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    • Amazing service, they made sure that all of my belongings were safe and never lost or mistreated them. i love this company and will always use them for pracitcally all of my storage needs and i am in love with their service! great stuff overall. just...
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  • Self Storage Tips

    New York City offers a number of private storage options spread everywhere- from Manhattan to Bronx. But as a customer looking for safe storage choices in NY, you must be aware of certain tips that will help you pick the right storage facility like- NYC Ministorage.

    Choosing A Storage Facility

    • Choose the right storage facility for you.
    • Check the storage location.
    • Check if the facility is secured.
    • Check that the hallways are well lit.
    • Check that the unit is fully closed walls and celing.
    • Check the hours of access.


    • Get professional boxes from your storage facility or movers.
    • Pack all boxes to the top. Do not overload it.
    • Pack heavy items like books in small boxes.
    • Protect fragile goods in wrapping paper or bubble wrap.
    • Pack pictures and mirrors in boxes marked ‘fragile’ and ‘upright’.
    • Use mattress bags to cover mattresses and box-springs.
    • Take furniture apart when possible.
    • Wrap good furniture with paper or cloth pads.
    • Use wardrobe boxes for hanging cloths and suits.
    • Empty , clean, and dry appliances before storing.


    • Use your own car, van, or
    • Rent a truck, or
    • Check with your storage facility for help with pick-up.
    • If you self load, pack wisely!
    • Do not place heavy or sharp objects on mattresses or sofas.
    • Pack tight, using similar size objects together.
    • Keep things you may need handy near the door.
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    NYC Mini Storage, Inc. Locations

    NYC Address: 863 East 141st Street Bronx NY, 10454
    Phone: 718-742-2222 or Toll-Free: 866-646-4338