Permits for apartment renovation in NYC


Looking for a guide on permits for apartment renovation in NYC? You are in the right place! Unless you plan on doing minimal updates to your apartment in NYC such as changing your furniture etc. you might need to get a permit for larger investments in your apartment. NYC apartment renovations come with certain requirements and we will cover all of the things you need to know before you renovate in NYC. Furthermore, while renovating you may need to find a place to safely store away your belongings. We will mention the importance of getting reliable storage units NYC for your items.

Renovating an apartment – When exactly do you need a permit?

Renovation is a broad term and can refer to various things. You can renovate your apartment in numerous different ways. So, how do you exactly know when you need a permit for your renovations in NYC? Well, we have compiled a list of projects when you will definitely need a permit. Those are the following:

  • Building new walls and removing old ones. If your renovation involves removing or adding a new wall to your apartment, then you will more than likely need a permit.
  • Adding or reconfiguring rooms. Changing the number of rooms in your apartment or even reconfiguring your rooms requires you to have a permit.
  • Creating a new bathroom in your apartment. Many buildings do not allow you to add a new bathroom. You will have to speak to your building manager before you can add one. However, even if it is allowed, you will still need to get a permit.
  • Combining apartments. Combining apartments in NYC is nothing new and is done quite frequently. It also requires a permit.

If you plan on starting your renovation process right away and you already have a permit, make sure your valuable items are safe and protected by getting reliable storage units. This also goes for your vehicles as well. For example, make sure you get motorcycle storage NYC to safely put away your motorcycle until the renovations are complete.

A man researching permits for apartment renovation in NYC.
Do proper research on permits for apartment renovation in NYC before you begin your renovation process.

The permits – What are the types and what do they refer to?

The very first place to check out and explore is the NYC Department of Buildings website. It has useful information about the renovation in NYC. There are things that you can instantly pick up from the site. However, after that, it is important that you get familiar with the primary permit applications. The primary permit applications are the following: New Building and Alterations type 1, 2, and 3. The NB or New Building application refers to building a new structure. However, for renovation purposes, one of the three alterations types is usually needed. Alteration type 1 is for major alterations done to your apartment. Type 2 is for alterations not affecting use, egress, or occupancy. Type 3 refers to minor work done to your apartment. Check out the NYC Department of Buildings website for more info.

Where to start when renovating?

So, the first thing you need to do before renovating is to get as much info as possible about your apartment, space, and what kind of permit it might need. As mentioned above, it is also important to talk with your building manager and see if your planned renovations are even allowed in your building. From there, you should start by enlisting the help of an architect. It is a sound investment and something that will make your renovation process much easier. An architect will be able to transfer your vision on paper and show you what’s possible and what is not. Furthermore, an architect can guide you throughout your renovation process. Therefore, they can make necessary adjustments on-site and make sure that everything goes according to the plan and is within the limits of the permit that you obtain.

A woman on laptop.
Enlist the help of an architect to figure out where and how you should approach your renovation process.

The process of obtaining your permits for apartment renovation

Now that you have the basic info about permits, renovations, and you know where to start, you might be wondering what exactly is the process of getting a permit for renovation in NYC. The process is not all that complicated and simply requires you to follow a few steps. Well, to begin with, when you hire an architect, they can file your plan for renovation to the Department of Buildings in NYC. After your plans for renovations get approved, you can hire a contractor. From there, all your communication goes with the contractor and your architect. After the renovations are complete, an inspector for the Department of Buildings will come to make sure everything is within the regulations of the permit you have previously acquired. If you are already planning on starting your renovation and are a student, try to get reliable student storage NYC. There, your items will be safe and protected until the renovations are complete and you can begin moving them back to your apartment.

A handshake.
Obtain your permit for renovation in NYC by following the basic steps for renovation processes in NYC.

Getting your items safely out of your apartment during the renovation process

As you can see, the process of obtaining a permit is not all that complicated. However, it does require proper planning and time. After you get permits for apartment renovation, you need to make sure your items are out of your apartment and in a safe place. A storage unit is perfect for these situations. However, do not simply find any storage unit out there. You still need to make sure your items are going to be safe and protected. Therefore, do your research, and find good storage facilities Manhattan for the needs of your inventory. With a good storage unit, you do not have to worry about the safety of your items and you can fully focus on your renovation process.


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