Stylish small space decorating ideas for your Bronx home


When you move into a new house or apartment, it will be an empty canvas that you can decorate as you like. But since you will be moving to the Bronx, things might look a bit different. The Bronx is one of the five boroughs of NYC – the most expensive city in the USA. A square foot costs a fortune here, even though the Bronx is considered more affordable than the other four boroughs. So, you will likely end up moving into a small apartment. But renting NYC Mini Storage can make even a small apartment work. And that doesn’t mean that you have to give up decorating – it’s what turns a property into a home! Our stylish small space decorating ideas will hopefully give you a creative boost.

What are some stylish small space decorating ideas?

Stylish can mean many things, but usually, those are the decor pieces that are trendy at the moment. You can follow trends, or you can just decorate your home the way you want to. It is your living space, after all, so you make all the decisions. So, get rid of all that clutter, put it up for storage at some storage Bronx NY company, and make space for stylish small-space decorating ideas. Some of our best ideas are:

  • Houseplants
  • Well-used vertical spaces
  • Bold walls
Picture of a plant, one of the best stylish small space decorating ideas
You get to make all the decisions, so you can decorate the way you like


Houseplants are likely the most universal decor pieces out there. Whether you have a modern minimalist apartment or farmhouse, houseplants always elevate a space. Since you have a small space, free up as much space as you can by hiring some self storage first month free.  If you have a big open corner space, you can get a big plant, but we suggest starting with smaller ones. They are easier to handle and take up less space. Some beginner-friendly plants are snake plants, pothos, and spider plants.

Vertical spaces can also be used for decorating

When decorating, most people focus on the floor, shelves, tabletops, and other counter spaces. Why not take the decorations to the next level? Why would you keep your vertical shelves full of clutter when you can give them to some storage companies that pick up and use that space for decorating? You shouldn’t use overwhelming pieces – small, subtle, well-spaced pieces are the best options. You can even put your plants on shelves, just make sure that they receive enough light.

Bold walls are one of the most space-saving stylish small space decorating ideas

If you are living in a studio apartment and have no space for decorations whatsoever, not all hope is lost. Walls are a great way to add decorations, even without adding shelves. Simply painting a wall in an accent color, or adding some bold pattern to it can take the room to the next level. Just make sure to keep it in harmony with the colors and materials that you already have, and not overdo it.

Picture of a faux brick wall
One of the stylish small space decorating ideas can take your space to the next level, without taking any space

Decorating a small space will be challenging, but also fun

Even if you have a small apartment, that doesn’t mean that you can’t use all our stylish small space decorating ideas. Using a bit of everything will give a nice balance to your home, and by adding houseplants, you will have decor that purifies your air! We wish you plenty of fun during this project.


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