Stuff to leave behind when packing items for a long-term storage


If you are looking to rent a long-term storage unit for your items, we are here to help you out determine what stuff to leave behind. The storage process is not easy. It takes a lot of time as well as preparations and proper packing. In this article, we will take a look at how you should declutter your inventory and what to leave behind.  Of course, in addition to this, we will also take a look at the crucial role reliable storage experts play in the process of getting you the right storage room NYC.

Preparing for storage – Why decluttering matters

So, we have mentioned already the term declutter but what does this mean exactly? Well, to begin with, decluttering is extremely important during the storage process. Decluttering essentially means getting rid of the items from your inventory that you no longer need, want, or use. However, why does this help you figure out what to leave behind before storage? Decluttering will help you out by giving you a nice overview of all of the cluttered items you have in your inventory. An inventory checklist is also very useful and you should do your best to make one. It will let you know exactly what you are dealing with. By decluttering, you are making your long-term storage NYC process a lot easier and more organized.

Couple looking at stuff to leave behind before storage.
Figure out what you have in your inventory by decluttering and creating an inventory checklist.

Stuff to leave behind once you start preparing your items for storage

We went through the importance of decluttering your inventory and creating an inventory checklist. However, once you have done that and you know which items you are dealing with in your inventory, how to know what to leave behind before your storage? We have made a simple but important list of items you should definitely leave behind before you proceed with your storage process. Let’s take a closer look.

Old clothing

Take your time when you go through your closet or wardrobe. Over the years, clothing items have surely piled up. Sometimes, while you declutter, you find stuff you did not even know you had. Try not to overdo it when it comes to packing clothing items for storage. This is especially the case when it comes to long-term storage. Go through your clothing items properly and take time to assess what you will be wearing in the future and what you can leave behind.

Bathroom items

Your bathroom is filled with essential items for living. However, when packing your items for long-term storage, it is best to leave out most of your bathroom inventory. This is because not only is it easily replaceable, but also your bathroom items might go out of date while inside long-term storage. Furthermore, if you happen to have medication that is near the expiration date, it is best to leave it behind and get rid of it.

Old furniture

The old furniture is usually very bulky and extremely heavy. On top of that, it is also usually damaged beyond repair. If you have the ability to choose, it is advisable to leave very old and bulky furniture behind instead of storing it away. However, in case you do plan on moving and storing your old furniture, make sure you contact reliable storage experts who can help you with professional storage pick-up service and safely transport all of your items to your desired storage unit.

Pick-up service for NYC storage.
Get quality pick-up services from reliable storage experts when dealing with heavy items such as furniture.

Chemicals, toxic items, and flammables

It is well-known that storage units have their own rules and requirements. You cannot simply store away anything. Therefore, you need to carefully examine your inventory first. In case you have any, chemical items, toxic items, or flammable, you will have to leave these behind. These items are strictly forbidden in storage units as they can easily leak or be set off and cause damage to the storage facility as well as the rest of your inventory.

What to do with the stuff you left behind?

Simply leaving and tossing your items away is not a good solution. So, once you get a good idea of all of the items you have separated in the “leave behind” checklist, what can you do to get rid of them properly? Well, we have come up with three efficient ways of dealing with the stuff you left behind. Those are the following:

  • Donations. Always contact your local charity organization. You never know how you can help with your items. See if someone else can use them instead of throwing them away.
  • Garage sales. Organizing a garage sale is not all that difficult. So, in addition to donating your stuff away, you can also try to sell some of it and earn some extra cash that way.
  • Online sales. Online sales are also very easy to set up nowadays. You have a ton of different sites which you can use to sell the times you did not store.
Packing items.
Figure out efficient solutions for how to get rid of the items you leave behind.

Store away your belongings safely with the assistance of reliable storage experts

To sum up, the storage process is not always easy and it often requires a good amount of planning and organization. However, it can be done properly and safely with the assistance of reliable storage experts. Before storage, go through your inventory and determine what you can leave behind. So once you figure out the stuff to leave behind before your storage, make sure you contact trusted storage experts who can help you with storage Bronx NY. With their professional help, you can safely and successfully store away your belongings in a long-term storage unit without worrying.


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