Preparing for a long trip: How to store your belongings safely in NYC


All the good things in life take time and effort. That also applies to everyday situations in life, such as relocation. If you’re lucky enough, you won’t move more than once in your lifetime. However, moving doesn’t consist of moving activities only. There are things such as planning, organizing, storing, and more that you need to take into account. That’s why NYC Mini Storage is there to ease at least one part of your moving experience. Regardless, if you’re preparing for a long trip, you need to figure out some crucial facts that will help ease your move.

How will preparing for a long trip turn you into a relocation pro?

Whether you’re moving long-distance or simply having a long trip, you need to prepare for it. It would be a terrible idea just to pack your bags and just go for it. Even if you’re an adventurist, you must make plans before taking off. Therefore, you need to make a thorough plan when planning a long-distance move. It should consist of three stages. The first one should revolve around the pre-moving activities and planning around them. The second one should refer to moving activities per see. Finally, the third stage is all about post-moving activities and it includes things you’re not even considering now. However, the good thing is the fact you came to the right place. We will help you figure out how to plan everything – from the first stage until the very last activity on the list.

Suitcase with stuff on the table
You need to start preparing for your long trip on time.

As we said, there are some things you need to consider when preparing for a long trip. Here are all these things summed up in a few words:

  • Make sure your documents are valid and up to date
  • Purchase a medical traveling insurance
  • Pack an essentials bag with a first aid kit, sanitizers, pen, and paper you will keep close to you
  • Get a good internet package so you will have good service wherever you are
  • Research your future city both online and in person

Preparing for a long trip is easy if you have all the facts

There are certainly plenty of things to think about when preparing for a long trip. We mentioned a few above. However, we will focus not only on how to prepare for a long trip but also on the post-moving activities. Since we listed some things you need to do, now we will focus on things you need to take care of mentally in order to plan a good trip. Here is what to keep in mind:

  • Communicate with your family – Don’t disregard or exclude anyone’s opinion even if you’re in charge. Let everyone express their opinion equally.
  • Keep things in order – Have a list of to-do things and stick to it. Don’t exaggerate but make sure you stay focused on your relocation.
  • Know what to do after moving – Whether it’s focusing on finding Manhattan storage NYC for your belongings or learning how the subway works, you need to have a solid plan.
  • Get in touch with people who live(d) there – This will help you settle down and get used to your new home much faster and better.
  • Don’t overthink it – Yes, you will have to get over your old neighborhood and your old habits. But new and better things await you. Embrace them with grace.

Plan your post-moving activities with ease

After you moved, you need to focus on some other activities. Many people take post-moving activities lightly. That’s reasonable because they just took care of a major thing in their life. However, you should know that your relocation process does not end once your movers drop off the last box in your house. For example, you need to think about what you’re going to do with all the additional items that won’t find a place in your house. That’s why looking for storage near NYC is the best solution.

A person holding the door to the room
Inspect your new house after moving in.

Nevertheless, there are some truly important things you need to do after moving. Here are those:

  • Declutter one more time – You probably got rid of excess stuff before moving. But, now it’s time to find a place for things that you won’t use as much in your new house. That’s why storage pickup NYC is the great solution in this case.
  • Set up the utilities – Or call the professional to check your house and then set it up for you.
  • Focus on security – Change the locks on your doors and install security cameras.
  • Update all the relevant documentation – Starting from the driver’s license, ID, and medical documentation.

Store your belongings safely in NYC

We know that finding the perfect storage unit is hard. The first thing you need to know is what you’ll use the storage unit for. For example, car storage NYC is a great option if you’re moving to New York in a pickup truck. Of course, you will need to focus on other important factors when talking about storage units. Here are some:

  • Clean your stuff before storing them – Stuff you’re not using might get mold, dust, and other unwanted things on it. That’s why cleaning them might prevent these undesirable substances to form.
  • Choose the right storing materials – Unless you’re using a climate-controlled storage unit, we believe that using plastic boxes is the best solution.
  • Create a list of things you’re storing – Take the inventory and know exactly what you’re storing.
  • Wrap your fragile items in protective materials – This way you will prevent any cracks, chips, and breaking.
A person taping the bag
Take good care of your stuff when storing them.

Settling in NYC after a long trip

Now that you see that preparing for a long trip is not that hard, you are all ready to go! Our advice is to prepare months in advance and remember to take a deep breath. Moreover, make sure to contact NYC Mini Storage to find a perfect unit after relocating. After covering all that, you’re ready to enjoy life in New York City. Good luck and have a safe trip.


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