Plan your move to the Bronx: Packing checklist


Since the summer is still on, many people decide to change their life scenery and move to a new neighborhood. However, moving is always a stressful situation and you need to find a way to make it as easy as possible. Living in New York City and its neighborhoods has always been a dream destination for many. If you decide to exchange one NYC borough for the Bronx, you will still experience a lot of fun and entertainment. However, relocating there is not an easy thing to do, and you need to organize well on time. Plus, you should use as many useful moving options as possible. Storage options NYC is one such option that will make your entire relocation much easier. Also, careful planning is key to a successful move. Therefore, take your time to carefully plan your move to the Bronx.

Write down the way you plan your move to the Bronx

Moving experts say that for a successful move you will need to take your time and write down your plan in detail. One of the activities that take a great deal of time and energy is packing your home for a move.

 a woman trying to plan move to Bronx
Write down your plan for moving

You will have to go through every single piece of items in your home and prepare it for packing. Therefore, writing down a room-by-room packing plan will make things much easier. Also, renting a secure self storage NYC would be quite useful in packing your home. For all the items that clutter your home, you can transfer them into a storage unit and continue packing the rest. G0 room by room and write down your inventory. In addition, start from the room with the most items in it. Write down all that you have and what would be the best order to start with packing.

Systematic packing

The organization is the key to successful move planning. Once you get insight into all the possessions, you need to consider downsizing first. There is no point in packing some items that you will not use in your new Bronx home. In addition, packing unnecessary furniture can take up too much of useful space both in the truck and your home. You can use storage in Manhattan to store away all the items you no longer need. This will make packing easier and you will not need to repack later on. Also, make sure to pack similar items together as this will make unpacking much easier as well. Check what kind of moving boxes you need. Since you will be packing some sensitive items, you should get different sizes, shapes, and materials for the moving boxes which you can find online and in stores.

Pack your kitchen and bedroom for Bronx relocation

Packing your kitchen and bedroom can be one of the most difficult processes. There are so many sensitive items in the kitchen including kitchen appliances, glassware, and many other bits and bobs that can break easily.

a man and a woman with moving boxes
Plan your move to the Bronx in a timely manner

When you have to plan your move to the Bronx, make sure to have sturdy boxes where you can put all the fragile items. Also, if you are a student, and you have to prepare for a new student apartment, you can use student storage NYC. There you can put all the items from your kitchen or bedroom that you will not immediately use. Use color codes to pack your boxes. For example, you can use yellow-color labels to label breakable items both in your kitchen and bedroom. For winter clothes use ordinary boxes and mark them with red color.

Packing and storing large items when you plan your move to the Bronx

One of the most difficult things regarding packing is packing and storing large items. You may pack your entire household in a couple of weeks. However, when it comes to packing bulky furniture, you might need some help from professional packers. You do not have enough skills and tools to handle the process on your own. Professional packers will save you both time and energy and provide you with top-class packing. In that case, you will reduce the chances of damaging anything. To store away your car, you can use car storage NYC. When moving, at first you might not have a parking place in the Bronx. Storing away your car in car storage will provide additional safety for your vehicle. Car storage lots usually have additional security options and 24-hour surveillance and will keep your car safe.

Bathroom packing tips

When it comes to other rooms in your home, the bathroom is also one of the most complexes to pack, although it is smaller than the rest of the rooms.

three brown bottles on a white surface
Packing your bathroom is not an easy process

However, this room has plenty of small items. Most people usually keep medicines, toiletries, cleansers, and many other fragile items in the bathroom that need proper packing. To pack bathroom bottles, you might need some special kinds of boxes suitable for packing them which you can find on Amazon or in a local store. Just make sure to check the expiration date on your medicines and cosmetics. In addition, you can use stretch foil to put on the bottles under the lids and secure them additionally from spillage. Certain items such as some cleansers you should consider throwing away if you have already used half of it. Spilling such items can harm the rest of your shipping and it is not worth taking such a risk.

Since you have decided to move you have to carefully plan your move to the Bronx. It is vital to get to know which room to pack first and what is the best way to organize it. There are no magical plans to apply to make sure that you will pack everything properly. However, there are some tips and tricks that you can use to make the whole procedure much easier. Just give yourself enough time so you can plan and organize promptly. Make sure to follow your packing plan so you do not miss any important step on the way.


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