Safe neighborhoods to live in New York City


It’s no secret that New York City isn’t exactly known for having the best reputation when it comes to being one of the safest places to live in the entire country. If you are considering moving to the area or you are in a need of extra space storage NYC, safety is probably one of the most important factors in your decision-making process. However, going through crime reports and attempting to determine which areas of the city are the least dangerous can be a challenging task. As a result, to be of assistance to you in this endeavor, we have compiled a list of safe neighborhoods to live in New York City.

Check the list of safe neighborhoods to live in NYC

When making a decision about where to live, one of the most important considerations is the level of personal safety. This is important for the vast majority of people. Because there are so many different neighborhoods in New York City, it can be difficult to determine which one is the safest to live in. Not to mention that after making that decision, you will need to make other arrangements. Maybe even as looking for motorcycle storage NYC. But let’s first check safe neighborhoods to live in New York City.

Man riding a bike on NYC street
The sense of personal safety is of the utmost importance when looking for safe neighborhoods to live in New York City.

Tribeca is one of the safe neighborhoods to live in New York City

Triangle Below Canal, also known as Tribeca or TriBeCa, was a center for the industry before it was rezoned into a living area. Located in Lower Manhattan, it is home to 20.000 people. Tribeca is known as one of the best places to live in New York City. Crime in this area has gone down a lot in the past decades going down by 86.3% over the past 30 years. The 1st Precinct of the NYPD is always on the lookout, which discourages crimes. Since Tribeca is in Manhattan, the most expensive part of NYC, the cost of living here is high. However, if you are moving here with kids you should know that the quality of public schools is above average. And you should check for storage companies that pick up, as this will make the move and decluttering much easier.

City Island

The neighborhood known as City Island is located in the north-northeast corner of the Bronx. This neighborhood is home to retirees and younger people seeking cheaper homes and a slower pace. 4,362 people are living here, and the area is known for its many excellent seafood restaurants and its love of lobster. According to safety insights, the area has one of the lowest rates of overall crime. The 45th Precinct is in charge of maintaining order on City Island. City Island saw a 38% decrease in its overall crime rate in the past 20 years. This place is amazing for raising families, and most residents own their homes. The rent price is also significantly lower, compared with Tribeca, with a median rent price of $1,696. When moving and don’t know where to store extra things, check what storage units Bronx NY has in store for you.

Looking for safe neighborhoods to live in New York City
New York City offers many safe neighborhoods to live in.

Battery Park City

According to, Battery Park City is the best neighborhood to raise a family in NYC. Battery Park City is a mostly residential neighborhood, on the southern tip of Manhattan. The area is centered around Battery Park. It has a population of 16,070 people, and it is also considered the second safest place in New York City.  FBI data shows that there are only about 1,373 crimes per 100,000 people in Battery Park City. The rate of violent crime in BPC is 55% less than the national average, which is a big deal. Most of the crimes are against property, and only 12.4% are considered to be violent crimes. Like most places in Manhattan, Battery Park City has top-notch security. And since it’s considered the best neighborhood to raise a family, it is no wonder that schools are above average.

Long Island City

Long Island City is a part of Queens, with 55,976 residents. It is a residential and business area known for its lively nightlife, green spaces, and modern art museums. This offers residents an urban feel. Along with its sleek and modern high-rises, this area is a lively place to live, work, and play. The 108th Precinct is in charge of Long Island City and four other neighborhoods. In the last year, there were 9.47 crimes for every 1000 people living here. Also, in the past 20 years, overall crime has gone down by 55.7%. 71% of the people living here said they feel pretty safe in the area. The rest 29% said they felt very safe. As 83% of the residents rent their places, check for self storage first month free if you are not sure where to put your belongings while in the process of moving.

New York City skyline
As one of the most diverse cities in the world, NYC really offers many choices when it comes to living in it.


The name “Nolita” comes from the fact that it is near another part of Manhattan called “Little Italy.” Nolita is just north of Little Italy and south of Chinatown. People used to think of it as part of Little Italy, but over the years it has lost its Italian charm and become its own neighborhood. Over the last 30 years, the neighborhood of Nolita has changed. It is now home to more wealthy, high-class people and has 5,611 residents. This could be one reason why crime has gone down so much in that time. Even though Nolita has more crimes than some of the other places on this list, it’s still one of the safest places in NYC. With great schools, Nolita is obviously a good place to raise children.

The only thing left is to choose one of the safe neighborhoods to live in New York City

Moving to a city that never sleeps is always exciting, and we know how important it is to choose wisely among safe neighborhoods to live in New York City. However, you should be aware that there is no such thing as a completely risk-free location. Because of this, we always strongly recommend that when going out at night you do so in a group. And to stay far away from isolated areas. But this is applicable wherever you live in the world. We hope our list helps you a bit in choosing the right NYC neighborhood for you!


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