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Have you found the perfect storage solution for yourself? If the answer is yes, then we congratulate you, as finding suitable storage space is much more difficult than it sounds. After all, with so many different storage options NYC has to offer, it’s definitely not easy to sift through all the possibilities and choose just one. But the real work is yet to come, as now you need to learn how to organize a storage unit. Good storage unit organization is important for a couple of different reasons. But without a doubt, the most important one is the fact that it helps you keep your items safe while helping you avoid injuries inside the storage unit. If you are not exactly sure how to achieve this, we will be more than happy to help you find out.

Five steps to follow in order to organize a storage unit like a professional

A lot of people wonder whether they can truly organize a storage unit like a professional. Moreover, a lot of people are also interested in the type of storage unit that you can organize and whether the system can be applied to different types of units. Whether you are dealing with residential, commercial, or FURNITURE STORAGE NYC loves, you can definitely feel free to rely on these five steps. They won’t let you down.

1. Start by creating an inventory list

How can you get organized if you don’t know exactly what you have to store? An inventory list is of particular importance when you happen to be placing a lot of items into storage, as it’s virtually impossible to remember everything that you have put there. Of course, if you have rented car storage NYC trusts where you plan to put only your vehicle, there’s no need for an inventory list. We doubt that you will forget about your car. In all other events and circumstances, consider the creating of an inventory list to be your very first task.

A man creating an inventory list to organize a storage unit.
Create an inventory list that will remind you of all the things you have put in storage.

Apart from writing everything down on a piece of paper, it’s also a good idea to take photos of your items. That way, you can have proof and recollection of the condition your items were in once you put them in storage.

2. Disassemble large furniture pieces

It doesn’t matter if you have opted for large or small storage in NYC – whenever you are storing large pieces, it’s always a good idea to disassemble them.

That being said, it’s quite clear that some items simply won’t be made in such a way that lets you disassemble them. If you have any such pieces inside your storage unit at the moment, always store them in a vertical position. And if you can take apart your bulky furniture, make sure to proceed with caution. Each part will have to be placed upright so that you can maximize the storage space inside your unit. That will help you store more items down the line, without resorting to a larger unit.

3. Place large items on the bottom and at the back of the unit

In case you aim to organize your storage unit like a pro, you really have to pay attention to every little thing. For example, you can’t just throw in your items without any specific order. Quite the contrary – there’s a very clear order that you need to establish. And it says that the largest and heaviest pieces always go on the bottom. That will prevent them from crushing any other lighter items inside your self-storage unit in NYC, which we are sure is your goal.

A grey sofa in a house.
Your large sofa will look stunning both in the front and at the back of the unit. But there’s only one place for it.

Likewise, make sure to place such large items and boxes at the back of the unit. They should be the first thing you load into the unit, where they can sit comfortably until you need them again.

4. Reserve the front of the unit for those items you plan to use

It goes without saying that, sometimes, you won’t have an idea of when you are going to take an item out of storage. However, if you do know that you will be using some items more frequently than the others, then make sure you place them at the front of the unit. We think that the logic behind this is quite clear, isn’t it? If you load your residential or commercial NYC storage unit this way, you’ll avoid stumbling through dozens of moving boxes just to get to that one item. As long as you go with this logic, you will manage to organize your storage unit like the best of the best.

5. Never forget to label your boxes

After packing up your boxes, getting them to your storage unit, and loading them inside, it’s normal that you will want to be done with it as soon as possible. But you mustn’t forget about one very important task at this point – labeling your boxes. You already know that there are many different types of boxes and all of them can fit different types of items. However, all of them need to be labeled in a very simple way – by writing on the container what’s inside the box. Try to be as detailed as possible, as that will save a lot of your time down the line.

Highlighters in different colors.
One highlighter is all you need to label your boxes.

You are now ready to organize your storage solution like a pro

By incorporating these five simple steps into your upcoming storage project, you’ll be able to keep your items protected. Moreover, you will be able to eliminate any accidents that could happen inside a storage solution. Once you take your time to organize a storage unit like a pro, you’ll actually be able to save effort. It sounds counterintuitive, but it’s actually very logical when you think about it. You have to give something in order to get something in return.


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