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Surpass mid-schoolyear housing difficulties and the lack of space by contacting NYC Mini Storage and renting our student storage in NYC.


We’ve realized that students could have great use from renting storage. That is why we have prepared some special deals and benefits for all students that decide to rent self storage units from us. Whether you need to empty your dorm over the summer, safeguard your furniture while you are changing apartments, or you simply want to keep some excess items in a secure place, NYC Mini Storage offers clean, dry, climate-controlled self storage units of different sizes for those and other purposes. Simply give us a call so we can assess your needs, and let’s get your items to one of the safest student storage NYC has to offer.

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We can safeguard your items for as long as you like in our safe student storage units in NYC

NYC Mini Storage can help students in many situations

There are many situations where students might need storage. If they are living in a dorm, some dormitories require their students to empty their rooms over the summer. So most students that are in this situation are forced to move their items back home during the summer break.

Not only that this produces serious amounts of unnecessary expenses, but the whole process of moving out, transporting items, and moving back in is tiring and stressful. Not to mention the days that a student needs to spend handling the entire process instead of enjoying the long-awaited break. Have you been in this kind of situation? If you had, wouldn’t it be easier if you could just reserve your storage room in a nearby facility to stuff your items, instead of moving them back home?

Other situations where our NYC student storage units can be of use

This is just one of the situations in which students can benefit from using some of our quality storage facilities in NYC. On the other hand, students that live in rentals have a similar but more drastic type of problem – they are moving even more frequently. And it is not uncommon for them to get into a situation where they leave one apartment and have to wait a week or two before they can move in into the next one. If you had a similar situation then you know how difficult it is to safeguard your possessions during that period. Again, renting some good NYC self storage in your vicinity is the solution.

Naturally, there are many other situations where NYC student storage could be of great use. For example for keeping excess items or items that are not best fitted for a dorm. We understand that student life is difficult. That is why we are doing our best to make it at least a bit easier.

We are arguably the most versatile student storage NYC has on its grounds

We know that one size doesn’t fit all. That is why we have designed one of the broadest selection of storage services NYC has ever seen. Storage units of different sizes and for a wide array of purposes are at your disposal. Our units are clean, pest-free, climate-controlled, and safe. And they represent a perfect habitat for all types of items. Here are some of the storage services we offer:

Keep your items safe for as long as you want

Even though we, as a company, like long-term cooperation with our customers more, we understand that students more often need short-term storage solutions. That is why we offer perfect short-term storage for students who need a quick and effective way out of a problem. Of course, we offer some of the best student storage NYC has for long-term safekeeping as well. Whatever your needs are, we have the answer.

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Student life is complicated and it’s only logical to try to simplify it as much as you can

Place your apartment inventory in one of the safest storage facilities in NYC

As we already mentioned, students need storage in a variety of situations. However, if you need a safe place to protect your entire inventory, including home furniture and appliances, for example, we have perfect apartment storage solutions. We have self-storage units in NYC that can accommodate your entire household inventory and keep it safe, regardless of the duration.

Do you own a motorized vehicle that you do not know where to keep during winter?

According to one survey conducted in 2016, 48% of students own a car. Some other examinations showed that 14 of the 215 schools surveyed, more than 90% of students owned a car. So we can agree that a lot of students own motorized vehicles. We understand, however, that personal vehicle ownership and operating costs for students are high. But it will get even higher if your vehicle is not properly stored while not in use. That is why we have prepared some adequate vehicle storage solutions for students.

We offer perfect storage for your car

If you own a car and you are a student, we have a solution. Give us a call today and reserve the best car storage NYC has to offer. Your car will be safe during the summer break when you are not around. More importantly, you can keep it safe from the harsh environment during wintertime.

Keep your motorcycle in a safe locker

Even though that survey only investigated how many students own a car, we know that many students own a motorcycle as well. And we know that, because of affordability and convenience, more and more student every year decide on this type of transport. If you are a biker student and you need a safe place for your machine during winter, give us a call and make use of the most modern motorcycle storage in NYC for your bike right now.

Our pickup storage service is designed for alleviating the process of storing your items

We know that you have to deal with many problems when you are a student. And just when the summer break starts, instead of traveling back home to see your family or enjoying yourself with your friends, you have to spend a few days from that well-deserved summer break packing and transporting your items to storage.

Luckily, now that you have NYC Mini Storage by your side, you do not have to worry about transporting your items to storage. Yes, we also have the most effective storage pickup service NYC can offer. Moreover, we can also get you quality boxes and supplies so you can properly pack your stuff before we arrive for a pickup.

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Avoid carrying items to storage yourself, hire our storage pickup service in NYC

We care about your budget – get quality student storage in NYC at an affordable cost

Unfortunately, most students struggle financially. We are aware of this fact, therefore, we are offering the affordable student storage NYC students often recommend to each other. To check our rates, contact us online to get a free storage estimate, give us a call, or pay us a visit. We are sure that you will like what we have to offer.

Simplify your college life with some of the best storage services NYC has to offer

Student life is hard but our company found a way to make it at least a bit easier. There is no need for you to spend days handling your possessions and worrying about their well-being. Simply contact us, get a free quote, and NYC Mini Storage will come to pick up your items and take them to the best student storage NYC has.


“ They were AWESOME! We used them for a move from 1 Location to 2 different ones. Couldn’t be Happier the dealt with freezing weather icy driveway and never complained once. Highly recommend. Thank You! ”

John Harkin

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