A guide to redecorating your Manhattan home


The end of the year is so close, and every day is colder and colder. The sweater season is almost here, but also the holidays are getting closer by the day. That’s why we suggest you start thinking about redecorating your Manhattan home. Many people avoid this because they will have to extract some things which they don’t know where to put. But this year it can be different. We suggest you think about using some storage space in order to go through the season with ease. There are so many options to think of. You can even use vehicle storage NYC based if you don’t want to ride your four-wheeler during the winter.

Storage can be so helpful

If you never used storage NYC before, we are here to give you some information. There are so many different storing options and you will be able to find the one that fits your needs perfectly. You are the one who will decide on the size of the space you will need.

Renting storage space can be highly beneficial if you decide to redecorate your home.

Also, you can decide for how long you want to rent it. It can be for the whole year long. This will be handy if you want to change things that are inside, so you have only seasonal clothes in your home. But if you have this kind of need only during some period of the year, choose to rent short term storage NYC. That’s how you will gain some additional space during holidays. And that will make your life easier for sure.

Guide to redecorating your Manhattan home

The majority of people really like decorating their homes when they first move in. Whether it is rental or you own the space, this is true for almost everyone. Some of us tend to put in there more things than we actually need. It can also happen that your life situation is changed, you can get a roommate or even get a baby. So redecorating your Manhattan home is needed after some time. And since many of us don’t have some extra space, using storage in Manhattan NY can be highly beneficial.

Guide to redecorating your Manhattan home
Read our guide to redecorating your Manhattan home to get some ideas.

Set the tone

Redecorating your Manhattan home can start with setting the tone. The changes don’t have to be huge, but if you set the right tone they can have a great impact. Start from your front door and change the color of it. The first impression of your home starts just at the front door. You can paint the door in some fun colors. Red is a lucky one in many cultures. It means “welcome” to travelers in early America. On churches stands for a safe heaven. Other great options are yellow and orange. Both of them symbolize joy and warmth.

When you pass the front door, continue with the hallway. Put off items that don’t fit anymore. If you have valuables among them, you don’t have to throw them all away. Learn about NYC apartment storage, because that can be just the option you were looking for. Many Manhattan apartments are rather small, so having storage is an awesome savior.

Put the light in

Having a lot of natural light in every room is always welcome. It lights up the mood of the place and gives special warmth to it. So instead of heavy draperies, nowadays are much more welcome naked windows. Of course, if you don’t like that and want some more privacy, take some curtains of thin and soft natural materials to complete the vibe of every room.

Hang mirrors in every room

We all know that mirrors give depth to a place. But they can also make your space brighter. They can be used to bounce the light around the room. Be careful: putting a mirror in the wrong place can be even worse than not having one. So the right thing would be to put the mirror on the wall opposite a window, but not across from them. That will change the atmosphere for the better for sure.

Tuck your rug under the furniture

The basic rule is that in the living room the rug is an item that defines the seating area. So it should be under all four legs of your sofa and chairs. That will group your furniture. If your rug isn’t that big, at least two front legs should be on it. The same applies to living rooms that are less than generous proportions. They often ask for an 8-by-10-foot rug to accommodate properly a seating area. If the size of your rug is too small, everything will feel as if it falls apart. Not only that it looks bad, it just doesn’t feel comfortable. And that is always the goal of decorating your home, right?

Tuck your rug under at least two front legs of the furniture.


Every time a person decides to change something in their home, they will become aware of a mess they were storing for years. So it is time to change that. Redecorating is a perfect opportunity for getting rid of things that don’t fit into your life anymore. You don’t have to recycle them all. Donate some things that others can benefit from. And use storage space to save items you love, but don’t have space for them in your home right now.

Redecorating your Manhattan home doesn’t have to be hard

If you live in Manhattan, NY, and want to bring some changes to your space, our guide was helpful. Redecorating your Manhattan home doesn’t have to be hard. It can be a joyful experience that will mark the start of a new period of your life. Approach it with goodwill and excitement and apply the advice we gave you. You don’t have to change a lot to feel a completely different vibe in your home. That is a perfect way to create some freshness in your beloved space.


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