Post-move paperwork you need to handle after moving to NYC


From signing a moving company, or any of its services, to enrolling your children into new schools, paperwork will follow you throughout the relocation process. Let us admit it – no one enjoys doing and dealing with paperwork. However, for the majority of our life, paperwork will be essential. When moving, you will also have a lot of things to change, sign and deal with. Hence, we discuss the post-move paperwork you will have to deal with once you complete your relocation process. Furthermore, even hiring services from storage facilities, such as storage units NYC, will require you to sign some documents. In a way, paperwork is inevitable during your relocation or settling down period. Now, because this is so important, it is best that you find a good approach to deal with it. Luckily, we are here to help you do it properly.

Dealing with post-move paperwork – What to expect from it and what to do

Lacking paperwork when moving can cause serious issues in the near future for you. In fact, choosing to disregard this issue, or ignore it will come back towards you with serious consequences. Thereby, you should not be ignoring the importance of paperwork, especially when moving for an important reason.

a person signing a document as part of the post-move paperwork you need to do
Dealing with paperwork is a must, so make sure you make it a priority

Because we are dealing with the paperwork you will do after moving, we are going to focus more on the things that will be essential for you during that period. We understand that it might seem quite chaotic right now, but take one step at a time. If you have a lot of items in your home, that you cannot deal with right now, you can always opt for renting student storage NYC, for example. The obligations that involve paperwork will not wait, so do not ignore them.

First and foremost, deal with utilities

If you expect to have normal living conditions when you move into your new home, you will have to take care of utilities. The utilities are an essential part of every functioning household. However, dealing with utilities is best done before moving. Of course, you can make your arrangements then and sign the papers later. But generally speaking, this is something that you should, at least, learn more of, before moving. Some of the main things that the utility paperwork should include are:

  • Water companies
  • Electricity companies
  • Gas companies
  • Internet Service Providers
  • Cable companies

Now, you might have a better understanding as to why this is best done before moving. All of these companies, and some others that you might find essential, require time to process your request. Therefore, it is best to deal with it as soon as possible and finish the job once you move in.

Visit your local post office

Although we do most things online these days, the government is still using the postal service system for communicating with citizens. Therefore, making sure that you change your address officially is going to help you avoid a lot of trouble in the future. Of course, this will mean that you will start to receive mail and other things at your new address.

a pack of letters next to a picture
It is crucial that the government, among other institutions, is able to reach you at the right address

Unlike utilities, changing your address is the post-move paperwork you can deal with once you relocate. However, this does not mean that you cannot deal with it, or research it, prior to moving. The same would occur if you were to transfer a business. You would have to place all of the equipment into commercial storage NYC until you officially change the address of the business. But unlike the business sector, you can leave your items at home and deal with this.

Post-move paperwork you have to deal with: Medical reports

Transferring medical reports from you, as well as your family members, is a must when moving. However, many people tend to forget this. Sooner or later, once they get sick, they realize the mistake they made. Do not allow yourself to make the same mistake. Before you even start to move, visit your doctor/s, and let them know about the relocation. They will know what they need to do to make sure you do it right or they will point you in the right direction. More importantly, if you are moving for education, or you plan to enroll your children into a new school, you will need those medical records. Upon settling in, you will need to visit your new healthcare provider and choose your doctors, etc. You will have to do this eventually, bringing medical records with you will only speed up the entire process.

Dealing with vehicle paperwork

Finally, you will also have to change your vehicle registration. Many cities and towns require you to register your vehicle upon moving in. This applies to all forms of vehicles, from four to two wheels. So, if you are transporting your motorcycle, for example, make sure you rent a motorcycle storage NYC unit until you register the vehicle in the city you are in. Failing to register your vehicles upon arrival can get you into a lot of legal issues and trouble with the authorities. Therefore, once you finally settle down, deal with these issues.

a man sitting in an open-top vehicle
You just moved into one of the most populous cities in the US; aside from registering your vehicle, it would be wise to insure it as well

One of the main reasons for that is the fact that most households require a car to function, especially in a city as large as NYC. We rely a lot on our vehicles and losing them might make this move really hard. So, make sure you take care of everything regarding them.

Do not forget about education

If you have a family and want to enroll children in a new school, you will have to acquire all the paperwork from the previous one. Education paperwork is one of the most important post-move paperwork you can do because they matter for the future of your child. So, do not neglect this, an important part of your relocation process if you have children. Furthermore, make sure you have all the documentation you need if you, yourself are moving away for college or another form of education.


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