Preparing Your Items For Storage


Storage units can be a useful solution when staging your house for sale or moving for a few years overseas. The following tips would be useful for you if you need a storage facility for your goods.

It’ll be a good idea to clean your belongings before you put them into storage. After cleaning, appliances should be rinsed with bleach to prevent any mildew growth. Drain and flush washing machines and dishwashers. If your goods are in climate controlled storage, they might need Antifreeze. Keep the door of your appliances open for air circulation. A small container of baking soda will help keep odors away.

Keep your furniture and mattresses wrapped in plastic to avoid any kind of pest in your storage unit. If you’re moving items from a cold, damp environment to a warm environment, condensation may form. If possible, let your items get adjusted to the temperature of the new environment before wrapping with plastic.

Store your items on pallets to allow air circulation. Also, if there is ever a spill or minor flooding, your items will be protected.

Label your boxes with numbers rather than words. It’ll make the task of locating your stuff easier for you and difficult for potential thieves. You can also have a list of all the items in each box. Keep your list in a safe place and leave a copy with a friend or family member, just in case you need their help.

Always make sure that you pack heavy items, such as books, in smaller boxes so that they are can be carried easily. Lighter items such as pillows can be packed at your convenience. When stacking boxes, put the heavier ones on the bottom, lighter on the top. Labeling the boxes heavy or fragile can be of a great help too.

To keep things clean, dry and pest free, wrap the boxes with stretch film. It will also let you know if anyone has disturbed the contents of your storage unit.

When filling your storage unit, think about how often you will need to access your items. Arrange frequently accessed items near the front. Keep valuable items such as televisions, and other electronics at the back. Also ensure there is space to move around inside the unit.

Try and keep all these tips in mind while you’re preparing your stuff for a storage unit to have a successful storage experience.


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