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Cars are meant to be ridden. So if you want to keep your vehicle stored for a while, you need to take certain measures in order to prevent your vehicle from deteriorating. In the following article, NYC Mini Storage will show you what you need to do to prepare your car for a storage properly and ensure it stays in perfect condition even after long term storage.

First, you need to find a good storage space

There are many things that you will need to do if you want to ensure that your car stays in perfect condition after being stored for a long time. However, one thing stands above the rest – the space. You need to have a perfect space for your car. No matter how well you prepare your vehicle for a storage if you leave it in an inadequate space, it will deteriorate over time.

Of course, if you have a garage, your problems are solved. Unfortunately, many New Yorkers are not that lucky. Still, if you are among those that do not have a garage, there is a simple solution. You can choose some car storage NYC has in your neighborhood and leave your vehicle there. However, make sure that you check that place out before you trust them with your vehicle.  Work only with reliable storage companies with a good reputation.

A red car in a garage
Before you start preparing your car for a storage, make sure that you find a suitable space for it

Get a suitable cover

If you are going to store your vehicle for a while, let’s say, for more than a couple of weeks, make sure that you get a cover. The cover will protect your vehicle from dust and dirt. Moreover, it will protect your car from humidity in the air that can sometimes appear even in climate-controlled storage facilities. And do not think that that is too much of an investment. Just think about how much the paintwork will cost. Or some other repairs. If you want, you can buy a used cover online. Just make sure that it is in good condition.

Clean your car thoroughly before you put it in storage

When you want to prepare your car for a storage, the first thing that you need to do is to clean it thoroughly. All those water or soda stains can cause damage over a long period of time. Food can rotten, and the bacteria can multiply, so the next time you use your vehicle you could enter a potential health hazard.  So do your best to clean your vehicle properly.

Change the oil and let the mechanic check the whole vehicle while you are there

When you are storing your car for an extended period of time, maybe you should change the oil. If you haven’t done that recently, visit your mechanic and let them change the oil. Also, while you are there, let them inspect the vehicle, thoroughly. To make sure that there are no leaks and everything is in place.

Do not forget to fill up your gas tank

Before you drive to your storage facility, visit the gas station. You need to fill up your tank before you put your car in storage. An empty tank has the potential to burst due to vapor build-up. Also, a filled tank will prevent moisture accumulation. Just make sure that you add a fuel stabilizer to the mix to prevent rust and ethanol build-up.

filling the gas tank
Make sure that you gas tank is full

Find someone who can start the car from time to time

As we already mentioned, cars are meant to be ridden. If a car doesn’t run for an extended period of time all sorts of issues could appear. So when you are choosing a storage facility, bear in mind that you should visit your vehicle from time to time, start, and even drive it for a few minutes at least. Therefore, get some storage near NYC that you could visit often.   If you are not sure that you can do that, check if you can find someone who could do it for you.

Inflate your tires

Make sure that your tires are inflated properly. Improperly inflated tires could eventually release pressure under the weight of your car and get damaged as a result. That is why you should check the tire pressure before you go to storage.

How do you plan to get your car to storage?

That is about all that you need to do when you want to prepare your car for a storage. There is only one more thing to think about and that is getting your car to storage. If your car is in operational condition, fine, you will have no problems. But what if you are storing a car that is not suitable for driving? Then you will simply find some storage pickup NYC has to offer and let them handle it for you.

a car being towed
Find a pickup storage if you can’t drive your car

Do not engage a handbrake once your car is in storage

Of course, getting your car to storage is not the end of this process. Once you are inside make sure that the hand brake is released. Even though every driver has a habit of pulling up the hand brake when parking a car, in this case, you better skip it. Brake pads have a tendency of fusing with the rotor if they are holding together for a while. That is why you should never pull up your hand brake if you know that the car won’t be used for some time.

There are many things that you need to do when you want to prepare your car for a storage

And that is how to prepare your car for a storage. As you can see, your first task is to find proper storage. However, even if you find the best storage space in NYC, you will still have to invest quite a lot of work before you actually lock the storage doors.


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