Reasons why you should move to Long Island City


If you are considering a move to Long Island City, you will be glad to know that this urban area offers modern living and spacious comfort. It’s a perfect choice for those looking for a lively lifestyle without the constraints of typical city space limitations. Renting extra space storage NYC residents always use will make your move here easier. Storage services make sure that your move to urban living is both easy and practical, which offers peace of mind about your belongings. Here, convenience meets modern living, making Long Island City an ideal location for those who value both.

Getting around

Long Island City, an upcoming urban area, offers unmatched convenience for those looking for storage near NYC. Just a stone’s throw from Manhattan, this neighborhood is a center of accessibility. Its multiple subway lines, including the N, W, 7, and G trains, make a quick and easy commute to the heart of New York City. To add up, many bus routes cater to those who prefer road travel. The area also promotes ferry services, providing a scenic and relaxing way to travel the East River.

A young couple using the subway
Transportation is a big aspect to pay attention to before your move to Long Island City.

These transportation options make Long Island City an ideal choice for anyone needing easy access to storage solutions in the NYC area. The neighborhood’s strategic location near highways increases its appeal, simplifying trips for those driving. Its proximity to Manhattan, coupled with different transportation links, provides residents and businesses with effortless access to their storage needs. Whether you’re commuting from the city or traveling from nearby neighborhoods, Long Island City’s transportation network offers a relaxed experience.

Real estate market

Long Island City’s real estate market is flourishing with a development boom, offering an impressive range of housing options. This area has become a hotspot for those searching for a blend of urban living and suburban comfort. The recent trends in the market show a major increase in home prices, indicating a strong demand.

Known for its proximity to New York City, Long Island City provides many living spaces, from high-end high-rises to charming townhouses. Its appeal is further increased for those looking for furniture storage in NYC, due to its accessibility and different housing choices. According to data from Redfin, as of now, the median home price in Long Island stands at approximately $550,000, making it an attractive destination for those seeking affordability in the New York area.

Natural beauty and community

Long Island City’s parks and waterfront are true beauties. Gantry Plaza State Park and Hunters Point South Park stand out. They offer breathtaking Manhattan views. Obviously, these parks provide recreational spaces. They are perfect for relaxing and enjoying outdoor activities. These parks are not just green spaces. They are urban oases, which offer a refreshing escape from city life.

Tall green trees
The abundance of green spaces is one of the best reasons to move to Long Island City.

In these parks, community and diversity come alive. Long Island City is home to residents from various backgrounds. This mix creates a striking neighborhood. The area develops on its diverse community spirit. Local events and activities show this diversity. Families, young professionals, and artists find common ground here.  This neighborhood’s uniqueness lies in its all-inclusive vibe. It’s a community where different cultures and ideas merge. This diversity shapes the neighborhood’s character. It promotes a dynamic and supportive environment. In addition, Long Island City offers an exceptional living experience. Of course, its parks and waterfront add to its attraction. They provide scenic beauty and recreational opportunities. The community’s diversity enriches the neighborhood. Obviously, it makes Long Island City a desirable place to live, work, and visit.


Long Island City offers excellent educational opportunities, which makes it appealing for families and students. The area is home to top-ranking school districts as highlighted by Niche’s rankings. For instance, the Jericho Union Free School District stands out with a student-teacher ratio of 12 to 1 and impressive math and reading proficiency among students. In fact, this district, along with others like Great Neck Public Schools and Syosset Central School District, received high grades for academics, teachers, clubs, activities, and college prep, showcasing a well-rounded educational environment​​​​.

A big pile of books.
Before your move to Long Island make sure your education is secure.

Job market

Long Island City is a great area for business and employment opportunities. It’s increasingly becoming a preferred location for startups, established companies, and individuals looking for small storage units in NYC. Here are some important details regarding the job market you should know before you move to Long Island City:

  • Average annual salary in Long Island City: $67,965.
  • Hourly wage is approximately: $32.68.
  • Average weekly earnings: around $1,307.
  • Monthly salary estimate: about $5,663.

These figures offer valuable insights for job seekers and employers in Long Island City, highlighting the area’s competitive wage landscape.

Quality of Life

Long Island City has a high quality of life, reflected in its impressive safety index of 72.06 and a low pollution index of 20.83. The healthcare system scores highly at 70.14, ensuring residents’ well-being. To add up, the climate index of 75.32 promises a comfortable living environment. The property price to income ratio is very low at 3.22, making housing affordable. Plus, the low traffic commute time index of 34.67 eases daily travel. Again, these factors, coupled with active community engagement and different activities, make Long Island City an attractive location. For sure, looking ahead, the city’s future growth plans promise even more improvements, highlighting its desirability. Indeed, the prospect of enhanced facilities, infrastructure, and perhaps more options for storage in Long Island City, all point towards a forthcoming future for this high-spirited community.

There are many reasons you should move to Long Island City

Again, deciding to move to Long Island City is a smart choice for many reasons. It offers a great community, excellent job opportunities, and a high quality of life. The area is known for its safety, healthcare, and low pollution levels, making it a healthy place to live. Affordable housing and low commute times add to the convenience. With different cultural activities and community engagement, it’s an exciting place to be. Long Island City is also poised for future growth, promising an even more dynamic and desirable place to live.


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