the help of reliable experts who can provide you with proper pick up and storage NYC. This way, you can save your money on fuel and leave it to the pros to transport your items.

Organizing a self-storage unit – In short

So, to sum up, as you can see, there are definitely a few key steps to take in order to properly organize a self-storage unit. To begin with, make sure you have a good plan and a simple inventory checklist. Gather the right packing tools and materials. Always keep in mind the positioning of your items inside the storage unit. To have an easier time transporting items, do your research. Hire the help of reliable and experienced storage experts to help you with the right pick-up services.


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