Suburban home vs downtown apartment – which wins in NYC?


When moving to NYC, there is always going to be the never-ending debate of Suburban home vs downtown apartment. Which one wins for NYC? In this article, we take a look at the pros and cons of both suburban homes and downtown apartments in NYC. Furthermore, in case you plan on renting storage while moving, we are also going to show you the importance of getting reliable storage companies NYC to assist you. 

Suburban home vs downtown apartment – The costs

The very first thing many people will take into consideration when looking between the two is the price. Understandably, the cost of living plays a big part in the process of deciding where we wish to move and live. So, how do the two compare? Obviously, there are all sorts of additional factors to take into consideration such as the living space you are looking for, the size of your inventory, your budget, whether you are moving with your family or not, but we can look at some prices overall and establish the differences. New York City is well-known for its high demand for real estate and high rent prices. Manhattan prices have been skyrocketing and reaching new records. However, this is not the case with every neighborhood.

On the other hand, prices for renting in suburban areas around NYC are generally lower. An important thing to keep in mind is that you can find apartments at the same prices as those in the suburbs if you do your research. Looking at the price difference, you might be disappointed if you move to the suburbs solely for the purpose of saving money. If you are indeed moving from your apartment though, make sure you find yourself reliable NYC apartment storage to keep your items safe and protected until you can use them again.

Calculating prices between Suburban home vs downtown apartment .
When it comes to prices between suburban home vs downtown apartment, they can be similar but generally suburban homes have lower rent.

Amenities between suburbs and downtown

It is safe to say that there are significant differences in the lifestyles of living in suburbs and living in NYC downtown. Both come with their pros and cons. When looking at amenities, there are also some differences. Perhaps we can compare the two as the center of attention vs. behind the scene. It would be impossible to compare all of the different amenities between the two but it is no secret that NYC offers more job opportunities for example. Furthermore, the chances of you meeting many more people are higher if you are living in downtown Manhattan. In addition to this, there are likely going to be more events in NYC than in suburbs. So, if you are looking for a constant nightlife scene, the city is the right choice for you.

Competition in the city is fierce and should not be underestimated. NYC brings a faster, constantly evolving way of life that may not be suited for everyone. If you prefer a more quiet and peaceful environment while also being close to the big city, the suburbs are the right choice for you. If you are looking for a storage room for your items, make sure you do your research on time, and find the right small storage units NYC for you.

a man thinking
Amenities between suburbs and downtown apartments are very different so it comes to personal preferences in the end.

The community and safety

When looking at the communities between the two, there are some significant differences. When it comes to suburbs, the feeling of a close-knit community can usually be found. If you are moving with your children, suburbs might be an obvious choice because they also add additional safety to the overall place. While we cannot say there is no crime whatsoever in the suburbs, we can say that the crime rates are lower and the suburbs are safer than downtown NYC. If you are looking for a more quiet and close-knit community, then suburbs are an obvious choice.

So, how does downtown compare? Well for starters, it is safe to say that living in downtown areas does not usually provide a feeling of a close-knit community. However, is it really true that everyone is to his own? Although the city is huge, you may find yourself a bit lonely if you do not meet the right people and do not know anyone else in the city. The city does offer you an opportunity to meet more people, however, if you are outgoing and love socializing so at the end of the day, you might also experience this close community kind of lifestyle even when living in an apartment. In case you are moving downtown, make sure you look for well-maintained and safe storage space Manhattan as crime rates are usually higher.

People standing together.
When looking at communities of suburbs and downtown areas, there are some differences that you should take into consideration.

 Both come with their advantages and disadvantages

An important thing to note is that there really is no right or wrong choice here. The price can be a big factor for some. As we mentioned above, even though the prices are usually higher in the city, it does not have to be this way. The main benefits of living in suburbs are:

  • A quiet lifestyle,
  • Slower pace,
  • Easier time raising a family,
  • Housing is potentially more affordable,
  • More green, open spaces.

So, how does living in a downtown apartment compare? Well, the benefits of living downtown are the following:

  • Different public transport,
  • Plenty of job opportunities,
  • Excellent nightlife,
  • Easy food delivers and plenty of different food options,
  • Lots of amenities and entertainment options.

In summary, when looking at suburban home vs downtown apartment in New York City, there are always going to be pros and cons. As we have mentioned above, there is really no right choice. Take your time and take a good look at all of the different factors. Calculate the costs and set up your budget accordingly. Remember that whichever area you choose, you should always do your research and find out as much as you can before moving.


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