Packing carpets for storage


Storing carpets and other large pieces of furniture may be troublesome. You probably have an old, wall-to-wall carpet that you don’t like anymore. Many carpets and rugs we have in our home become outdated in time. Keeping them somewhere in the house is not convenient. As a result, people often opt for storage units to keep their carpets. If you are interested in storing your carpet, you have come to the right place. NYC Mini Storage is a company for storing your precious items in the safest possible manner. Forget about squeezing everything into a corner of your house. It is time you got that space that you deserve. Therefore, wait no more and contact us to show you that packing carpets for storage is the only thing you need to be happy.

Clean your carpet thoroughly before putting it in a storage

Before putting your carpet in storage, it is very important to clean it thoroughly. Use a high-quality vacuum cleaner, to remove all the dust and microscopic particles. Before you start, read the label on the carpet carefully, so you don’t damage delicate weaving and patterns if there are any. If your carpet is washable, put it in a washing machine, or wash it manually with warm water and soap. If you do this first step successfully, your carpet will remain in a good condition for a long time. People mostly choose storage Bronx NY for keeping the carpet for a long or short period. Don’t worry about the safety and quality of your items anymore. If you choose this facility, your carpet will look the same as it was before you put it in storage. Choose from a variety of different storage units:

  • Short term storage
  • Long term storage
  • Self storage
  • Apartment storage
  • Commercial storage
  • Vehicle storage
  • Student storage
  • Small storage
  • Boxes and supplies
A man vacuuming the carpet in the living room
Make sure you clean your carpet thoroughly before you put it in storage. This way, you can rest assured that the carpet will be clean and fresh once you take it back

Packing carpets for storage is easy if you roll it properly

Another important step to complete before putting your carpet in storage is rolling it properly. Many people make a mistake and fold their carpets. As a result, their carpets get cracks, creases, and other damage. It is a much better idea to roll the carpet instead. If your carpet has piles of fibers, it is better to roll it so the pile is facing inward. You may use a rod or a wooden stick to help you. After properly rolling it, you can call professionals to take it to the storage in a good condition. Storage companies that pick up your furniture will make sure that all of your belongings are safely transported to a storage facility. You don’t have to think about driving long-distance and navigating busy city streets. Storage companies hire professional drivers who are trained to load and deliver your carpet in a flawless way. As a result, more and more people hire pickup services nowadays.

A couple packing their carpet for storage
Never fold your carpet. Rolling is a much better option, and will not cause any damage

Keep your carpet in a dry environment

If you want your carpet to remain in a good condition, you need to keep it in a dry place. Before your pickup service arrives, store your carpet somewhere off the ground. Don’t put your carpet in a dark, damp place, as it will gain a bad smell. Moreover, do not put anything on top of it, because it will lose its shape. Maintaining a proper condition of a big carpet may be pricey and time-consuming. However, if you put it in storage, you can rest assured that you will get the highest quality and top-of-the-notch services. All of the storage facilities in NYC Mini Storage are safe and dry, providing you with solutions to your problems in turbulent times. The best thing is that you get your self storage one month free. As a family-oriented team, we know that affordability is one of the most important aspects for you. Therefore, we combine the best services with the lowest prices.

Keep your carpet away from pesky insects

The worst thing that can happen to your carpet is to be attacked by pesky insects. This can happen often if you are forced to keep your carpet in a basement, or another dark area, such as an attic or a garage. Moths, beetles, and ants are some of the residents of your delicate carpet. If you cannot take your carpet to the storage any time soon, you should try to protect it as much as possible. Unroll it at least once a month, to check for any signs of insect-attracting dust or insects. Apply a moth repellent spray and do the vacuuming. This should help keep your carpet in a good condition until you can store it in a storage facility.

A happy woman sitting on the floor, talking on the phone
Keeping your carpet in a good condition and away from pests is important when packing carpets for storage

Wrap your carpet in a protective material

Before you call your pickup service to transport your carpet, make sure you put it in a protective fabric. This will protect it during transport, and keep the bugs away. It is always better to have an extra layer of protection if your oriental carpet is traveling a long distance. Cotton sheets are great for packing, as they provide the best protection. Moreover, if you want extra-level protection, you can use rug wraps that will provide barriers against dampness. Your storage company will thank you for being so careful. You can rest assured that you will get your carpet in the same condition as it used to be, once you take it back from the storage.

Final words

Carpets and other large pieces of furniture are difficult to store in the house. However, they can easily be stored in storage. People often call storage agencies to take their carpets. In this way, all of their belongings are safe and protected. Before you take your carpet into the storage, clean, roll, and wrap it in protective material. Packing carpets for storage is maybe difficult, but once you do it, you can rest assured that your carpet will be the same as before. Therefore, do not hesitate to call one of the best storage companies, NYC Mini Storage, and enjoy your beautiful new home every day.


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