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The time has come for you to sell your apartment. There are a couple of things you can do to make the most out of the whole process, so today we’ll talk about some of them. We can recommend the best storage units NYC for your every need, while you’re getting everything ready. With our help, you can learn how to stage your Manhattan apartment for sale. We’ll talk about some of the tips and tricks you can use in this endeavor, and soon enough, you’ll be ready to go through with your plans. However, we are also aware that this isn’t an easy thing that you have to do. Keeping that in mind, we’ll do everything we can to lift some weight off your shoulders, so you can continue with your quest with the least amount of stress possible.

The importance of staging an apartment for sale

Selling an apartment is a big financial transaction. In some cases, it gives people a monetary base to start a new life. In any case, however, you don’t want to lose out on any amount of money in this situation. You have invested your time and energy in this place, so now, when the time has come for you to sell it, you deserve the ability to make an appropriate amount of money. Nobody wants to pay a large amount of money for an apartment that needs a lot of work. Some people even try to find or make up nonexistent problems, so they can try and convince you to sell for a lower price. Because of this, you need to be careful and dedicate some time to stage your Manhattan apartment for sale.

If you’re selling your apartment, that can also mean you’re approaching a certain fresh start in your life. Staging it for sale will give you a chance to declutter a bit, decide which of your possessions hold the most value to you, and start preparing for a new beginning. When you stage your Manhattan apartment for sale, you can use this time to categorize your belongings. This is where the use of storage units can come in handy. Luckily, for everything from short-term self-storage to motorcycle storage NYC, we can accommodate your every need.

A room kept simple is a good way to stage your Manhattan apartment for sale
When staging your apartment for sale – less is more.

How to stage your Manhattan apartment for sale

Some of the basics you need to go through during this process can seem obvious. However, don’t let that underestimate them. Every single step is important, because of the value of your task in general. Here are the things you should do, going room by room:

  • Clean everything!
  • Take care of the walls and floors
  • Look after the furniture
  • Depersonalize the space when you stage your Manhattan apartment for sale

Clean everything!

You want to show your potential buyers that you took care of the apartment. Make sure your kitchen appliances are the cleanest they have ever been. Go room by room and don’t miss any single corner. You should focus on making anything look as good as new.

Take care of the walls and floors

When it comes to your floors, remove your carpets and polish the wood. If your floors aren’t in the best shape, think about upgrading. Elegant flooring will attract a lot of buyers, so even if it’s an investment, it is definitely a worthy one.

Take care of the walls by starting from the simplest little things. Tear down your old wallpapers. Tear down even the new ones. You want your walls visible and painted in neutral colors. Clean everything (yes, again) and get to painting!

Look after the furniture

Make sure your furniture can fit into the room. Don’t allow your furniture to clutter your apartment. You’ll have pieces of furniture you want to keep for yourself, and you’ll have some candidates to throw away. Because of this, look into your best options for furniture storage NYC and you’ll be able to proceed without worry.

Depersonalize the space when you stage your Manhattan apartment for sale

You want your apartment to become appealing to a large number of people. Potential buyers need to be able to envision themselves in your home. You will achieve this by removing all of your art, photos, and anything else that you consider niche to your character and personality. Keep those things in storage so you have them with you when you move, but, for now, paint your place in neutral colors and make it appealing to as many people as you can.

A bathroom cleaned and staged for buyers to see
Don’t forget about the importance of a clean bathroom.

Some extra tips

The basics are all well and good, but we all know that every important thing that needs to be done has a few tips and tricks around it, that aren’t as obvious as others. Staging your apartment for sale isn’t just about making sure everything is clean and functional. Of course, those things are paramount. You should focus on them and cover all the basics, as well as avoid common staging mistakes, like not painting the space or having poor lighting in your photos. However, there are some “smaller” things you should keep in mind as well, so the whole process of selling the apartment goes smoothly and easily. Here are some of our extra tips for staging your Manhattan place:

  • Don’t forget about the exterior – if your Manhattan apartment has a balcony, you have to dedicate your attention to it. This is very attractive to all of your potential buyers, so make sure to accentuate it.
  • When taking photos, use relatively wide angles – this will make your rooms look a bit bigger. However, don’t forget about the risk of overdoing this. You don’t want someone to come in and immediately be disappointed because the space looked much larger in the photographs.
  • Take care of the lights – your lighting pieces shouldn’t be big and bulky, so invest in good quality LED light bulbs. You want your place to be well lit, and you want the lights to turn on quickly. This is a good investment both because of the picture quality and the first impression of any potential buyer.
A room in neutral colors
You can’t go wrong with neutral colors.


When you decide to stage your Manhattan apartment for sale, you have an important task in front of you. Remember, every step on the way is just as important. However, with a couple of our tips and our knowledge on your side, we’re sure that the whole process will go on without any trouble. With one of the best storage facilities Manhattan there for your every need, you will be able to rest easy. All your possessions will be secure, so you can focus on fixing up your place and getting it ready to bring you the value that you deserve. Give us a call for all of your storage needs and let’s set off on this journey together.


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