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Declutter your personal or professional premises by placing excess items in our cost-effective self storage NYC facility.


    Every person, regardless of who they are, where they live, or what they do, seeks to elevate their quality of life. One of the major points in that quest is improving your immediate surroundings. However, it’s also one of the greatest tripping stones. Because, to enhance your space, first, you need to have enough of it. And, this often means getting rid of a fair share of your belongings, to make room for those that fit your needs and lifestyle more. But, how to decide which of your belongings should you discard? Well, quite simple – you don’t! With NYC Mini Storage you can have all the space you need, without sacrificing any item you worked hard to obtain. Give us a call today, reserve your space in self storage NYC relies upon, and keep improving your life without hindrances.

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    Contact NYC Mini Storage and tackle any life’s challenge without worrying about the safety of your belongings.

    Everything you’re looking for in secure self storage NYC facility – you’ll find in NYC Mini Storage

    Over the years, NYC Mini Storage gained significant renown, both within the industry and user population. We built our reputation of excellence through:

    • Offering safe storage services in NYC at affordable prices.
    • Understanding our clients’ storage needs and answering them with care and dedication.
    • Utmost professionalism and conscientiousness when handling our customers’ belongings.

    Our mission is to provide safety and convenience at all times while remaining budget-friendly. And, to that end, we spare no effort or resource. Self storage first month free is just one of the benefits you get from renting our self storage space.

    Ensuring the safety of your possessions has never been easier

    Many situations and undertakings in life beg the need for secure self storage in NYC. Maybe you just moved to the city and need a safe staging area, while scouting for that perfect place to call home. Perhaps you’re remodeling and need a short term solution to keep your items safe and out of the way. Or, maybe, there’s a new family member on the way. So, now, you need to turn that extra room you used for storage into a nursery.

    Regardless of the reasons behind the change, one thing remains essential: the need to keep your belongings safe at all times. And, today, with NYC Mini Storage, that’s one goal you can easily achieve.

    a couple putting items in secure self storage NYC
    You can make any transitioning period easier with self storage NYC Mini Storage provides.

    Safety of your belongings is our primary point of focus

    NYC Mini Storage is well-aware of the significance life-changing events carry. But, more than that, we know how challenging each one is. That’s why our self storage NYC specialists work tirelessly to eliminate a major stress factor from your transition: agonizing over your belongings’ well-being. We take your need for safety with utmost seriousness. And that’s why we made our secure self storage NYC facility into a fortress, boasting:

    • Professional surveillance systems with 24-hour coverage;
    • Advanced anti-intrusion alarm systems;
    • 24/7 on-site security guard;
    • Fireproof storage solutions;
    • Climate-controlled storage options;
    • Cleanliness and regular maintenance;
    • Proactive pest control and prevention.

    As you can see, with your belongings in our facility, you can rest easy. With us, you’ll know they’re safe and sound, any time of the day. We’re here to give you peace of mind, so essential during turbulent times. And, thus, enable you to address these life-defining changes unburdened by worries and cares.

    Find the right NYC self storage method with only a minimal effort

    Not every life-changing event is the same. Each one carries different challenges and requires a different approach to deal with them. The same is true when choosing a storage method. Your household or business is unique, in every regard. Therefore, it takes the right NYC self storage solution, to answer your specific needs and demands. Fortunately, finding those solutions becomes effortless with NYC Mini Storage. We offer a full array of self storage options, fit for any situation:

    Now, we know that this list is quite extensive. And, as such, a bit intimidating to choose from. Fear not – our specialists stand ready to assist you and make it easy. Courteous and knowledgeable, they’ll help you find the right fit for your needs and your budget. With us, you’re not wasting a dime or a minute more than absolutely necessary.

    Our NYC self storage options boast amazing affordability

    Aside from safety, budget-friendliness is the next major trait of our services. Although we’re already one of the prime NYC self storage providers, we remain incredibly competitive. And, that’s why we offer complete services at the most affordable rates in NYC. Moreover, you’re getting self storage first month free – regardless of which long term option you choose. But, the benefits do not end there.

    A young couple hugging in front of the pile of cardboard boxes.
    NYC Mini Storage has the best solutions for your storage needs.

    Unparalleled convenience – a given, with our self storage NYC services

    Astounding convenience we offer to our customers is the final trait that defines us. Also, it’s what makes us the prime NYC self storage company:

    • Get free storage estimate and help with choosing adequate storage for your needs;
    • Reserve the storage unit of the right size and type with ease;
    • Access to your belongings any day of the week;
    • You can reach our location from all major NYC highways, as well as subway and bus lines.

    And, if getting self storage first month free isn’t enough – we offer more! When you opt for our services, you can avoid the hustle of NYC. We made our storage pickup service in NYC available to our customers, again – completely free! Our professionals will come to your NYC place, and pick up the belongings you already packed. No back-breaking, no combating traffic, no unnecessary risks.

    Secure self storage NYC residents want in their neighborhood – now within your reach

    Making tough times easier and improving your life both start with small steps. But, when one of those steps is choosing self storage NYC relies upon – it’s a giant leap in the right direction. With NYC Mini Storage, you’re getting security, convenience, and affordability – all the way, every step of the way. Contact us today and reserve your place in the space that makes life better.


    “ They were AWESOME! We used them for a move from 1 Location to 2 different ones. Couldn’t be Happier the dealt with freezing weather icy driveway and never complained once. Highly recommend. Thank You! ”

    John Harkin

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