Simple decorating tips once you relocate


In the midst of the confusion and stress of moving, decorating might be something that doesn’t cross your mind too often. You just wanted the relocation to be a success, and it will be! But now, you’re realizing that maybe you could use a few decorating tips once you relocate. Well, luckily for you, we, as one of the leading storage NYC providers, have some of the best tips at our disposal. Even though the moving process is pricy and draining, you still need to think of decorating your new home. No one enjoys their home looking bare and undecorated, so, let’s go!

Decor on shelves

Plan so your furniture can fit perfectly

Depending on the size of your current and future apartment, there are a few things to keep in mind. Maybe you used to rent a smaller space and are finally moving to a more spacious home. On the other hand, you might be downsizing and really need to plan out where each piece of furniture needs to go. No matter the size of your new home, you want everything to be cohesive and look beautiful.

First off, of course, you need to make some decisions. Short-term storage NYC is an amazing option for all the surplus of furniture you might have. The perk to hiring short-term storage is that you’re not making any permanent obligations. You can cancel the service whenever you want, and it will help you immensely with storage issues. Otherwise, if storage isn’t posing an issue, you still need to make plans where each piece is located. Think of walking space, how you will communicate with friends once you all sit down, as well as aesthetics. Your sofas and couches need to be close enough to comfortably hang out with your friends, yet still far apart to create enough room for moving around. Also, measuring your space before moving could make this a lot easier for you, if you have the chance to do it.


Before you relocate all of your furniture, you might want to paint the walls. It will be so much easier to do this beforehand while your belongings are still not in the home, rather than afterward. Try and think of all the furniture you have while painting. It’s important to choose a color you like that matches the furniture you own. You might be feeling adventurous, but we urge you to try and stay realistic. Think to yourself if you would like this color in a couple of years from now. You can always repaint it whenever you want to, but choosing a color that can stay on the walls for a long time is a good way to reduce waste and keep some extra money in your pocket. Also, keep in mind that vehicle storage NYC is an amazing option if your new home doesn’t come with a garage or enough parking space.

If the new apartment is pretty small, you would largely benefit from painting it in a light shade. This will give the illusion that the space is bigger than it is. The next of our decorating tips once you relocate is an accent wall, which is also an amazing way to go. They always add some diversity and a bit of pizzaz.

A man talking on a phone in front of an accent wall
An accent wall doesn’t have to be too intricate, something simple will still be as effective.

If you’ve already concluded your moving process and painting your apartment is a huge job, we’ve still got the solution for you! By hiring NYC apartment storage, you’ll be able to paint your home without issues while also keeping your furniture completely safe. This is what we call a win-win.

Exchange light fixtures

One of the biggest things that will determine how you feel about your new home is the lighting. You might be underestimating the importance of good light fixtures with the right type of light. If your home is too dark and the lights are pretty dimmed, you might feel tired or even sad and drained a lot of the time. On the other hand, if the lights are glaring white above-head lights, you might just be battling a headache each day. Updating your light fixtures will make a huge difference.

Removing and replacing light fixtures is a huge project to take on. You need to be aware that it will likely take a lot of time, and money, and might mean that the walls need to be repainted. But, we would still like to urge you to do it if you have the chance. There are few things worse than a badly lit home.

You could even do it by yourself if you have some experience. Try and think where you would like the light. Do you like chandeliers or lamps? White or yellow lightbulbs? Think about your home and what looks best, but not only that, keep in mind what is the most practical way to help get more light into your home.

Feel free to add a personal touch

After all, you are decorating your own home. Next on our list of decorating tips once you relocate is that you should always add something personal that will set your home apart from others. There are many ways to decorate your home on a budget. And, of course, there is no one specific rule.

  • Add wallpaper to your room
  • Find interesting decor in a second-hand store
  • Hang your art, or photos
  • Try upcycling a piece of furniture, and whatever else comes to mind!
A personalized wall of various pictures
Personalize your home whatever way you want to!

Get creative when it comes to storage

Even though mini Manhattan storage is extremely convenient and affordable, you can’t store so many items as you need them. We would recommend that upon your arrival you look at your items and decide what it is you won’t need. If possible, do this even before the move. There are beautiful storage options out there. You can get a huge, yet stylish closet where you can fit a lot of items while still adding to the home decor. Additionally, there are so many amazing shelf options for all the items you wish to display but don’t have enough room for.

We hope you’ve enjoyed some of our simple decorating tips once you relocate! Good luck in your new home, and remember, make it your own.


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