Questions to ask before renting a New York City apartment


There is a lot more to a New York City apartment than floors, walls, and windows. Much of it is invisible to the eye of the beholder, especially if you have never rented in the city before. To avoid unpleasant surprises, be prepared to evaluate each potential apartment as an experienced renter. This is not easy to do. Therefore, learn what questions to ask before renting a New York City apartment. There are plenty of moving companies that not only offer the best storage NYC area possesses, but are also willing to advise you on the matter. Renting an apartment in New York doesn’t need to be so hard. With proper assistance, you can find your new dream home very quickly and easily. Read more to get useful tips.

Is there enough space for your additional belongings?

We all have a lot of things nowadays. While some items are useful, others are unnecessary, and we tend to put them away. When you rent your apartment in New York City, always ask if there are additional rooms to put your belongings and keep them out of the way. If not, ask the owner if you can rearrange the existing rooms. Moreover, you may want to inquire if your apartment has NYC apartment storage included in the price. Most of the apartments in this area are small and they lack space. You don’t want to squeeze everything into your bedroom or pay a huge amount for a big apartment. Storage units are very beneficial and can solve many of your problems.

A woman looking at her computer and thinking about what to ask before renting an apartment in New York City
Apartments in New York City are often medium-sized. Your owner should tell you if there is not enough space for all of your belongings

A parking lot is another thing to ask before renting a New York City apartment

Everyone owns a car. The problem occurs when your apartment doesn’t have a parking lot. You don’t want to park your car on the street and risk its safety. Before you close the deal, ask your landlord if there is a parking lot in the building or any safe place to park a car. Moreover, you may want to know whether this amenity is included in the price or you would have to pay extra money for it. As much as you like the apartment, don’t take this thing for granted. It is better to search more and find an apartment with a parking lot. However, if you don’t want to give up on it, you have no choice but to place your car in a vehicle storage NYC offers. There are plenty of affordable car storage facilities in New York you can choose from.

Are there enough elevators in the building?

Maybe you like to walk and exercise, but are you sure you want to go 49 stories up? Most buildings in New York City are skyscrapers and have around 50 stories or more. One or two elevators are not enough to handle all the traffic. As people go up and down all the time, you would have to wait for a long time for the next available elevator. You can avoid this if you ask the owner in advance. Moreover, your owner should tell you if the elevator is wide enough for furniture delivery and transportation. In case you cannot carry all the belongings in an elevator, you can put them in a nearby short term storage NYC. Many of these facilities are built near apartment buildings, and you can take your stuff any time you want.

A person pressing the button in an elevator
The number of elevators in a building is an important thing to ask before renting an apartment in New York City.

Is the building child-friendly?

Not everyone can tolerate noise in the building. If you have children, you know that it is not easy to have peace and quiet at all times. Before you rent an apartment in New York City, ask the owner about the policy of the building regarding children. When is the resting time? What time should people and children go to bed? Are there rooms for kid bikes, toys, and other furniture? Following these rules is a must once you sign the deal with your owner. Moreover, many buildings in the Manhattan area assign families mini Manhattan storage. This is usually included in the rent and is very useful for people who have a lot of toys, cribs, and other child equipment. If you are single, ask the owner when the children come back from school, so you can be ready for a little kiddie parade.

Do you have control over heating and cooling systems?

If the building has central heating and air conditioning, you need to ask the owner when these systems switch. At some point, the building management will change from central heating to air conditioning or vice versa. You don’t want to experience unpleasant shoulder season while you wait for the switch. Moreover, if you need to install a window unit in an older building, mind the electrical capacity. You need to make sure the system is adequate to power the number of windows you are planning to install.

Can I keep a pet in the building?

Some buildings have strict rules regarding animals inside. If you have a pet, it is better to ask the owner whether they are allowed or not. Not all buildings are pet-friendly, and if they are, they charge a big fee. This especially applies to barking and cleaning dogs’ feces. Big dogs and breeds with aggressive or noisy reputations are frequently discriminated against. Therefore, the owner should tell you if you need to follow some rules. For example, some people are not allowed to use the elevator but walk with their dogs instead.

A woman sitting with her dogs on the sofa
There are strict rules about keeping pets in a building. You may want to ask the owner everything about it

Final words

Finding a proper apartment in New York City is never easy. There are so many tasks to complete. When you rent an apartment, you want to find something that best fits your interests. Therefore, there are many things to ask before renting a New York City apartment. Is my apartment pet-friendly? Do I have a storage unit nearby? Are there enough elevators? These are only a few questions you may want to ask your landlord. But don’t worry! Once you settle in your new place, following rules is not so hard. People get used to many things and adjust to a new place quickly. Don’t hesitate to communicate with your owner about anything you want to know. Your new dream home is waiting for you.


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