Storage tips for staging your Manhattan apartment


You have decided to sell or rent your Manhattan apartment. However, before you advertise selling or renting, you must prepare your property to look attractive to potential renters or buyers. Staging your home is common when you plan to put it on the market. It is important because of the first impression it will give to people who would like to move in. In addition, staging will give them an idea of what their new home would look like. To make the whole process easier you can rent extra space storage NYC. This way you will put away all the things that might not fit into the staging image you are trying to achieve. Therefore, dive into this guide and learn some storage tips for staging your Manhattan apartment. Start enjoying the staging process as soon as possible.

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Remember that staged apartments sell faster on the market

Verify the importance of staging

The common fact is that staged homes sell or rent more quickly on the market. It gives the chance to potential buyers to visualize their potential home much easier. Therefore, the moment you decide to sell your apartment, you should start with staging preparations. Once you start creating a staging plan, you will realize that you need to remove some things from your home. Maybe you have some statement artworks which are very sensitive. In this case, consider renting climate-controlled storage Manhattan. Before you start staging, go through all of your possessions. If you realize that potential buyers might not like seeing some art pieces or some other sensitive items, put them away in a storage unit. If you remove certain items from your home, you will give it a much simpler look. future owners will also have a clearer image of the whole space.

Learn some storage tips for staging your Manhattan apartment

When staging a home, decluttering is one of the most important steps that you can take. Purging your apartment will make it more appealing to people who come to see it.

a storage unit with organge doors
Decluttering and putting items away is one of the best storage tips for staging your Manhattan apartment

The good thing is that you really do not have to get rid of anything you still like or can use in your future home. For example, if you have some pieces of furniture that you do not want your buyers to see, short term furniture storage NYC can come in handy. You can store away the old cozy armchair that you like so much. Or you can remove a large bookshelf that severs as a room divider. In this way, your apartment will look more spacious. In addition, it will look cleaner and easier to reorganize for the people who would like to buy it.

Try to keep it as simple as possible

One of the most useful storage tips for staging your Manhattan apartment is to keep it as simple as possible. You certainly wish to avoid a potential buyer seeing piles of items in every corner of your apartment. For this reason, your realtor will advise you to remove as many items as you can from your current space. Pick up and storage NYC unit can serve as a great additional space where you can put all the unnecessary items. When staging, interior design is extremely important. If you have some strong or dark colors on the walls and furniture, think about changing them into something lighter. Going with nude or white would be much easier for potential buyers to plan how they would arrange the apartment. In addition, take off all the personal photos from the walls to give space for buyers to imagine putting their own there.

But also do not make a sterile home

Staging experts say that minimalist-looking homes sell much easier than those with too many statement pieces. However, you do not want your home to look sterile. This can also leave an impression of a non-homey space that you wish to avoid.

a large living room with a couch and dinner table with chairs
Try to make your home look as cozy as possible

In addition, depending on your target group of potential buyers, you need to organize the interior. It may happen that you have several statement furniture pieces. Having all of these may look like a mess. Instead, you can rent a long-term storage unit and put away some of those pieces. If you are certain that your home will look good, having some such pieces can also add value to the way your home looks like. Try to find some soft touches that will communicate with your buyers. The idea is to find a perfect balance that will make your apartment a great catch.

Other storage tips for staging your Manhattan apartment

When staging a home, you certainly need to make all the small repairs that are necessary so everything works. In addition, polish all the small kitchen appliances, remove the moldy shower, and put some homemade fresh soap in the bathroom. Once you make sure that everything is clean and working, stand at the entrance door. Then once again go through every room of your apartment. For every piece that seems too much, make sure to prepare it for a storage unit. You can buy some cheap moving boxes on Amazon or in your local store where you can pack all the unnecessary items. Also, do not forget about your corridors or terraces. If you happen to keep there your bicycle or some hobby or sports equipment, consider removing it as well and putting it into a storage unit.

There are many useful storage tips for staging your Manhattan apartment so you can make it as appealing as possible to future owners. What you need to do is to take some simple steps and turn your apartment into a homey cozy nest. Using storage space can make the whole process much easier. In addition, one of the best things about it is that you can still keep all the items from your home without having to get rid of them. Put yourself in the shoes of a potential home buyer and try to imagine how you would like it to look. One thing is for sure, you will definitely have fun decorating your interior.


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